FDI flows to West Asia



FDI flows to west asia decreased in 2013 by 9% to 44 billion, the fifth consecutive decline since 2009 and return to the level they had in 2005. Persistent tensions in the region continued to hold off foreign direct investors in 2013. Since 2009, FDI flows to Saudi Arabia and Qatar have maintained a downward trend. During this period, flows to a number of other countries have started to recover, although that recovery has been bumpy in some cases. Flows have remained well below the levels reached some years ago, except in Kuwait and Iraq where they reached record levels in 2012 and 2013 respectively.


Turkey remained west asia’s main FDI recipient in 2013 although flows decreased slightly, remaining at almost the same level as in the previous year – close to 13 billion (Fig A). This occurred against a background of low cross border M&A sales which dropped by 68% to 867 million, their lowest level since 2004. While inflows to the manufacturing sector more than halved, dropping to 2 billion and accounting for only 16% of the total, they increased in electricity, gas and water supply (176% to 2.6 billion), finance (79% to 3.7 billion), and real estate (16% to 3 billion). Together these three industries represented almost three quarters of total FDI to the country.


FDI flows to the United Arab Emirates continued their recovery :  After the sharp decline registered in 2009, increasing in 2013 for the fourth consecutive year and positioning this country as the second largest recipient of FDI after Turkey. Flows increased by 9% to 10.5 billion, remaining however well below their level in 2007 (14.2 billion). This FDI recovery coincided with the economy rebounding from the 2009 debt crisis, driven by both oil and non oil activities. Among the latter, the manufacturing sector expanded, led by heavy industries such as aluminium and petrochemicals; tourism and transport benefited from the addition of more routes and capacity by two local airlines; and the property market recovered, thanks to the willingness of banks to resume loans to real estate projects, which brought new life to the construction business, the industry that suffered most from the financial crisis and has taken the longest to recover. That industry got further impetus in November 2013, when Dubai gained the right to host the World Expo 2020.

Flows to the Saudi Arabia registered their fifth consecutive year of decline :  Decreasing by 24% to 9.3 billion, and moving the country from the second to the third largest host economy in the region. This decline has taken place despite the large capital projects under way in infrastructure and in downstream oil and gas mainly refineries and petrochemicals. However, the Government remains the largest investor in strategically important sectors, and the activities of many private firms (Including foreign ones) depend on government contracts (Non-equity mode) or on joint ventures with state owned companies. The departure in 2013 of over 1 million expatriate workers has exacerbated the mismatch of demand and supply in the private job market that has challenged private businesses since 2011 launch of the policy of “Saudization” .

Flows to Iraq reached new highs :  Despite high levels of instability in Iraq, affecting mainly the central area around Baghdad, FDI flows are estimated to have increased by about 20% in 2013, to 2.9 billion. The country’s economic resurgence has been underpinned by its vast hydrocarbon wealth. Economic growth has been aided by substantial increases in government spending to compensate for decades of war, sanctions and underinvestment in infrastructure and basic services. In addition, work on several large oilfields has gathered speed since the award of the largest fields to foreign oil TNCs. A significant development for the industry in 2013 was the start of operations of the first stage of a long delayed gas capture project run by Basra Gas Company (State owned south gas company 51%), Shell (44%) and Mitsubishi (5%). The project captures associated gas that was being flared from three oil fields in southern Iraq and processes it for liquefield petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas liquids and condensate for domestic markets.


FDI flows to Kuwait are estimated to have decreased by 41% in 2013. After having reached record highs in 2012 owing to a one-off acquisition deal worth 1.8 billion (See WIR 13). FDI to Jordan increased by 20% to 1.8 billion, despite regional unrest and sluggish economic growth because of the country’s geostrategic position, countries and foreign entities have been extending considerable new funding in the form of aid, grants, guarantees easy credit and investment. FDI to Lebanon is estimated to have fallen by 23% with most of the flows still focused on the real estate market, which registered a significant decrease in investments from the Gulf cooperation council (GCC) countries.

Prospects for the region’s inward FDI remain bleak :  As rising political uncertainties are a strong deterrent to FDI even in countries not directly affected by unrest and in those registering robust economic growth. The modest recovery in FDI flows recorded recently in some countries would have been much more substantial in the absence of political turmoil, given the region’s vast hydrocarbon wealth.

FDI outflows from West Asia soared :   64% to 31 billion in 2013, boosted by rising flows from the GCC countries, which enjoy a high level of foreign exchange reserves derived from their accumulation of surpluses from export earnings. Although each of these countries augmented its investment abroad, the quadrupling of outflows from Qatar and the 159% growth in flows from Kuwait explain most of the increase. Given the high levels of their foreign exchange reserves and the relatively small sizes of their economies. GCC countries are likely to continue to increase their direct investment abroad.

New challenges faced by the GCC petrochemicals industry :   With the goal of diversifying their economies by leveraging their abundant oil and gas and their capital to develop industrial capabilities and create jobs where they enjoy competitive advantages, GCC governments have embarked since the mid 2000s on the development of large scale petrochemicals projects in joint ventures with international oil companies (See WIR 12). These efforts have significantly expanded the region’s petrochemicals capacities and they continue to do so, with a long list of plants under development, including seven megaprojects distributed between Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman (Table 11.2). The industry has been facing new challenges, deriving among others from the shale gas production under way in north America  which has affected the global strategy of petrochemicals TNCs.

TNC focus on the United States :  The shale gas revolution in north America combined with gas shortages in the GCC region, has reduced the cost advantage of the GCC petrochemicals players and introduced new competition. By driving down gas prices in the unites states, the shale revolution is reviving that country’s petrochemicals sector. Some companies have been looking again to the united states, which offers a huge consumer base and the opportunity to spread companies business risks. Global petrochemicals players that have engaged in several multibillion dollar megaprojects in GCC countries in the last 10 yrs – including chevron Phillips chemical dow chemical and exxonmobil chemical – have been considering major projects in the united states for e.g. chevron Phillips is planning to build a large scale ethane cracker and two polyethelene units in texas. Dow chemical has restarted its idled saint Charles plant in Louisiana and is undertaking a major polyethylene and ethylene expansion in its plant in texas. As of March 2014 the united states chemical industry had announced investment projects valued at about 70 billion and linked to the plentiful and affordable natural gas from domestic shale formations. About half of the announced investment is by firms based outside the united states.

Shale technology is being transferred through cross border M&As to asian TNCs :  United states technology has been transferred to asian countries rich in shale gas through M&A deals, which should eventually help make these regions more competitive producers and exporters for chemicals. Government backed Chinese and Indian companies have been aggressively luring or acquiring partners in the united states and Canada together the required production techniques, with a view to develop their own domestic resources.

GCC petrochemicals and energy enterprises have also invested in North America :  The north American shale gas boom has also attracted investment from west asian petrochemicals companies : NOVA chemicals (Fully owned by abu dhabi’s state owned international petroleum investment co.) is among the first to build a plan to exploit low cost north American ethylene. SABIC (Saudi Arabia) is also moving to harness the shale boom in the united states. The company – which already has a presence in the united states through SABIC Americas a chemicals and a fertilizer producer and a petrochemicals research center is looking to seal a deal to invest in a petrochemicals project as well. The boom has also pushed state owned Qatar petroleum (QP) to establish small footholds in north america’s upstream sector, because QP is heavily dependent on qatar’s north field, it has invested to diversify risk geographically. In April 2013, its affiliate, Qatar petroleum international (QPI), signed a memorandum of understanding with exxonmobil for future joint investment in unconventional gas and natural gas liquids in the united states, which suggests a strategy of strengthening ties with TNCs that invest in projects in qatar and reflects joint interest in expanding the partnership both domestically and internationally. QPI also announced a one billion deal with cantrica (United kingdom) to purchase oil and gas assets and exploration acreage in Alberta from oil sands producer suncor energy (Canada). However, new evidence suggests that the outlook for the shale gas industry may be less bright than was thought.

Petrochemicals producers in the middle east should nonetheless build on this experience :   To develop a strategy of gaining access to key growth markets beyond their diminishing feedstock advantage. Rather than focusing on expanding capacity, they need to leverage their partnership with petrochemicals TNCs to strengthen their knowledge and skills base in terms of technology, research and efficient operations and to establish linkages with the global manufacturing TNCs that use their products. Efforts towards that end have been undertaken for example by SABIC, which has opened R&D centers in Saudi Arabia, china and India and is developing a strategy to market its chemicals to international manufacturing giants.

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Cyclone alert in 16 districts of Odisha


Oct 7

The Odisha government has alerted administration of 16 of the 30 districts following a possible cyclone that may hit the state’s coast by Saturday. All government officials have been asked to rejoin their duty after the Durga Puja vacation and leaves have been canceled from tomorrow.

Balasore, Bhadrak, Kendrapada, Nayagarh, Gajapati, Dhenkanal, Keonjhar, Cuttack, Mayurbhanj, Jajpur, Khordha, Jagatsinghpur, Ganajm, Puri, Malkangiri and KIoraput district administration have been put on alert to meet any exigencies due to a possible cyclone.

The Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force and fire services have also been asked to be prepared and move out when required.

According to Bhubaneswar Met office, the low pressure area formed over Tenasserim Coast and adjoining Andaman Sea has concentrated into a depression and now lay centred over North Andaman Sea and neighborhood, about 1380 Km Southeast of Gopalpur of Odisha coast.

It is likely to move in a West-Northwesterly direction and intensify into a deep depression within next 24 hours and further intensify into a Cyclonic storm.

Distant Cautionary signal Number One has been hoisted at Paradip and Gopalpur Ports or Odisha. However, there is still no clarity over the exact route the storm would take when it heads towards the Odisha coast.

Confocal microscope with 3-D feature launched in New Delhi



Science and Technology Minister Dr Jitendra Singh today launched the Broad Spectrum Confocal Microscope in New Delhi.
It is the first of its kind, developed under public-private partnership mode by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Scientist wants to understand the spectroscopic behaviour of materials and this can be achieved only using Broad Spectrum Con focal Microscope.

Launching the microscope, Dr Singh said, it is a big achievement and Indian scientists can develop such product using indigenous scientific infrastructure. Confocal Microscope is used to obtain three dimensional feature at microscopic level and play a vital role in scientific understanding of nano material and biological object. It can also do resonant scanning up to 1024×1024 pixels.

Foundation Stone of Pashmina Dehairing Plant in Leh to be Laid



The Minister of State for Textiles (Independent Charge), Shri Santosh Kumar Gangwar will launch the Pashmina Promotion Programme (P-3) and lay the foundation stone of Pashmina Dehairing Plant at Pashmina Dehairing Plant Complex, Skalzangling, Leh tomorrow.

Under P-3, major provision has been made for establishment of latest technology imported Pashmina Dehairing Plant at Leh with total grant of Rs.19.35 crore including other machineries like Scouring, Drying, and boiler along with construction of building for installation of these machineries at Leh. The existing Deharing Plant has obsolete Chinese dehairing machine and is not sufficient to de-hair 45 ton of Pashmina wool produced here and with present capacity it can only de-hair up to five ton pashmina, leaving 40 ton sold into the market as raw which renders loss of value addition of Pashmina. The capacity of the proposed new imported plant would be 10 kilogram pashmina per hour with approximate cost of Rs.11 crore.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during his visit to Leh on 12th August,2014, announced Pashmina Promotion Programme (P-3) with additional financial assistance of Rs. 30 crore for improving quality and quantity of pashmina wool as well as living standard of poor nomads (wool growers) of Ladakh region.

Under this new Programme, financial assistance would be provided under different components like Creation of Common Pashmina Facilitation Centre for Wool testing, Disease Surveillance Centre, Geographic Information System (GIS) Lab, Shelter for Nomads, Portable Electric Units for Handloom Spinning/Weaving, Solarised Community Centres, Open Fodder enclosures, establishment of Pashmina Dehairing Plant, Distribution for Foundation Stock to farmers and construction of Shelter for Housing of Pashmina Stock.

The Ministry of Textiles is implementing Pashmina Wool Development Scheme with the help of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh from 10th Five Year Plan for development of this Sector in Ladakh region. In the 12th Plan, this programme has been expanded with enhanced financial assistance of Rs. 41.21 crore.

Ladakh region produces the finest Pashmina wool (specialty fiber) in the world, which has high demand globally. Ladakh region grow about 45 ton of Pashmina wool every year from the population of about 2.50 lakh Pashmina goats.

Birth Centenary Commemoration of Begum Akhtar Set of Commemorative Coins Released


The year-long birth centenary celebrations of noted classical singer Begum Akhtar began today. In an impressive function held here today Union Culture Minister Shri Shripad Naik released a set of commemorative coins of Rs.100 and Rs.5. Noted singers Dr. Rita Ganguly (Dadra), Shri Shashank Shekhar (Thumri) and Smt. Prabhati Mukherjee (Ghazal) gave an impressive performance on the occasion.

Akhtar Bai Faizabadi, popularly called Begum Akhtar (October 07, 1914 –October 30,1974) was a famous Indian singer of Ghazal, Dadra and Thumri. She received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for vocal music and was awarded Padam Shri and Padam Bhushan (Posthumously) by Government of India. She was given the title of Mallika-e-Ghazal (Queen of Ghazals). On completion of 100 years of this versatile genius, the Government of India has decided to commemorate the occasion. With this end in view, a National Implementation Committee (NIC) under the Chairmanship of Union Culture Minister was constituted to chalk out programmes and activities that may be taken up during the commemoration year.

Some of the programmes which will be taken up during the commemoration period are organizing Centenary festivals in Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bhopal and Kolkata, Web Portal and digitization/ documentation etc., of the legacy of Begum Akhtar, exhibitions and workshops, publications, seminars and a scholarship to young artists.

PM’s announcements in the USA on Consular and Visa issues


The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, made a number of announcements on consular and visa issues during his address at the Madison Square Garden in New York City on September 28th, 2014. The Union Government has moved swiftly to implement these announcements.

According to a Gazette notification issued on September 30th, 2014, all PIO cards are now valid for the lifetime of the cardholder, instead of 15 years. This effectively fulfils the Prime Minister`s announcement that PIO cardholders would enjoy a lifelong visa to India.

Further, following the Prime Minister`s announcement that PIO cardholders would be exempt from police reporting, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued instructions through the same Gazette notification dated September 30th, that PIO cardholders would not be required to report to a police station even if their visit to India exceeds 180 days.

Fulfilling yet another announcement made by the Prime Minister, instructions have been issued to Embassies and Consulates that unless there are exceptional circumstances, visas to US nationals should normally be given for 10 years.

Systems are in place to introduce visa on arrival for US tourists in October itself.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is working on a new scheme that will merge the PIO and OCI schemes.

9 Books Bill Gates Thinks Everyone Should Read


How many of Bill Gates’ favourites have you read?

America’s richest man reads about one book a week. Here are a few of his favorite titles.

HKTDC-HK Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)


HKTDC-HK Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition) and electronicAsia 2014-Seminar Series-Register Now!

HKTDC Exhibition


Oct 6 at 10:04 PM
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Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2014
electronicAsia 2014

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13/10/2014 (Monday)
Time Seminar
Buyer Forum on Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets: Argentina & Poland

  • Mr Enrique César Rodriguez, President, ECR Solar
  • Mr Ernest Kryjer, Purchasing Manager, SEMICON Ltd
  (Language : English)
Hong Kong Electronic Industry Summit
Theme: The Latest Trend and Business Application of Robotics Industry

  • Prof Xi Ning, Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director of Centre for Robotics and Automation, City University of Hong Kong
  • Dr David Hanson, Founder, CTO, Hanson Robotics
  • Mr Andrew Chiu Shun-pui, Director, 3DP Technology Ltd
(Language : English)
14/10/2014 (Tuesday)
Time Seminar
Market outlook and e-Commerce trend for Electronics Industry

  • Mr Wing Chu, Economist, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Mr Jason Tam, Associate Director, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Mr Raymond Yeung, Senior Sales Manager, Publications & E-Commerce Department, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Mr Wally Wong, Manager, SMB Merchant Acquisition & Engagement, PayPal Hong Kong
(Language : English)
Buyer Forum – Opportunities in the European, US & South East Asian Markets

  • Ms Hill He, Leasing Director, Lightinthebox.com
  • Mr Aimone Ripa Di Meana, CEO, Crossborder Trade, Lazada group
  • Mr Raymond Yeung, Senior Sales Manager Publications & E-Commerce Department
(Language : English)
Seminar on “Evolution in the World of Display Technology”

Supporting Organisation:

  • Prof Henry Chung, Director of Centre for Smart Energy Conversion and Utilization Research, City University
  • Mr Kenny Chow, General Manager, Kopin (HK) Ltd
  • Mr Steve Yeung, CEO, iView Limited
  (Language : English and Putonghua)
15/10/2014 (Wednesday)
Time Seminar
Seminar on “Wearable Electronics – Future Market & Technology Trend”

  • Mr Leo Chan, General Manager, Leader Radio Technologies Limited (LRT)
(Language : English and Putonghua)
The 10th Asian Electronics Forum


  • Dr Yoshiaki Ichikawa, IEC TC111 and ISO TC 268/SC 1 Chairman & Senior Chief Engineer, International Standardization Promotion Office, Intellectual Property Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Madam Qu Weizhi, President, China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (CECC)
  • Prof KB Chan, Honorary Chairman, Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA)
  • Mr Masamichi Imai, Executive Vice President, Communications and Information Network Association of Japan (CIAJ)
  • Mr Roger Liao, Director, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA)
  • Mr Shoichi Inoue, VP, General Manager for International Affairs Department, Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)
  • Prof N K Goyal, President, CMAI Association of India
  (Language : English and Putonghua)
Buyer Forum: “Opportunities & Credit Risk Management in Emerging Markets – Middle East & Brazil”

  • Ms Jackie Kwan, Senior Manager, Underwriting Division of Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation
  • Mr Robson Dutra, Business Development Manager, Intelbras (Brazil)
  • Mr Marcio Osli, Business Unit Manager – Accessories, Intelbras (Brazil)
(Language : English)
16/10/2014 (Thursday)
Time Seminar
Seminar on “Regulatory Updates on Electronic/Electrical Products”

  • Dr Fung Leung Ching, Accreditation Officer, Hong Kong Accreditation Services
  • Mr Steve Kwok, Project Manager , Certification Hong Kong Limited
  • Mr Terry Chan, Supervisor, Wireless, Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Mr Freeman Lu, Key Account Manager, Electrical, TÜV Rheinland Greater China
(Language : English and Putonghua)


  1. Free admission for all seminars on first come first served basis.
  2. Organiser reserves the right for any changes without prior notice.
  3. For trade only. Persons under 18 will not be admitted.


Thin presence of Hong Kong protesters lay three conditions


Oct 6,

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong put up three conditions for a dialogue with the territory’s government on breaking the deadlock over electoral reform.Student leaders announced on Monday that talks should be held on multiple occasions, the activists should be treated as equals, and the government must put the results of the dialogue into practice. They say they will not agree to a dialogue unless these conditions are met.

The protesters have been occupying the streets outside the government office since September 28th, calling for a fully democratic election for Hong Kong’s next chief executive.
Also on Monday, the protesters accepted part of a government request and removed barricades from a pedestrian path so that government officials could get to work.

But in the afternoon, the government issued a statement saying the office is unable to operate at full capacity because there is no auto access. The government asked that the activists withdraw from the streets. Bus and tram services remain suspended in the occupied areas. Some shops and banks are closed as well.

Hundreds of pro-democracy campaigners are camped out on the streets of Hong Kong ahead of a government deadline for them to withdraw. Many suspect that police will try to remove them by force in the coming hours.

Hong Kong’s leader says public offices and schools will open today, and social order will be restored. The protesters are angry at China’s plans to vet candidates when Hong Kong holds elections in 2017.

They are demanding that the central government in Beijing allow a fully free vote for the territory’s leader. Protest groups have denied blocking entrances to government headquarters and insisted civil servants could return to work without obstruction.

The journalist in Hong Kong says some want to hold out for tangible gains, while others fear tear-gas, rubber bullets and arrest, and think it is time to turn to dialogue.

Earlier the groups said they would agree to the government’s offer of talks if attacks on them were investigated and protest sites were not forcefully cleared. But discussions about opening a formal dialogue faltered after the sides failed to agree on basic principles on which the talks should be held.

Typhoon Phanfone struck Japan

High waves batter a breakwater at a port at Kihou town in Mie prefecture, central Japan on October 6, 2014 (AFP Photo / Jiji Press)


Typhoon Phanfone struck Japan, bringing rough seas heavy rain and strong winds. About 65 people have been injured throughout the islands. One person is dead and 6 are missing after Typhoon Phanfone lashed Japan with heavy rain, strong winds and rough seas.

A member of the US Air Force drowned while taking photos on the coast in southern Okinawa Prefecture on Sunday. Two other US airmen are missing. Sunday, a university student disappeared while surfing in heavy seas in the coastal city of Fujisawa, west of Tokyo.Two men in Yokohama City, near Tokyo, are believed to have been buried in mudslides.Authorities report 62 people were injured across the country.
Residents across a wide swathe of Shizuoka City, in central Japan, contended with flooded streets as the storm dumped heavy rain over the area.

Many people were affected when rail officials suspended services on a JR Tokaido Line in the city due to a landslide. The officials are unsure when trains will be able to start running again.Airlines cancelled 630 flights on Monday morning, mostly to or from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

A member of US Air Force drowned as he was taking photos of the coast of the southern Okinawa Prefecture. Two more US personnel remain missing after the three were swept out to sea by powerful waves.

“Three officials were taking pictures with high waves whipped up by the typhoon in the background,” a spokesman at local police told AFP. “One has been found dead, with the two others still missing.”

On Sunday Japanese broadcaster NHK reported that one university student, aged 21, went missing while doing surfing near the city of Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan.

The storm was near Yokohama, the second-largest city in Japan by population, 43km from Tokyo. Two men were reportedly buried in the mudslides in the city.

About 50 people across the country sustained injures during the typhoon, report the country’s authorities.

About 630 flights were canceled on Monday morning throughout the country. Most were to or from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Heavy rainfall also suspended the bullet train service between Tokyo and the city of Osaka.

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Rousseff set to face Neves in Brazil run-off


Rousseff set to face Neves in Brazil run-off

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is set to face Social Democrat Aecio Neves in a run-off election, leaving popular environmentalist Marina Silva out of the race, according to partial results and an exit poll.

With 88 per cent of the ballots counted, Rousseff had 40.7 per cent of the vote and Neves 34.7 per cent, said the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

That left Silva, a one-time maid whose meteoric rise looked set to make her multi-racial Brazil’s first black president just one month ago, on track to be eliminated from the race with 21 per cent.

Neves, the scion of a political dynasty and business-world favorite, meanwhile survived a turbulent campaign that nearly relegated him to the dustbin of also-rans to reach a likely October 26 run-off against the incumbent, whose management of the world’s seventh-largest economy he has sharply criticised.

The partial official results were backed up by an exit poll by survey firm Ibope, which gave the incumbent 44 per cent, Neves 30 and Silva 22.

The race for the second spot in the run-off went down to the wire, with Neves, a popular ex-governor and handsome husband of a former model, battling back from third place to keep his presidential hopes alive.

Silva meanwhile suffered a spectacular setback from her whirlwind late entry into the race.

Silva, a one-time maid who vowed to be Brazil’s first “poor, black president,” upended the race when she replaced the Socialist Party’s original candidate, Eduardo Campos, after he was killed in a plane crash on August 13.

Soaring in the polls, she was initially forecast to beat Rousseff in a runoff.

But Rousseff and Neves steadily reversed her lead, with the latter pulling ahead of her for the first time in the final three polls, released Saturday.

The same polls found Rousseff would defeat Neves in a run-off by more than five percentage points.

The election, the closest in a generation for Latin America’s largest democracy, is widely seen as a referendum on 12 years of Rousseff’s Workers’ Party (PT).

The party endeared itself to the masses with landmark social programs and an economic boom in the 2000s that have lifted 40 million Brazilians from poverty, increased wages and brought unemployment to a near-record low. But Rousseff, 66, has presided over rising inflation and, since January, a recession, as well as million-strong protests last year against corruption and poor education, healthcare and transport.

Rousseff, a former guerrilla who was jailed and tortured for fighting the country’s 1964-1985 dictatorship, has also been battered in recent weeks by a corruption scandal implicating dozens of politicians – mainly her allies at state-owned oil giant Petrobras.

Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370:


New phase gets underway

A new phase of the multi-million dollar search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 began on Monday, after a vessel fitted with specialist underwater equipment reached the zone last night. The underwater search for the Boeing 777 which vanished on March 8, began in an area about 1 thousand 800 kilometres off Australia’s west coast.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau, ATSB, has said that the Malaysian-contracted GO Phoenix vessel has begun scanning the ocean floor for the plane. The vessel began to scour the ocean floor with sonar and video. The device is said to have the ability to identify traces of jet fuel.

Searchers are hoping to answer what has become one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history. The search operation, described by Australian officials as the largest in history, has so far turned up no debris from the plane.

Latvia’s ruling centre-right coalition parties wins election


Oct 6,

Latvia’s ruling centre-right coalition parties have won a clear majority in the country’s parliamentary election, despite a pro-Russian party coming top. There is great concern in Latvia about Russia’s intervention in Ukraine and its influence in the Baltic region. The coalition parties won at least 61 seats in the 100-seat parliament. Harmony, a party allied with the Kremlin party United Russia, got 24. Ethnic Russians, about a quarter of the population mostly backed Harmony. The former Soviet republic, like its Baltic neighbours Estonia and Lithuania, is a member of both the EU and Nato.

Trio to Nobel Prize in Medicine 2014


Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine has been awarded to three scientists who discovered the brain’s GPS system. British-American researcher John O’Keefe and a Norwegian couple, Edvard Moser and May-Britt Moser share the award.

They discovered how the brain knows where we are and is able to navigate from one place to another. Their findings may help explain why in Alzheimer’s disease patients cannot recognise their surroundings.

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine  2014 is  awarded on Monday to American-British neuroscientist John O’Keefe, and Norwegian scientists May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain, which was described as an “inner GPS.”

O’Keefe, is of dual citizenship of  American and British citizenship, is a professor of cognitive neuroscience and the director of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre in Neural Circuits and Behavior at the University College London. He discovered the first component of the positioning system in 1971.

May-Britt Moser professor of neuroscience and the director of the Centre for Neural Computation at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Her husband Edvard Moser is also a professor at the university, and the director of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience.

The Mosers are the fifth married couple to be awarded a Nobel Prize. In 2005, they discovered a type of nerve cell that generates a coordinate system and allowing for precise positioning.

African Union forces capture Barawe from al-Shabab Islamists



Oct 6,

In Somalia, government troops backed by African Union forces have captured a key stronghold of al-Shabab Islamists.

The Regional Governor, Abdukadir Mohamed Nur said, he was in the centre of Barawe, about 200 kilometres south of Mogadishu. The Government now controls all the seaports along the coast of Somalia, blocking off supply lines.

The African Union, AU said, al-Shabab which had held the town for six years, used it as a base to launch attacks on the capital. According to Residents, many of the al-Qaeda-aligned militants had begun withdrawing from the key port town. The situation is calm as the militiamen had fled before the forces reached the town.

Thin presence of Hong Kong protesters


Oct 6,

Hundreds of pro-democracy campaigners are camped out on the streets of Hong Kong ahead of a government deadline for them to withdraw. Many suspect that police will try to remove them by force in the coming hours.

Hong Kong’s leader says public offices and schools will open today, and social order will be restored. The protesters are angry at China’s plans to vet candidates when Hong Kong holds elections in 2017.

They are demanding that the central government in Beijing allow a fully free vote for the territory’s leader. Protest groups have denied blocking entrances to government headquarters and insisted civil servants could return to work without obstruction.

The journalist in Hong Kong says some want to hold out for tangible gains, while others fear tear-gas, rubber bullets and arrest, and think it is time to turn to dialogue.

Earlier the groups said they would agree to the government’s offer of talks if attacks on them were investigated and protest sites were not forcefully cleared. But discussions about opening a formal dialogue faltered after the sides failed to agree on basic principles on which the talks should be held.

Amit Shah: India’s growth rate 5.7%


Oct 6,

Bharatiya Janata Party’s National President Amit Shah today said India’s growth rate rose from 4.2% to 5.7% during last three months after BJP came to power. Addressing a election campaign rally at Lonavala near Pune in Maharashtra, Mr. Shah said, during UPA’s regime the growth rate came down to a low of 4.2% from 8.4%.

Taking a review of the developmental works done by the BJP government, he said, the country has witnessed a phenomenal change with respect to security at the border areas as the country has started retaliating against the actions of the neighboring country in the same tone.

Mr. Shah said after taking over by BJP a vast number of unemployed youths have started getting employment , share market has gone up besides a vast number of people living below poverty line have started lifting the benefit of Jan Dhan Yojana.

The BJP President further said, the Make in India Yojana started by the government within three months of taking over has enabled Indian manufacturers to manufacture their goods in India.

This has brought down the rate of inflation to a considerable extent besides the petrol and diesel prices have also been brought down. He said, the Modi government will place before the people of this country the account of the performance of the BJP government.

He urged the people of Maharashtra to bring to power the BJP with vast majority to take the state to greater heights.

Pakistan should stop ceasefire violations: HM Rajnath Singh


Home Minister Rajnath Singh today asked Pakistan to stop ceasefire violations after heavy shelling and firing from across the border left five villagers dead and 30 injured.

Talking to reporters in New Delhi this morning, Mr Singh said, now Pakistan must understand the reality that times have changed in India.

The Home Minister said the Centre is monitoring the situation and Jammu and Kashmir government is taking steps to provide relief to the residents of border areas affected by Pakistani shelling.

Later, in a tweet, Home Minister said that he had a telephonic conversation with DG Border Security Force D K Pathak today who apprised him of the situation following ceasefire violations.

Mr Singh said, he has instructed Mr Pathak to rush to the border areas of the state where incidents of ceasefire violations have been reported.

The senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid has condemned the ceasefire violations by the Pakistani troops in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that nothing can be more disgraceful than this act of Pakistan as it is an auspicious occasion of Eid which is of importance for both the sides. He also said that it is ultimately the loss of humanity.

Jammu and Kashmir, alert Army foiled an infiltration bid along the Line of Control(LoC) in Tangdhar sector of frontier district of Kupwara by gunning down three militants .
According to Army sources a group of trained militants tried to infiltrate into this side during the intervening night of October 5 and 6.

Three AK 47 rifles were recovered by the troops from the site of encounter. Security Forces are of the view that in view of the forthcoming Assembly elections in the State , Pakistan is desperate to push trained militants into this side to disrupt the elections and cause bloodshed.

Meanwhile, at least five people were killed and 30 injured in Pakistani firing and shelling in Arnia sub-sector of Jammu .

According to official sources, Pakistani forces also resorted to unprovoked firing from across the LoC in Bhimber Gali sector in Rajouri district of Jammu region. The firing from across the LoC started at 8.30 this morning which prompted army troops guarding the border line to retaliate. Equal and effective response is being given by Indian troops while the exchange of firing is still on.

Defence Minister Arun Jaitley today deplored the ceasefire violations by Pakistan and said the Indian armed forces are fully ready and are responding to each of these provocations from across the border.

He told reporters in New Delhi that Pakistan should realize that the kind of environment it is generating between the two countries was certainly not going to help in normalizing relations.

Earlier, Mr. Arun Jaitely was discharged from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS this morning.

He had been suffering from a bout of gastroenteritis and respiratory infection, and was shifted to a special isolation facility of AIIMS a week ago from a private hospital. Mr. Jaitley has recovered satisfactorily from respiratory infection and has been advised rest.


Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office, Jitendra Singh has said, the government is committed towards rehabilitation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley. After meeting with a delegation of Kashmiri Pandits in New Delhi today, Mr Singh said, the Centre will try to clear all their security concerns to ensure their safe return.

The Minister said, the Kashmiri Pandits have been connected with their homeland through tradition and culture of Kashmir. The delegation submitted a charter of their demands to the Minister for their rehabilitation in the Valley. It also demanded economic rehabilitation package for those who lost precious years of their working life and opportunities at the onset of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir in 1990.


EC take note of Haryana Govt clearance to Robert Vadra- DLF land deal


Oct 6,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked the Election Commission to take serious note of Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda clearing the land deal between businessman Robert Vadra and real-estate giant DLF.

Mr Modi alleged that it was done hastily as the Congress faced certain defeat in the Haryana Assembly polls. The Prime Minister said this while addressing an election rally in Hisar this morning.

Hooda Government had reportedly legitimized the land deal while holding as illegal the order of the state’s former Director General Ashok Khemka who had cancelled the mutation of the land in Gurgaon.

Mr Modi said he is confident that the people of Haryana would elect a BJP led government with full majority. Mr Modi said, the Congress who had not given an account of the work it had done for 60 years, is now seeking an account of sixty days of his government.

He criticized the state government for the poor sex ratio and said, nine out of the 15 districts with worst sex ratio in the country were in Haryana.
The Prime Minister said, the 125th birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, will be celebrated by generating awareness about cleanliness and hygiene among children.

Sales & Marketing Internship


Sales & Marketing Internship

GBO New Delhi

Today at 12:21 PM

Dear Friends,


The GBO New Delhi is looking for  an intern with immediate effect for upcoming projects. We are seeking a candidate who can participate in various stages of project sales. Interested applicant should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of sales & marketing.

This is a fixed term position from 1st November 2014 – 28th February 2015.

Sales & Marketing Internship

Your tasks would include:

  • Create and maintain lists, responses, and a FAQ database
  • Responding to queries in assistance to the Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Assist in the distribution of marketing materials
  • Assist with promotion of marketing offers
  • Sales driven telecommunication and tailor each call to audience needs
  • Perform analysis of marketing and sales data
  • Assisting in execution of trade events organized by GBO New Delhi

What you have to offer:

  • Graduate in any discipline
  • Independent and solution-driven way of working as well as creativity
  • Demonstrated sales and marketing skills
  • Communicative and social competence
  • Verbal / Nonverbal Communication – Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listens attentively and seeks clarification; Responds well to questions;
  • Good writing skills
  • Proficient in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Power Point.

We offer you excellent working conditions in an international environment and remuneration as per industry norms. Please send your resume until 15th October 2014 to info@newdelhi.gbo.org.

Thanks and Regards


A-259 2nd Floor Defence Colony New Delhi 110024 India

t +91 11 40201100

f +91 11 40201107
e info@newdelhi.gbo.org



The German Book Office New Delhi is a joint venture between the Frankfurt Book Fair
And the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin. 

Press Invitation From: Media Cell AAP


Press Invitation
From: Media Cell AAP <mediacellaap@gmail.com> Mon, 6 Oct ’14 1:24p
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
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Dear all,
AAP leaders Ashutosh & Sanjay Singh will brief the media on e-rickshaw issue today, 6 Oct, Monday at 4 PM at D 41 Kaushambi.
AAP Media Cell.

TradeNext announces search for Asian Football Star


TradeNext_announces_search_for_Asian_Football_Star.rtf1.03 MBDownload


The UK-based TradeNext, a leading Indian-owned financial firm, will begin its “Search for an Asian Football Star”. The initiative comes from the firm’s two-year partnership with Derby County Football Club, The English Team and the founding members of the football league.


The Search for an Asian Football Star initiative aims to hand-pick football talents amongst the vast South-Asian region, a number of football auditions will be taking place across the country, providing aspiring footballers with a platform to showcase their talent with the possibility to further their career as a sports professional.

Kindly please find attached the press release of the event below.
You can reach me on +91 9008434189.We will be most happy to furnish you with more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you



Thanks & Regards,

Deepa Suresh

No Political Prisoner Left Behind – Free Htin Kyaw!


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Free Political Prisoner Htin Kyaw
Dear friendTake action to free Htin Kyaw!No Political Prisoners must be left behind in Burma’s jails!

The promise by President Thein Sein to release all political prisoners by the end of 2013 was not met. In fact, more activists are being arrested for speaking out. In Kachin State and in Rakhine State, hundreds more remain in jail or awaiting trials.

Human rights activist Htin Kyaw has been repeatedly arrested and jailed for his peaceful political activities. He was arrested on 5th May 2014, and charged under two different counts including under Article 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Law.

He is a leader of the community-based organisation called Movement for Democracy Current Force (MDCF), which represents grassroots communities and campaigns against land-grabbing and other human rights violations in Burma.

He was arrested on 5th May 2014 for protesting without government permission and distributing leaflets which criticise the military-backed government. He was charged under Article 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Law, and sentenced to 3 months in prison.

Between 23 June and 19 August 2014, Htin Kyaw was also convicted by eight different township courts in Rangoon on eight different counts of violating Section 505(b) of Burma’s Penal Code. Section 505(b) is one of the repressive laws which the military-backed government uses to jail democracy activists for committing or inducing others “to commit an offence against the State or against the public tranquility.”

Htin Kyaw is currently serving nine years and four months in Insein prison.

Please send an email to Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond, urging the UK government to take action for the release of Htin Kyaw and all remaining political prisoners in Burma.

Thank you.
Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK

Take action for political prisoners here.

Blessed Eid to All



Bike Festival of India

Bike Festival of India heralds a new spirit of biking at Buddh International Circuit

~First edition of South Asia’s grandest biking festival hosts the world renowned XDL India Championship~

Noida, October 4, 2014: Bike Festival of India (BFI), an initiative by Rhiti Sports & Event Capital, got underway at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) today amidst much fanfare. The first day of this two day extravaganza saw thousands of bike enthusiasts from across India perform some spectacular stunts. Bikers participated for the qualifiers of the first ever XDL India Championship, the biggest sports league for sportbike freestyle in the world. The finals will be held tomorrow and the winners will feed into the XDL World Championship to be held in 2015. Other racing events of the day included qualifiers of Drag Championship and Top Gun. 

XDL received several entries and a total of 75 bikers participated in XDL qualifiers. Chris Tice and Aaron Twite, renowned bikers from stunting world and record holders  flew down from USA to be a part of XDL launch in India. They are also judging the XDL championship. Drag racing had 28 participants whereas Top gun saw 22 riders fight it out organized by Rongom Tagore, Founder Elite Octane. The first day of the festival also witnessed thundering live musical performances from Barefaced Liar and the folktronic duo of Hari & Sukhmani.