Modi the Phenomenal the voice of the nation.


Mode spoke with complete emotion running high and showed the Indian leadership that there is an absolute grace in common man becoming the national leaders his utterances has proved that Indian leadership has not decayed but is in galvanizing mood.His taking up the elite leadership with his emotional outburst and giving reflexive update to the jibes and political rebuttal Modi at his state of artistic eloquence with pinch of graceful worded robe has made Modi the Phenomenal  the voice of the nation of  billion.Political parties leaders across India finds the emergence of Great thinker, Great action to follow and therefore is likely to be attacked politically by his counterparts from all direction as is the psychic of the nation to pull the strings down of the right person.


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Challenges of Leadership Seminar from 27th – 31st August 2014


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27-31st August, Taj Deccan, Hyderabad
In the trajectory of life, we rarely pause to reflect on what we are creating of our lives and what we would like to be different. For more than 60 years, the Aspen Leadership Seminars have challenged leaders in every field to think more critically about the “good society” and our leadership roles in it. 

Ananta Centre is delighted to announce the Challenges of Leadership Seminar from 27th – 31st August 2014 at Taj Deccan, Hyderabad. This will build on the Aspen tradition with a curriculum that is specifically designed for India and its leadership challenges. This seminar plans to convene a diverse group of approximately 22 leaders for a lively, intensive roundtable discussion led by skilled moderators.

This Seminar will be led by James Abraham, Managing Director and CEO SunBorne Energy and co-moderated by Govindraj Ethiraj Co-Founder, Ping Digital Broadcast and IndiaSpend and Sudha Iyer, Chairperson and Managing Director of Srijana Group of Companies, all of whom have been trained in the Aspen style of moderating.

Further details are provided in the attached brochure.

We do hope that you consider nominating high potential individuals from your organisation to participate in this unique seminar. Please complete and return the Nomination Formattached.

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Release of first issue of Woodpecker monthly Newsletter.


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We have just released the first issue of  Woodpecker monthly Newsletter. Please find attached a copy.

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Phase 9: Lok Sabha Elections 2014 Analysis of Criminal Background


Phase 9: Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Analysis of Criminal Background, Financial, Education, Gender and other details of Candidates

National Election Watch (NEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of 601 candidates out of 606candidates who are contesting in the Phase 9 of Lok Sabha 2014 Elections. The rest of the candidates were not analysed due to unclear/incomplete affidavits uploaded on the ECI website at the time of making of this report. Detailed report in English attached with this report.

Phase 9
S.No. State No. of Candidates Constesting No. of Candidates analysed Constituencies No. of Candidates with Criminal Cases % of Candidates with Criminal Cases No. of Crorepati Candidates % of Crorepati Candidates Date of Poll
1 Bihar 90 89 6 30 34% 37 42% 12thMay, 2014
2 Uttar Pradesh 328 325 18 63 19% 93 29%
3 West Bengal 188 187 17 26 14% 41 22%
Total 606 601 41 119 20% 171 28%


​Criminal Background

    • Candidates with Criminal Cases: Out of the 601 candidates analysed, 119 (20%) candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves

  • Candidates with Serious Criminal Cases: 92 (15%) candidates have declared serious criminal cases including cases related to murder, attempt to murder, communal disharmony, kidnapping, crimes against women etc.
  • Candidates with cases related to murder11 candidates have declared cases related to murder.
  • Candidates with cases related to Attempt to Murder: 25 candidates have declared cases of attempt to murder.
  • Candidates with cases related to Crimes against Women: candidates have declared cases related to crimes against women. Manoj Kumar ofSuheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party from Domariyaganj Constituency, Uttar Pradesh and Dhananjay Singh an Independent candidate from Jaunpur constituency, Uttar Pradesh have each declared a case of rape (IPC Section-376). candidates have declared a case related to assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty (IPC Section-354)1 candidate with case related to husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty (IPC Section-498A) and 2 candidates with cases related to word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman (IPC Section-509). A candidate may have declared more than one IPC related to crimes against women.
  • Candidates with cases related to causing Communal Disharmony: 4 candidates have declared cases related to causing communal disharmony. These cases relate to promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony (IPC Section-153A), Injuring or defiling place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class (IPC Section-295) and deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings or any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs (IPC Section-295A) A candidate may have declared more than one IPC related to communal disharmony.
  • Candidates with cases related to Robbery and Dacoity: 9 candidates have declared cases related to robbery and dacoity. candidates have declared cases related to dacoity (IPC Section-395). candidates have declared cases related to robbery (IPC Section-392) and candidates have declared cases related to robbery, or dacoity, with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt (IPC Section-397)*A candidate may have declared more than one IPC related to robbery and dacoity.
  • Candidates with cases related to Kidnapping: candidates have declared cases related to kidnapping or abducting in order to murder (IPC Section-364). 1 candidate has declared a case related to kidnapping (IPC Section-363) and 1 candidate has a case related to kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage, etc. (IPC Section-366). A candidate may have declared more than one IPC related to kidnapping.


  • Party wise Candidates with Criminal Cases: 12 (32%) out of 37 candidates from INC14 (36%) out of 39 candidates from BJP4 (16%) out of 25 candidates from AAP12 (30%) out of 40 candidates fielded by BSP and 17 (11%) out of 153 Independent candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.
  • Party wise Candidates with Serious Criminal Cases: (22%) out of 37 candidates from INC11 (28%) out of 39 candidates from BJP3 (12%) out of 25 candidates from AAP10 (25%) out of 40 candidates fielded by BSP and 11 (7%) out of 153 Independent candidates have declared serious criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.


  • Red Alert Constituencies: 21 constituencies have at least 3 candidates with declared criminal cases. Vaishali constituency, Bihar has the highest number of contesting candidates i.e. 10 with criminal cases against them.

Financial Background

  • Crorepati Candidates: Out of the 601 candidates analysed, 171 (28%) are crorepatis.
  • Party-wise Crorepati Candidates: 18 (49%) out of 37 candidates in INC23 (59%) out of 39 candidates in BJP12 (48%) out of 25 candidates inAAP, 18 (45%) out of 40 candidates in BSP and 20 (13%) out of 153 Independent candidates have declared assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore.


  • Average Assets: The average assets per candidate contesting in the 9th phase of Lok Sabha 2014 elections is Rs.8.50 crores.
  • Party-wise Average Assets: Among major parties, the average assets per candidate for 37 INC candidates is Rs 2.79 crores39 BJP candidates have average assets of Rs.2.81 crores, 25 AAP candidates have average assets worth of Rs.1.82 crores and 40 BSP candidates have average assets of Rs. 7.20 crores.
  • Party-wise Asset Rank: 20 (54%) out of 37 INC candidates occupy the top three highest assets positions amongst all the contesting candidates in their respective constituencies. Similarly, 17 (44%) out of 39 BJP candidates, 14 (35%) out of 40 BSP candidates and 8 (32%) out of 25 AAPcandidates occupy the top three highest assets positions in their constituency.

Note: The following graph analyses the number of candidates fielded by political parties who have declared either the highest total assets in their constituency (among the candidates analysed for the constituency), or the second highest or the third highest.



  • High Asset Candidates*: 25 candidates have declared more than Rs.10 crores worth of assets. The top three candidates with highest assets are given below:
S.No. Name State Constituency Party Name Total Assets (Rs) PAN Given
1 Shamali Das West Bengal Jadavpur and Kolkata Dakshin IND 20,00,00,60,000
2000 Crore+
2 Sri Praksh Jha Bihar Paschim Champaran JD(U) 92,54,80,118
92 Crore+
3 Shah Alam Alias Guddu Jamali Uttar Pradesh Azamgarh BSP 70,29,18,903
70 Crore+

*Total Assets includes income of self, spouse and dependents.

  • Candidate with Zero Assets: Sougata Ghosh an Independent candidate from Diamond Harbour constituency, West Bengal has declared that he has zero assets.
  • Low Asset Candidates: A total of 36 candidates have declared assets less than Rs. 50 thousand (excluding candidates who have declared zero assets)The three candidates with lowest assets are as follows:
S.No. Name State Constituency Party Name Total Assets (Rs) PAN Given
1 Manik Chandra Mondal West Bengal Tamluk IUML 1,000
1 Thou+
2 Sukla Bhuimali West Bengal Barasat CPI(ML) Red Star 1,300
1 Thou+
3 Sharmistha Choudhury West Bengal Barrackpur CPI(ML) Red star 4,942
4 Thou+
  • Candidates with High Liabilities: A total of 21 candidates have declared liabilities of more than Rs. 1 crore. Out of these 21 candidates, 4 have declared liabilities of Rs. 7 crore and above. These candidates are as given below;
S.No. Name State Constituency Party Name Total Assets(Rs) Liabilities (Rs) PAN Given
1 Sri Praksh Jha Bihar Paschim Champaran JD(U) 92,54,80,118
92 Crore+
55 Crore+
2 Subhash Pandey Uttar Pradesh Jaunpur BSP 37,85,54,105
37 Crore+
21 Crore+
3 Mukhtar Ansari Uttar Pradesh Ghosi Qaumi Ekta Dal 18,62,02,878
18 Crore+
8 Crore+
4 Kashinath Uttar Pradesh Maharajganj BSP 33,75,17,506
33 Crore+
7 Crore+
  • Crorepati Candidates with no PAN: 5 candidates with total assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore have declared no PAN details.
  • Candidates with High Income*: 12 candidates have declared total annual income of more than Rs. 1 crore. The top three candidates with highest declared annual income are given below:
S.No. Name Party Name Constituency State Total Assets The financial year for which the last income tax return has been filed by candidate Total income shown by candidate in ITR (Self+Spouse+Dependent) Self income shown by candidate in ITR
1 Dr Shameem Abidi Peace Party Ghosi Uttar Pradesh 4,30,61,2004 Crore+ 2012-2013 4,30,61,2004 Crore+ 2,00,65,6702 Crore+
2 Deepak Adhikari (Dev) AITC Ghatal West Bengal 15,24,47,15915 Crore+ 2013-2014 3,23,03,5373 Crore+ 3,23,03,5373 Crore+
3 Niyaj Ahmad BSP Deoria Uttar Pradesh 3,63,06,0053 Crore+ 2013-2014 2,80,55,6102 Crore+ 1,87,50,9201 Crore+

*Total income includes income of self, spouse and dependents

  • Candidates who have not declared Income Tax Details*: 317 (53%) candidates out of 601 analyzed have not declared income tax details.*Some candidates may be exempted from filing Income Tax Returns
  • Candidates with High Assets who have not declared Income Tax Details: 24 candidates with assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore, have not declared Income Tax Details.



1Age of 5 candidates are unknown. Ravikant Yadav an Independent candidate from Jaunpur constituency has declared his age to be 21 years.

2Barkha Kinnar from Deoria constituency, Uttar Pradesh and Baseer Kinnar from Varanasi constituency, Uttar Pradesh have declared that they are from the third gender



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A citizens protest at Assam Bhawan, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on May 7th at 3 pm





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New Delhi, May 5 : The spectre of ethnic conflict has raised its ugly head again in Kokrajhar and Baksa districts. The indiscriminate firing on May 1-2 by armed Bodo militants, allegedly by National Democratic Front of Bodoland (S), has left 31 dead (all Muslims except one), including 11 children, more than 20 injured and 31 missing. In addition, thousands have been forced to seek refuge away from their villages in camps in Baksa district. NDFB (S) has been blamed for the attacks, however, it is also alleged that the recent attack has happened in the wake of Muslims supposedly having not voted for the Bodo People’;s Front (BPF) candidate, Chandan Brahma. BPF is in alliance with Congress and part of ruling combine in Assam. The results of the General Elections are not out yet but the allegation that Bengali Speaking Muslims have mostly voted for Naba Saraniya, a former ULFA commander, backed by the Sanmilita Janagostiya Aikkyamancha (SJA), an amalgamation of at least 20 ethnic and linguistic groups in the region has led to this attack.


NAPM strongly condemns this inhuman attack on women, men and children and the failure of the Assam government in protecting the lives of the minorities. The incidents like this keep repeating with impunity but even then the failure of administration in maintaining peace and security is palpable.  In 2012 too, more than 100 people, mostly, Muslims were killed and nearly 4 lakh were displaced and were forced to live in relief camps for long.


The region has been witness to conflict for nearly three decades now in the name of creation of an exclusive homeland for Bodos. The violent ethnic conflicts in 90s led to creation of Bodoland Territorial. Council (BTC ) in 2003 with jurisdiction over Bodoland Territorial Area District (BTAD) constituting 70% of non-Bodo population composed of Koch-Rajbansis, Asamiya Hindus, Asamiya Muslims, Rabhas, Na-Asamiyas Muslims, Bengali, adivasis and Nepalis. The BTAD consists of four contiguous districts Kokrajhar, Baksa, Udalguri and Chirang. The conflict earlier tragetted Santhalis, Bengali Hindus and Muslims but over the years various ethnic groups have raised their own armed groups too. Bengali speaking Muslims, however continue to face the ire and discrimination since they are all alleged to be Bangladeshis and have become a common target across Assam. The bogey of Bangladeshis taking over jobs and outnumbering not only Bodos but Hindus and other ethnic groups in Assam has been played by political parties and ethnic groups at various points, most recently by Mr. Narendra Modi in his rallies there.


NAPM believes that the aspirations for autonomy of ethnic groups need to be respected and political solutions for such demands be found but then it can’;t be done at the cost of the rights of other ethnic groups as is being done here. It is time the BTAD was reimagined with an eye towards resolving the conflict once and for all. This has become necessary since, the current round attacks, mainly seen as poll revenge, is nothing but to continue the political and economic hegemony of tiny elite class within Bodos and pitch poor Bodos against the non-Bodos. It is this nexus of Bodo political elite with the ruling dispensation in Assam which needs to be broken, since the genuine aspirations of people in the region has been hijacked.


We demand immediate action against the culprits, relief to families of dead, injured and displaced. NAPM demands that a Commission of Enquiry must be instituted and role of BPF MLAs be examined in inciting the violence. We also urge that political parties and groups maintain clam and not incite further tension by raising the  bogey of Bangaldeshi immigrants in an already polarised electoral atmosphere.


We also call upon all progressive forces to join the citizens protest at Assam Bhawan, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on May 7th at 3 pm and demand justice for those killed.




Medha Patkar, Prafulla Samantara,  Gabriele Dietrich,  Sister 

Celia,  Sudhir Vombatkere, Arundhati Dhuru, P Chennaiah, Kamayani Swami, Mahendra Yadav, Mukta Srivastava, Rajendra Ravi, Saraswati Kavula, B S Rawat, Vimal Bhai, Madhuresh Kumar, Seela Manaswinee, Suniti S R, Suhas Kolhekar


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‘Redefining India’s Energy Security: Rethinking paradigms’


 Nehru Memorial Museum and Library

cordially invites you to a Public Lecture

(in the ‘Science, Society and Nature’ series)




at 3.00 pm on Thursday, 8th May, 2014

in the Seminar Room, First Floor, Library Building





Redefining India’s Energy Security:

Rethinking paradigms’




Ms. Sudha Mahalingam,

Former Senior Fellow,




Access to abundant, clean and affordable energy sources is a paramount concern for developing countries striving to raise the quality of life for their citizens. For India, with its billion plus population and low per capita income, balancing climate change concerns with an energy intensive growth paradigm constitutes a formidable energy security challenge. India’s chosen growth paradigm is hugely import-intensive in as much as it relies heavily on hydrocarbons in which the country is deficient. Exploding private transport and the growing share of road-based freight movement continue to aggravate reliance on imported crude. Promise of abundant natural gas supplies from recent domestic offshore discoveries has floundered on geological and pricing problems, leaving gas infrastructure stranded and rendering gas-based industries unviable.  Electricity generation continues to be the most polluting industrial activity, reliant as it is, on India’s dirty coal.  Yet, more than half of India’s rural households do not have electric connectivity and even those that do, get supply only for a few hours a day. Coal still supplies more than half of total commercial energy, and more than eighty percent of India’s electricity generation. Natural gas, the relatively cleaner fossil fuel accounts for a little over 10 per cent of India’s power generation capacity but generates insignificant quantities of power owing to shortage of domestic gas. Transnational gas pipelines which could have increased the share of gas in India’s energy basket, remain elusive, hostage as much to politics as economics. Big dams have become controversial thanks to mishandled resettlement and rehabilitation efforts. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar still need considerable subsidy support to render them affordable. With an aspirational population clamouring for a better life style and rapidly gaining the wherewithal to pay for it, Indian policy makers do face a formidable challenge in planning a transition to a clean growth paradigm. A fundamental rethink on the way in which we view development coupled with quantum leaps in accessible technologies that will make the transition possible, are the need of the moment. Against this backdrop, how do we redefine energy security? How do we rethink our growth paradigm, aligning it with our resource endowments and constraints, yet meet the aspirations of our energy-starved people? Do we, as a nation, have the vision and the fortitude to make course corrections in our growth trajectory?




Ms. Sudha Mahalingam is an energy economist with over thirty years of professional experience. Currently she is visiting fellow at Elliot School of International Affairs, George Washington University. She is also a member of Scientific Advisory Board at Delft University, The Netherlands. She has been a guest faculty at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie that trains India’s senior civil servants, at NIAS, Bengaluru, Indian Police Academy, Hyderabad, National Defence Academy, New Delhi etc. In 2012, she completed five years as Member of India’s Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board.  In her capacity as an energy expert, she was also Member of India’s National Security Advisory Board. Prior to her current assignment, she held the prestigious Senior Fellowship at the Centre for Contemporary Studies, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi, India.  In 2007, she was awarded the first K. Subrahmanyam award for excellence in strategic studies by IDSA, India’s leading strategic studies think-tank.

Egypt’s presidential election campaign begins

Presidential candidates in Egypt have launched their campaigns for an election to be held on May 26th and 27th.

Egypt’s interim government will turn over power after the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Former Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi are vying for the top post.

Sisi led last July’s de-facto coup that ousted President Mohamed Morsi, who took his backing from Islamist organization the Muslim Brotherhood.

He is widely expected to win the poll, as many Egyptians regard him as a strong leader who can rebuild the economy and restore security.

On Saturday, the first day of campaigning, Sisi posted messages online only. He urged people to build a stable society in order to realize their dreams. More than 1,000 people gathered in a square in Cairo to chant their support.

Sabahi told supporters at a rally in the central city of Asyut he wants to stop the return of authoritarian rule and build a political system based on the will of the people.

Supporters of Morsi oppose the election.

EC seeks reports on Modi’s rally in Faizabad 




EC seeks reports on Modi
Within hours of Narendra Modi’s address to a rally in Faizabad where he invoked Lord Ram, the Election Commission sought a report from the district authorities about his speech and the stage backdrop.
“I have sought a report on Modi’s speech and backdrop of the stage at the rally from District Magistrate, Faizabad,” Uttar Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer Umesh Sinha told a news agency. 


Modi addressed a rally in Faizabad in support of party candidate Lallu Singh from a stage which had pictures of Lord Ram and the proposed Ram Temple model in Ayodhya. 

At the rally, the BJP PM candidate skirted any reference to his party’s pet theme of building Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya, which is part of the district and epicentre of Ram Mandir movement, but made several references to Lord Ram to exhort people to defeat Congress, SP and BSP and support BJP. 

Modi had earlier courted trouble when he was booked for violating electoral laws after he delivered a politically charged speech and displayed his party’s symbol ‘lotus’ soon after voting in Gandhinagar on April 30. 

He was slated to address rallies in Ambedkarnagar, Faizabad, Jaunpur, Kaushambi and Amethi districts of Uttar Pradesh on the last day of campaigning for the 8th phase. 

Campaigning for 8th phase of LS elections ends

Campaigning for 8th phase of LS elections ends today
Campaigning end Monday evening for 64 Parliamentary constituencies, spread across 7 states, which will go to polls on Wednesday in the eighth phase of Lok Sabha elections.

The constituencies going to polls are, remaining 25 in Andhra Pradesh, seven in Bihar, all four in Himachal Pradesh, remaining two in Jammu and Kashmir, 15 in Uttar Pradesh, all five in Uttarakhand and 6 in West Bengal.

175 Assembly constituencies located in the Seemandhra region of Andhra Pradesh will also go to polls on Wednesday.

Campaigning has reached a feverish pitch, with leaders of national and regional parties holding a series of rallies across the Seemandhra region.

In Uttar Pradesh, campaigning has reached its peak, leaders of various political parties are scheduled to address rallies and hold road-shows today.

Campaigning is also in full swing in Himachal Pradesh.

Meanwhile, BJP’s PM nominee Narendra Modi will be campaigning in the Congress-held-territory of Amethi on Monday in support of party candidate Smriti Irani, who is contesting against Congress’ Rahul Gandhi and AAP’s Kumar Vishwas for the seat.

Monday is the last day of campaigning in Amethi, which goes to polls on 7th May.

Rahul is seeking re-election for the third time from Amethi, where the Congress party has won 10 out of 12 elections.

The Congress Vice president is campaigning hard across the constituency since 3rd May, on Sunday he along with sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, held a roadshow in Amethi.

Search for MH370 with new equipment

Search for MH370 with new equipment 2 months away
Australia, China and Malaysia on Monday held trilateral talks to map out the next steps in the search for the missing Malaysian jet with officials saying it may take up to two months before new and more sophisticated sonar equipment is deployed in the hunt.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss and head of the search operation Angus Houston met Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Chinese Transport Minister Yang Chuantang in Canberra to chart out the future course of action in the underwater search, which will focus on a 60,000 square kilometre patch of Indian Ocean seabed.

Truss admitted the hunt for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that has been on for almost two months will take time with the seabed in the prospective search zone several kilometres deep and largely unmapped. He said a tender process would be started soon to acquire new and more advanced equipment to scour the seabed. “We are optimistic that we can do most of this in the space of one to two months so we will actually have more hardware in the water within a couple of months,” he said. “In the interim we’ll still have the Bluefin-21 working and we’ll get going on the oceanographic work that needs to be done so they’ll be no long interruptions in this search,” Truss said.

Houston said it was “sensible” to take stock of the situation and analyse the data gathered after scouring more than 4.6 million square kilometres of the ocean to make sure the deductions and conclusions in the search are right.

The data gathered so far will be re-analysed and all the information assessed starting Wednesday.

“We’ve got to this stage of the process where it’s very sensible to go back and have a look at all of the data that has been gathered, all of the analysis that has been done and make sure there’s no flaws in it, the assumptions are right, the analysis is right and the deductions and conclusions are right,” Houston said.

Truss stressed that detailed mapping of the seafloor will be a key focus of the next phase of the search. It is not known how deep the water in the search area is. “I don’t know that anyone knows for sure, because it’s never been mapped,” Truss said of the depth of water. He said he had “no idea” about when the plane wreckage would be found. “So far our very, very best leads, and on days when we were quite confident that it was going to be the day, have all proved fruitless so it would be unduly optimistic to name a day or time,” he said.

The Beijing-bound Boeing 777-200 plane – carrying 239 people, including five Indians, an Indo-Canadian and 154 Chinese nationals – had mysteriously vanished on 8th March after taking off from Kuala Lumpur.

The Bluefin currently scouring the Indian Ocean seabed has been limited by the fact that it can dive only to depths of 4.5 kilometres. The Bluefin’s data can be downloaded only once it returns to the surface after each of its 16-hour dives.

Therefore, equipment with deeper diving capabilities and capacity to send information back to crews in real time is required in the search.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Monday expressed Malaysia’s resolve to continue the search for MH370.

He said the country would carry on with the search for the aircraft with the assistance of several other countries despite having nothing to show after 59 days.

“Although we have yet to come up with results until now, the government is determined to continue with the search with the co-operation of friendly countries, particularly Australia which has shown extraordinary commitment to help Malaysia find our aircraft,” he said in Putrajaya.

The mystery of the missing plane continues to baffle aviation and security authorities who have so far not succeeded in tracking the aircraft despite deploying hi-tech radar and other gadgets.

The search for the jet has been exhausting and expensive with estimates suggesting it may cost nearly USD 60 million.

Malaysia believes the flight was deliberately diverted by someone on board and that satellite data indicates it crashed in the Indian Ocean, west of the Australian city of Perth.

The Malaysian government has so far been tight-lipped about its investigation into the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines jet, adding to the anger and frustration among relatives of the passengers.

NCP, Nat Conference oppose inquiry into snoopgate

NCP, Nat Conference oppose inquiry into snoopgate
Putting Congress in a fix, two key UPA allies, NCP and the National Conference, on Sunday opposed Centre’s decision to appoint a judge by 16th May to probe ‘Snoopgate’ allegedly involving Narendra Modi, saying such an action in Govt’s dying hours is wrong.

Sharad Pawar, who heads the second-largest member of the Congress-led coalition government, called Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and expressed his opposition to appointment of a judge at this juncture to probe the issue.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, whose National Conference also participates in the government, tweeted, “Was talking to my dad last night & he felt the same way – setting up a commission of inquiry in the dying hours of UPA 2 is just wrong”.

Modi came in the line of fire after it was alleged that illegal surveillance was carried out on a young woman in Gujarat in 2009 at his behest as Gujarat Chief Minister, as also Amit Shah, who was then the state’s Home Minister.

Government announced on Friday that a judge would be appointed by 16th May to probe the issue, drawing the ire of the BJP.

Notwithstanding the opposition by NCP and NC, Congress made it clear that the judge will be appointed, asserting that there will be no compromise as the issue involved women of the country.

The BJP on Sunday welcomed the stand taken by the two UPA allies, saying even coalition partners are refusing to be part of Congress’s politics of vendetta.

“It shows that UPA allies have found sense. They are seeing the truth. This is the politics of vendetta which is the specialty of Congress. Political parties do not want to get involved in it,” BJP national spokesperson M J Akbar told reporters in New Delhi on Sunday.

Union Minister and senior NCP leader Praful Patel said, “When the results of the Lok Sabha elections are due in two weeks’ time, where is the need for such an enquiry.”

Striking a similar note, Omar said if the decision to appoint could not be taken in December then it was wrong to appoint a judge five months later.

“If the decision to appoint a commission was taken in Dec it should have been implemented. To appoint a judge 5 months later is wrong,” he tweeted.

The statements came close on the heels of Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde and Law Minister Kapil Sibal insisting that government planned to go ahead with naming a judge for the enquiry before 16th May, the day on which Lok Sabha election results will be out.

Unfazed by the opposition from its two allies, Congress spokesperson and Mahila Congress chief Shoba Oza asserted that there will be no compromise on going ahead with the probe as the matter concerns women of the country who constitute half of the population.

The party also came out with 10 questions to BJP including Modi, Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley on snoopgate controversy, asking them to come clean on the issue.

Union Minister Salman Khurshid said the allies’ views can be discussed within the government.

“This is something which we can discuss within the government. There can always be different points of view and at the end of the day you take a call,” he said.

BJP slammed the Congress for alleging that the girl involved in the case had been bought by the Gujarat government to stay silent, and said “no one is in the market to purchase Congress’s lies anymore”.

“When lies become a habit, then you can just keep on spinning off lies. All I am trying to say and there is evidence before you that no one is in the market to purchase Congress’s lies anymore. Not even those who have been with the Congress for 15 years,” Akbar said.

He said that those who kept the UPA alive too are asking the Congress to stop politics of filth and get back to the politics of issues.

Slovenia PM formally resigns post 


Slovenia PM formally resigns post
Slovenia’s prime minister has resigned and is urging early elections in the small EU nation next month, which is grappling with an acute banking crisis.
Alenka Bratusek handed in her resignation on Monday to the parliament’s speaker after losing the leadership of her party. 


The 44-year-old financial expert has steered the country, which is one of 18 European Union countries that uses the euro, through the region’s debt crisis but resigned after losing the leadership of her Positive Slovenia party to Mayor Zoran Jankovic of Ljubljana, the country’s capital. 

Lawmakers must convene to acknowledge the resignation and the country’s president will then have 30 days to appoint a new prime minister, or lawmakers can try to thrash out a new government. 

However, coalition partners have threatened to leave the government because Jankovic faces a corruption probe. 

Bratusek has said snap legislative elections in June would be the best way forward. 

Her centre-left government has cut public spending and helped shore up its ailing banks. 

However, more economic reforms lie ahead before Slovenia can safely say it has got its economy back into shape. 

Bad bank loans are at the center of the crisis in the Alpine nation, which was once considered a model as to how to transition a centralized East European economy to the free market. 

Quake shakes buildings in Tokyo


Big quake shakes buildings in Tokyo
A powerful earthquake shook buildings in Tokyo early on Monday, reporters in the Japanese capital said, but officials said there was no risk of a tsunami. 
The epicenter of the quake — which struck at 0148 IST Monday — was near Izu Oshima island southwest of central Tokyo, the Japanese meteorological agency said. 


The US Geological Survey said the quake had a magnitude of 5.8 and struck at a depth of 156 kilometers. 

National broadcaster NHK said there were no immediate reports of any damage or injuries. 

The station said Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), the operator of the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant, said there were no abnormal signs at the reactors. 


Voters’ names missing, a two-month election: India deserves a better EC


Voters’ names missing, a two-month election: India deserves a better EC

First Post  By Prof R Vaidyanathan On May 4, 2014

The 2014 elections are coming to a close and praise for the world’s largest democracy conducting peaceful elections has been heaped on India, by most of our own media. The Election Commission also pats itself on the back for the massive task undertaken and pretends that all is well.

This time however, the election commission has not carried itself with any glory. Rather, it deserves  brickbats for its commissions and omissions.

Duration & Timing

First is the duration of elections. I have never seen any LS election in India conducted over such a long period. Without any of the modern technology/communication facilities etc, in the eighties, it used to be over in less than a fortnight. Now the commission has extended it to more than two months. Its notification on 5th March initiated the so-called Model Code of Conduct which ends after the completion of all polls on 15th or 16th May, depending on re-polls.

Of course it has been partly relaxed in states where polling is over. On the whole, for nearly two months, all government activities have come to a standstill due to these “innovative” polls. Of course one can argue whether the government is “active” at other times.

The reasons given for such a long polling period is security and a fool proof success of our democratic exercise as if earlier elections were all failures. At this rate next time EC will extend polling to one year so that it is without any blemish.

It is really bizarre and crazy that in these times of instant communications and electronic voting, the election commission needs more than ten days to do a poll. In fact,  the southern parts of India and most of the Western regions do not face any major problems of polling. The possible problem areas are Bihar/Eastern UP and WB and J&K and North East. Instead of focusing on these areas and also mobilizing more security forces if needed, the EC has opted for a lazy and easy solution of stretching it to two months.

In the process many important decisions/tasks have not been carried out by Government departments stating model code of conduct as an excuse. For instance in Karnataka there have been accidents involving Volvo buses resulting in large scale deaths in the last few months. The demand for an emergency exit to be fixed in all such buses began to be accepted –rather reluctantly by private and Government bus operators. But news items suggest that the process of fitting emergency doors have been postponed due to model code of conduct.

Also timing has not been appropriate. For instance in Bangalore the polling day was sandwiched between many holidays giving rise to voters not exercising their vote due to travel etc.

Electoral Rolls

The basic dharma  of the election commission is to have proper electoral rolls and see that all eligible voters are able to exercise their franchise without any difficulties. But unfortunately the EC has failed in that duty. The important task is to integrate State Assembly rolls with LS rolls since in places like Bangalore where people have voted in recent Assembly polls found their names missing in the LS poll lists. In places like Mumbai and Pune largescale deletions have taken place and some 5 to 6 lakhs people could not exercise their franchise and election commissioner expressed his sorry for that.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: election

Involving common people

The involvement of common people in elections is a must in ensuring a proper participatory democracy in a country such as India.
The Election Commission’s zeal to enforce the code of conduct may make for discipline and rigor in the conduct of polls, but it has put a host of small traders out of business. This not only keeps people in the dark about the candidates but also alienates the very people who make up the democracy.

Elections are festivals of our democracy. It is time to celebrate the power of the ordinary and the importance of the lowest of the low.

Newspaper reports suggest that the officials of the Commission have seized saris and utensils meant for distribution to the voters by some of the candidates. Those are considered as ‘bribing to get votes’. But if the same candidate or his political party promised to provide every individual with free saris or TVs or power that is seen as an electoral manifesto.

In other words, the system accepts and encourages bribes to be given from the public exchequer but not from private initiatives and wealth. Also, future bribes seem to be preferable to present bribes, according to the Code. A slum-dweller would be happier to receive some utensil or sari at the door-step today than get it later through leaky and slow governmental processes.

When so many freebies can be promised and offered from the public treasury by political parties, why not encourage free gifts from candidates? Maybe it can be done in a transparent way, if that is the issue. A register or log-book can be maintained about the donations of an individual candidate. And, anyhow, the voting process is secret. Why deny the poorer segments their due during this “festival” called elections?

Ignorance about candidates

The sanitized electoral process has some negative aspects that require a national debate. The names of the candidate are not known to many common people belonging to the poorer segments. In the past, supporters used to shout in a coarse voice (from an auto-rickshaw, and using a mounted microphone and speakers) the names of the candidate and sing songs to praise his achievements while requesting voters to consider his case.

There used to be hand-bills; wall paintings and other types of information. The involvement of common people is a must in ensuring a proper participatory democracy in a country such as India. We often read of officials talking about information being available on the Internet, etc., in a State where the literacy rate is average and computers are used by a small minority. Even on such media, one rarely finds any weighty discussion on the merits of a candidate other than in party terms.

In any case, the importance of elections in our country is to re-instate and re-establish the organic links between the have-nots and the process of democracy. By over-stressing the Anglo-Saxon model of behavior we are possibly throwing the baby out with the bath-water.
The excesses by political parties during the 1980s and the 1990s were condemned by all and, as a reaction; a regulatory system was put in place. But the pendulum ought not to swing to the other extreme so that people are alienated from the process itself.

Let us not have a large disconnect between the common people and participatory democracy, where we strip participation down to a mechanical visit to the polling booths.
Let us bring back the festive zeal of the multi-hued sound, fury and chaos of the road-side shows. That is the thriving democracy among the poor but dignified people.
Let us not try to impose artificial European-type elections with a funereal atmosphere on the noisy but joyful and colorful Indian public. Our elections ought to be like a kumbha mela with all its pomp and revelry and free food, and not like a dark-suited solemn procession behind a carved casket. We perhaps deserve a fun-loving EC than a funeral undertaker.

(The writer is Professor of Finance at IIMB. The views expressed here are personal.)







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  TEL: 91-80-2699-3086





Boletín informativo. Domingo 4 de Mayo 2014.
Lo más visto de la semana
¡Mujeres, el 1 de Mayo también es nuestro! Por Begoña Marugán | Pensando sólo en la esfera productiva, las mujeres llevan siglos empleadas…
Los inicios del Primero de Mayo en España Por Eduardo Montagut | En el Congreso fundacional de la Segunda Internacional celebrado en París el año 1889 se tomó la decisión de celebrar el 1º de mayo…
La lucha obrera continúa Por Víctor Arrogante | El 1º de Mayo es una fecha emblemática para la clase trabajadora, en la lucha por conseguir derechos, mejores salarios, seguridad y dignidad…
El rapto de Europa Por Nicolás Sartorius | Me permito decirle al posible abstencionista que no se engañe, que si no va a votar no quiere decir que no vaya a votar, en términos políticos, si no que otro votará por él y, probablemente, en el sentido contrario al que a él le gustaría.
Dos millones de hogares con todos sus miembros en paro 

  • El número total de parados en España alcanza la cifra de 5.933.300 personas (25,93%).
  • En el primer trimestre del año se destruyeron 184.600 empleos, todos en el sector privado.
  • Los hogares con todos sus miembros en paro subieron hasta situarse en 1.978.900.
  • La tasa de paro juvenil escaló hasta el 55,48%.
  • De los casi 6 millones de parados el 14,85% son jóvenes menores de 25 años.
  • El 50,1% son parados de larga duración.
· José Antonio Gómez Hernández650.000 empleos, ¿realidad, propaganda, cambalache o mentira? 
¿Cómo van a crear 650.000 empleos? Sencillo. Van a manipular los datos hasta niveles obscenos…
· Luis María GonzálezCárcel para sindicalistas 
Pareciera que un sector de la fiscalía quisiera empujar ordenada e implacablemente a los sindicatos hacia el abismo…
· Joaquim González MuntadasCon José Luis Montesinos (CCOO) ‘la Justicia va a ciegas’ 
La imputación está construida en base a relatados tan falsos y distorsionados que pueden llevar a conclusiones erróneas.
Llaman “puta” a Cifuentes Por Gustavo Vidal Manzanares | El asunto de la señora Cifuentes se encuadraría en el “tremendismo punitivo” que tanto agrada al PP…
El declive de los cultivos transgénicos El informe “¿Quién se beneficia con los cultivos transgénicos?” revela que el 90% de los cultivos transgénicos se encuentran en solo seis países.
La cesión indecente de la Sanidad pública de Vigo Por Luisa Lores | Los objetivos del gerente del Hospital de Vigo, Mario González, parecen más próximos a los del lobby privatizador SEDISA, a cuya cúpula pertenece, que al hospital público que dirige.
La clase media en México: Extraterrestres e ideología Por César Morales Oyarvide | Lo que suele decirse en México sobre la clase media me recuerda a una de las aventuras de Los 4 Fantásticos, el equipo de superhéroes creados por Stan Lee y Jack Kirby. Específicamente, a un monstruo extraterrestre al que combaten en el número 271 del comic, en 1984.
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Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 6.1
  • 4 May 2014 09:25:14 UTC
  • 4 May 2014 21:25:15 near epicenter
  • 4 May 2014 13:25:14 standard time in your timezone
Location 25.798S 178.208E
Depth 610 km
  • 543 km (336 mi) NW of Raoul Island, New Zealand
  • 848 km (525 mi) S of Suva, Fiji
  • 848 km (525 mi) SW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga
  • 889 km (551 mi) S of Nadi, Fiji
  • 1045 km (647 mi) S of Lambasa, Fiji



Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 6.6
  • 4 May 2014 09:15:53 UTC
  • 4 May 2014 21:15:53 near epicenter
  • 4 May 2014 13:15:53 standard time in your timezone
Location 24.642S 179.084E
Depth 527 km
  • 497 km (308 mi) SSW of Ndoi Island, Fiji
  • 703 km (435 mi) SW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga
  • 722 km (447 mi) S of Suva, Fiji
  • 777 km (481 mi) SSE of Nadi, Fiji
  • 911 km (564 mi) S of Lambasa, Fiji

Bangladesh Migrants a Threat to India



Please join us for tea at 5.30 pm.
A line in confirmation shall be highly appreciated.


“Thoughtful Leadership Lecture and Interactive session”


                                                                                                                                   CIN: U99999DL1956NPL002635

Rajpal Singh
Director and Head
Youth Affairs & Sports, Skills Development (International) &
Postal Reforms & Labour and Employement
May 5, 2014
Dear Sir / Madam,
FICCI is pleased to invite you for the “Thoughtful Leadership Lecture and Interactive session” on Corporate Athlete Goal in Sports by world renowned tennis coach Mr. Adrian Rattenbury, Founder & President, RPT Tennis, SpainThis programme is being organized in collaboration with RPT Tennis, Spain and Games Unlimited. Details are as follows:
When and Where:
Monday, May 12, 2014, 2.45 pm
Conference Room- 2nd floor, Federation House,
FICCI, Tansen Marg
New Delhi – 110001
2:45 p.m. Welcome Remarks by FICCI.
2:50 p.m. Lecture by Mr. Adrian Rattenbury, Founder & President, RPT Tennis, Spain
3:55 p.m. Vote of Thanks

I therefore cordially invite you to join us for this important event as a special invitee and learn how sports have transformed into a big industry and is not just about entertainment.
Request you to kindly send a line of confirmation to my colleague Amit Mantri at Contact no.- 011-23487561/283/ +91- 9818817375.
Please find attached a brief profile of Mr. Adrian Rattenbury for your reference (click on the hyperlink to download profile &Photo). 
With best regards,
Yours sincerely,
(Rajpal Singh)

“On joue sur la terre”


Jean-Philippe Bottin
To Jean-Philippe BottinMe
Today at 3:49 PM
Dear friends,

You will find below and in attachment the presentation of our next event: the opening of an exhibition created by Alliance Française de Delhi who took part in the worldwide photo competition organized by Fondation Alliance Française, in Paris.

The title and theme of the competition is “On joue sur la terre” (The earth is our playground). And you will be able to watch the photographs of our 20 competitors. A beautiful vision of a playful world! Not to be missed again!

Have a lovely week!


Jean-Philippe Bottin
Directeur, Alliance Française Delhi
Délégué Général Inde Népal, Fondation Alliance Française
72 Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110 003, India

Indian mob: (91) 9560004641 (also reachable on Whatsapp and Viber)
French mob: (33) 618593520 (also reachable on Whatsapp and Viber)
Skype: jeanphilippebottin
Twitter: @JPBottin


Alliance Française de Delhi


On Joue Sur La Terre
A photography Exhibition
by the participants of the AFD Photo Competition 2014

Preview on Wednesday 7th May 2014, 7pm
Exhibition-on-view from 8th to 21st May 2014, 9am to 8pm

Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Francaise de Delhi
72 Lodi Estate, New Delhi-110003

This exhibition is the result of a Photo competition organized by Alliance Française de Delhi — On joue sur la Terre — “The World is the Playground” with the support of Fondation Alliance Française
It will showcase first 36 Best Photographs (printed by Alliance Française de Delhi).
The theme of the exhibition is to showcase the games often played in many social and cultural functions (board games, gambling, video games, outdoor games, children’s games, sporting events, etc.). This collection of various photographs in different moods clicked by emerging talented people portrays a collage of playful feelings of society. This exhibition will become a platform to learn about the evolution of the playful customs in the world and had given an opportunity to all the photography lovers to showcase their talent world-wide.
Photographers have used their cameras to explore the faces of friends, loved ones, passing strangers etc.

On joue sur la Terre features the photographs worth a thousand words. The brilliancy and sharpness of some of them are highly remarkable. The photographers have tried their best to share their visual experience by every possible means. The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.

Photography as a powerful medium of expression and communications offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution. All the photographers are spreading some kind of feeling/emotions. That is why we say “Photography is an art of observation. Its about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…”

For further information please write to

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Cancer Awareness in the field of IMRT


Cancer of the mouth and throat are the most common cancers in Indian males, because of the high incidence of smoking and chewing tobacco and the widespread use of pan masala. In fact, the diasporic Indian population has even led to an increase of cancer of the mouth in the Western world!


Cancer of the mouth usually presents as an ulcer on the cheek, gums or tongue and any blister / ulcer in these areas persisting for more than three weeks, warrants a visit to a doctor. The symptoms of throat cancer are a foreign body sensation in the throat, change in voice, painful swallowing persisting for three weeks. Both mouth and throat cancer may also manifest simply as  a lump in the throat.


Radiotherapy is the treatment of cancers using x rays or other forms of electromagnetic rays that have the ability to destroy tissue by damaging the DNA of cells.


Radiotherapy is an integral part of the treatment of head neck cancer, having the ability to destroy cancer in this site,  thus curing cancer of the mouth and throat. The probability of cure is excellent, with more than 90 %  early vocal cord cancer patients getting cured and up to 70 % stage III and IV A patients getting cured.


Modern radiation techniques have led to a dramatic improvement in the quality of life of cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. A technique called Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy, in use for a little more than a decade, has resulted in this dramatic change. This technique allows the radiation oncologist to target the cancer accurately and yet reduce the radiation dose to normal structures adjacent to the cancer.


Patients treated for head neck cancer without using IMRT have to change their diet to a liquid or porridge like diet, often also losing the ability to taste food forever. They also develop a permanently dry wood like mouth, being troubled by oral blisters and bad teeth.


Dr. Sapna Nangia, Cancer specialist at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, who has been working in the field of IMRT in mouth and throat cancer for more than a decade  and has  vast experience in this field, says that in contrast, patients treated with IMRT quickly regain normal taste and salivary function and have a good quality of life. They are also less likely to have dental problems following radiotherapy. Since dose to all normal structures is reduced with this treatment, there are fewer blisters during treatment, and less chance of scarring or damage to the jaw bone.


Dr. Nangia feels strongly that in the interest of patients suffering from mouth and throat cancer , radiotherapy , whether being used alone or in combination with surgery or chemotherapy, should always be in the form of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy. She feels that primary physicians, dental surgeon and ENT surgeons, who are often the people who first diagnose cancer of the mouth and throat, need to be aware of this advanced form of radiotherapy, so that they can guide their patients correctly. The general public , too, should be aware of the latest advances in the field of cancer treatment, a field in which rapid advances are taking place and which are available in India at the same time as they are in the western hemisphere.

The life and writing of Giani Ditt Singh/Sant Ditta Ram’


 Nehru Memorial Museum and Library

cordially invites you to a Seminar



at 3.00 pm on Wednesday, 7th May, 2014

in the Seminar Room, First Floor, Library Building





‘Living and Defining Caste:

The life and writing of Giani Ditt Singh/Sant Ditta Ram’


Dr. Anshu Malhotra, 


This presentation explores the protean stances on the idea of caste among the Sikh reformers of the Lahore Singh Sabha in the late nineteenth century through reading the life and writing of Sant Ditta Ram, later Giani Ditt Singh. Though Singh was from a Ravidasi background, and his career reflected his desire to overcome the debilitations associated with it, he could not advocate an unequivocal stand on caste. Looking at his changeable discourse on caste the presentation discusses his different readings of the institution and the reasons for such vacillations. In the context of the contemporary debate on caste among Sikhs, and as dalit assertion takes place in the Indian Punjab, the ideas of a dalit Sikh will illuminate the period of history when caste and community identities were being reformulated.



Dr. Anshu Malhotra teaches in the Department of History, University of Delhi, Delhi and is currently a Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.


International newsline


Afghanistan declares day of mourning after deadly landslide


The Afghan government has declared a day of mourning for the thousands of victims of a landslide that engulfed a village in northeast Afghanistan on Friday. According to officials, over 2,000 people were in their homes when the mudslide struck and are now feared dead. The landslide happened in the province of Badakhshan on the border with neighboring Tajikistan.





Kazakhstan plans to enter WTO in 2014


President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbaev, believes the country will become a WTO member this year. The negotiating process has gone through its final stage, Nazarbaev said at the opening ceremony for the 47th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank in Astana. He added that membership of the WTO will help the country’s development as it interrelates with more partners. Nazarbaev also spoke of plans for the revival of the Silk Road, which would, according to him, connect countries of major economic potential.



Gunman shoots six in Arkansas


Six people have been shot in Arkansas, after a gunman opened fire on a home, killing a man and a 13 year-old girl. Two boys aged 8 and 10 were also critically wounded in the incident and are now in hospital in a critical condition. The gunman then left the scene and shot a worker at a nearby business park, police said. The suspected attacker was later found dead in a car with a gunshot wound to the head. It is unclear whether he was killed or if he committed suicide. The incident happened in Jonesboro and police say they do not know of a motive for the attack, which happened on Saturday evening.


23 dead in Haiti bus crash


A bus crash in the southwest of Haiti has killed 23 people and left 17 injured, authorities from the country said. Ronald Etienne, who is the Mayor of the city of Jeremie, says that it is not known what caused the accident, which happened on Saturday. The crash occurred near the coastal town of Roseau, which is on the far western tip of Haiti’s southern peninsula.





11 Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists arrested in connection with missing MH370 flight


Authorities have arrested and interrogated 11 Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in connection with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the Daily Mail reported. The suspects were arrested last week in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur and in the state of Kedah. The detained individuals are reportedly members of a new terror group that was planning bomb attacks in Muslim countries. They are said to be between 22 and 55 and comprise of students, a young widow, odd-job workers, and business professionals, according to the paper. “The possibility that the plane was diverted by militants is still high on the list and international investigators have asked for a comprehensive report on this new terror group,” an officer with the Counter Terrorism Division of Malaysia’s Special Branch said Saturday.

N. Irish police request more time to question Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams


Police investigating the 1972 murder of Jean McConville are preparing to request more time to question Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein. It comes as Stormont Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness claimed Adam’s detention was political policing and alleged there was a “cabal” in the police force. McGuinness challenged what he said was an inconsistency, in that members of the British military had not been arrested over the Bloody Sunday killings and other controversial shootings during the troubles in Northern Ireland. 65-year old Adams has always denied allegations by former republican colleagues that he ordered the murder of Ms. McConville who was wrongly suspected of being a British army informer.



Turkey drops case against 60 people in corruption probe


Turkish persecutors dropped a case against 60 people on Friday, including the son of a former minster, in a graft probe that has unsteadied the Islamic-rooted government. They were detained in December and charged with accepting and facilitating bribes for construction projects and getting hold of building permits in protected areas.The prosecutor handling the case into Turkey’s TOKI housing agency decided not to pursue it, citing “lack of evidence” as the cause.



Kerry in South Sudan to push for end of conflict


US Secretary of State John Kerry is in South Sudan on Friday, where he will push for an end to the four-months-old conflict in talks with President Salva Kiir. His trip comes a day after the US threatened sanctions and held out hope of more peace keepers. More than 1 million people have fled their homes since fighting erupted in December between those backing President Kiir and soldiers loyal to his former deputy, Riek Machar. The fighting has largely run along ethnic lines and Kerry also warned that the violence could descend into genocide.



Moscow urges US to clarify incarceration, interrogation of Russian detainee


Moscow expects clarifications from Washington about the latest incident connected with the Russian citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko, said the Russian Foreign Ministry’s commissioner for human rights, Konstantin Dolgov. Earlier, Yaroshenko’s lawyer said that the detainee was placed in solitary confinement in Fort Dix prison, where he was interrogated for four hours. “If these facts are true, if he was thrown into solitary confinement, these actions cannot be justified,” said Dolgov adding that the US actions were “outrageous.” Pilot Yaroshenko was arrested by US officers in May 2010 in Liberia and accused of cocaine smuggling. He was sentenced to 20 years in September 2011.


France bans imports of pork based products


France is to ban imports of pork based products, live pigs and pig sperm from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Japan because of a virus that has killed millions of piglets in North America and Asia, a ministry official said, Reuters reports. The Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) has killed around 7 million piglets since it was first identified in the US about a year ago.



6.0-magnitude earthquake jolts eastern Indonesia


A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck of eastern Indonesia on Friday, the US Geological Survey reported. The quake struck at 4:43pm local time (08:43 GMT) 70 kilometers south-southeast of Namela in the Maluku chain of islands at a depth of 54 kilometers. Local officials said there was no risk of a tsunami.Indonesia is located on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” where there is frequent volcanic and seismic activity.



​The World Bank to loan $12 billion to Pakistan over next 5 years


The World Bank has extended its financial assistance to Pakistan to the tune of $12 billion for a five-year period, the country’s finance ministry said on Friday. According to Pakistani officials, the loan will target“energy, economy, (fighting) extremism and education.” Within the framework of a 2 percent interest rate loan program the first $1 billion will be transferred to the country, hit by an energy crisis and a shortfall in tax revenues, next week.




​Five killed, ten wounded in militia attack in Libya’s Benghazi


Five people were killed and ten wounded in a militia attack on the security headquarters in the Libyan port city of Benghazi on Friday, according to army officials. The fighting broke out when the militia tried to storm the building early in the morning. The clashes between the security forces and Islamist militants are regular in this city, which is located in a volatile eastern region.


Suicide bomber attack kills two in Egypt’s Sinai


A suicide bomber has struck a security checkpoint in the South Sinai region of Egypt, killing himself and one other person, security officials told Egyptian publication Al-Ahram. The attack happened in the town of El-Tur, on the main road between Cairo and the popular tourist destination of Sharm El-Sheikh.



Ukrainian army contain violence at cities of Mariupol, Konstantinovka


Ukrainian military has started an operation against pro-autonomy activists in the city of Mariupol, southeastern Ukraine and  the town of Konstantinovka, according to local self-defense activists.

The troops have moved into Mariupol and have surrounded an administrative building held by anti-government protesters. The protesters have set up barricades and are burning tires.

There are a few hundred activists inside the building. They told media that the army is warning them that if they do not leave the building in the coming minutes, they will be fired at and the building will be seized.

“I am in the center of the city, there are a lot of ambulances outside the local administration building, gunfire is being heard, armored vehicles have entered the city and are moving towards the center,” witness Tatyana told media by phone. “People are going there as well, to prevent the soldiers from shooting. We are hoping they won’t shoot at civilians, though from what we’ve seen before, we are not sure anymore.”

Mikhail Krutko from the self-defense headquarters told Interfax news agency: “Residents are unarmed, they blocked roads in the city center, built up barricades from tires and other things not to let hardware pass. They set tires on fire.”

People on the ground told RT’s Paula Slier that there are 300-500 anti-Kiev protesters there and they are unarmed. There have so far been no reports of injuries.

There is no fatalities so far, but I can’t say anything about the number of injured. Right now police have returned from the scene, but people in dark uniforms can be seen in other parts of the city,” another witness named Dmitry told RT.

A bank building has been set ablaze in Mariupol, local news website 0629 reported.RT News

Saturday 3 May 2014
डेथ एनीवर्सिरी के दिन प्रमोद महाजन पर वरिष्ठ पत्रकार मिलिंद खांड़ेकर का बड़ा सवाल

आज ही के दिन यानी 3 मई को 8 साल पहले प्रमोद महाजन ने इस दुनिया से विदा ली थी और दिलचस्प इत्तेफाक हुआ कि इस पूर्व सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्री…


TRP: चुनाव और IPL ने बिगाड़ा मनोरंजन चैनलों का खेल, सोनी को मामूली फायदा

2014 के 17वें हफ्ते में ‘स्टार प्लस’ 800 का आंकड़ा पार करने में विफल रहा। टैम सब्सक्राइबर्स द्वारा जारी आंकड़ों के मुताबिक चल रहे…


प्रसार भारती के कामकाज में सरकार की कोई दखलअंदाजी नहीं : मनीष तिवारी

दूरदर्शन द्वारा बीजेपी के पीएम उम्मीदवार नरेंद्र मोदी के इंटरव्यू के कुछ अंश हटाए जाने से विवादों में घिरे सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्री मनीष तिवारी ने इस मुद्दे पर सफाई दी है…


मीडिया की आजादी छीन लेने वाले दुश्मनों के खिलाफ हामिद मीर ने साधा निशाना

 पाकिस्तान में जानलेवा हमले में बच निकलने वाले वरिष्ठ टेलिविजन पत्रकार व जियो टीवी के संपादक हामिद मीर ने…


सोशल नेटवर्किंग साइट्स को अमृता राय और दिग्विजय सिंह से जुड़े सभी कंटेंट हटाने का निर्देश

टीवी एंकर अमृता राय के शिकायत पर दिल्ली पुलिस की क्राइम ब्रांच ने अपनी जांच शुरू कर दी है। दिल्ली पुलिस ने सोशल नेटवर्किंग साइट्स को निर्देश दिया है…


राष्ट्रीय सहारा के समूह संपादक रणविजय सिंह समेत कई को मातृश्री पुरस्कार

पत्रकारिता के क्षेत्र में दिए जाने वाले मातृश्री पुरस्कारों की घोषणा कर दी गई है। चयन समिति द्वारा कराए गए सर्वेक्षण के बाद जो नाम उभरकर सामने आए हैं…


आज रात को हेडलाइंस टुडे-आजतक पर नरेंद्र मोदी का इंटरव्यू

इंडिया टीवी, एएनआई न्यूज एजेंसी, एबीपी न्यूज और डीडी न्यूज के बाद अब बीजेपी के प्रधानमंत्री पद के उम्मीदवार नरेंद्र मोदी आजतक को अपना इंटरव्यू देंगे…


दूरदर्शन की स्वतंत्रता पर नरेंद्र मोदी ने साधा निशाना

दूरदर्शन पर भाजपा के प्रधानमंत्री पद के उम्मीदवार नरेंद्र मोदी के इंटरव्यू को लेकर विवाद बढ़ता जा रहा है…


टीवी एंकर अमृता राय ने क्राइम ब्रांच में ई-मेल हैक करने का दर्ज कराया मामला

कांग्रेस महासचिव दिग्विजय सिंह से संबंधों को लेकर चर्चा में आईं टीवी एंकर अमृता राय ने  दिल्ली पुलिस की क्राइम ब्रांच में उन लोगों के खिलाफ शिकायत दर्ज कराई है…


थाने से छूटने के बाद पूनम पांडेय का मीडिया पर निशाना, कार में गाने सुनना अश्लीलता नहीं

अपनी ट्वीट्स के जरिए अपने सैक्सी फोटो और विडियो ट्विटर पर पोस्ट करने वाली बोल्ड मॉडल एक्ट्रेस पूनम पांडेय फिर से चर्चा में हैं…




News In

Baksa ,Kokrajhar districts hit by violence


Assam, the death toll has gone up to 28 in recent violence in Bodoland Territorial Area Districts. IGP, L R Bishnoi said that 8 more bodies were recovered today in Baksa district. He said that 14 miscreants in Baksa and 8 in Kokrajhar district have been arrested so far for their involvement in the violence. Bishnoi said that most of them are linkmen of the banned outfit National Democratic Front of Bodoland (Sangbijit group). He said that strict vigil is on but ruled out imposition of shoot at sight order in violence-hit areas.

Additional DGP, A P Rout said that situation is improving in Kokrajhar district. Meanwhile, indefinite curfew is on in Baksa district as a precautionary measure. But curfew has been relaxed in Chirang and Kokrajhar district for three hours from 12 noon.

Curfew has also been imposed at the adjoining areas of violence-hit districts. Hundreds of trucks and buses have been stranded at national highways. The Army is staging flag march.

The Special Investigation Team, SIT, is likely to begin their investigation this afternoon. The Assam Border Area Development Minister Siddique Ahmed has today demanded arrest of former minister and senior MLA of Bodoland People’s Front, Pramila Rani Brahma for allegedly making inflammatory remarks recently. Relief camp has been set up in Baksa district. Assam Governor J B Patnaik has condemned the violence and appealed all to maintain peace and order.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Office sources said National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon this morning briefed the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh about the Assam situation. Dr Singh held discussions with the Cabinet Secretary and directed him to extend all help to the State government to ensure peace.

Bodoland People’s Front ruled out any role in the violence.

Student protest lead to violence in Ethiopia



11 students killed in violence in Ethiopia
The Ethiopian government says at least 11 students have been killed in clashes with the police in a region that has long been the scene of a secessionist movement.
The government said in a statement late on Thursday that violence had erupted in a number of university campuses across Oromia state as ethnic Oromo students protest a plan by the central government to expand the capital, Addis Ababa, into parts of Oromia. 

The violence is spreading from the campuses into nearby towns, causing serious damage to property.

Protesters set fire to a bank, a gas station and some government buildings, according to police.

Bolivia sets national elections for October 12 



Bolivia sets national elections for October 12<br />
Bolivia’s election tribunal on Wednesday set presidential and congressional polls for October 12 — with President Evo Morales a favorite to win a third mandate.

“The general elections for president, vice president, senators, deputies and representatives… will be held Sunday October 12 this year,” the tribunal president, Wilma Velasco, told reporters at a press conference.Velasco said a potential presidential runoff — to be held if no one candidate obtains a majority of votes — would be December 7.

The new term is set to begin on 22nd January 2015 and run for five years.

The latest polls put Morales in the lead to win the presidential vote, with opposition divided among several possible candidates.

The leftist leader, who is in the midst of his second term, currently has 38.3 per cent of the vote, well ahead of his nearest rival, businessman Samuel Doria Medina, polling at 14 per cent.

Another top opposition candidate is the influential governor of the eastern region of Santa Cruz, Ruben Costas.

Nigeria police: 276 abducted girls still missing 


Nigeria police: 276 abducted girls still missing
The number of kidnapped schoolgirls missing in Nigeria has risen to 276, up by more than 30 from a previous estimate, police said, adding that the actual number abducted by Islamic extremists on 14th April was more than 300.
Police Commissioner Tanko Lawan said the number of girls and young women who have escaped also has risen, to 53. 

He told a news conference last night in Maiduguri, the northeastern capital of Borno state, that the figures keep increasing because students from other schools were brought into one school for final exams last month after all schools in Borno state were shut because of attacks by Islamic extremists.

Communications are difficult with the military often cutting cell phone service under a state of emergency and travel made dangerous on roads frequently attacked by the militants.

“The students were drawn from schools in Izge, Lassa, Ashigashiya and Warabe A and that is why, after the unfortunate incident, there were various numbers flying around as to the actual number of girls that were taken away,” Lawan said.

Hundreds of women protested in at least three cities this week to express their outrage that the girls have not been found.

Two bombings in three weeks have also hit the nation’s capital, Abuja.

Reports this week indicated some have been forced into “marriage” with their extremist abductors, who paid a nominal bride price equivalent to USD 12.

Other reports that also could not be verified said some have been taken across borders, to Chad, Cameroon and to an island in Lake Chad.

The reports come from parents and legislators who are in touch with villagers who have seen the girls with their abductors.

As the students, aged between 15 and 18, endure a third week of captivity President Goodluck Jonathan referred to them publicly for the first time at a May Day rally on Thursday.

Jonathan, a southern Christian who has been accused of insensitivity to the plight of mainly Muslim residents of the northeast, vowed “we must find our missing girls” and “the perpetrators must be brought to book.”

He said “the cruel abduction of some innocent girls, our future mothers and leaders, in a very horrific and despicable situation in Borno state is quite regrettable.”

“We shall triumph over all this evil that wants to debase our humanity,” he added.

Ukraine OSCE hostage crisis at critical stage: Germany 


<br /> Ukraine OSCE hostage crisis at critical stage: Germany<br />
Efforts to free a group of international observers held by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine have reached a critical phase, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Friday.

Speaking to reporters after talks with Swiss counterpart Didier Burkhalter, Steinmeier said he could not elaborate on efforts to free the men, given the “highly sensitive stage of the ongoing negotiations”.Neutral Switzerland is currently at the helm of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which sent the observers to Ukraine.

“Our goal is the unconditional release of the hostages in Slavyansk,” said Burkhalter.

Eight OSCE observers, four of whom are Germans, were captured last Friday in the flashpoint town of Slavyansk in mainly Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine.

They were presented to the media Sunday as “prisoners of war” in what Germany said was a “repugnant” display.

Berlin has been pushing Russian President Vladimir Putin to persuade the pro-Moscow rebels to free the observers.

One of the hostages, a Swede who was said to suffer from diabetes, was freed late Sunday, but the Germans, a Pole, a Dane and a Czech are still being held.

The rebels also captured four Ukrainian OSCE representatives, but they have not been seen in public since.

In Berlin, German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen in a statement said based on information from European counterparts the hostages were as of early today “doing well under the circumstances”.

She did not provide further details. Steinmeier called the Ukraine crisis a “huge challenge for all concerned”, saying clashes today showed the violence in the embattled country was far from over.

350 dead as landslide hits Afghan villages Mazar-i-Sharif 


At least 350 dead as landslide hits Afghan villages Mazar-i-Sharif<br /> Updated on : 03-05-2014 08:58 AM
A landslide in northern Afghanistan killed at least 350 people on Friday, officials said, with hundreds also feared missing as a major rescue operation was launched to find survivors in villages buried under mud.

The first emergency teams on the scene in Badakhshan province started digging through rocks and dirt as local authorities, the United Nations and the NATO-led military force raced to assess the damage and provide help.”The number of deceased has increased to 350,” the UN mission in Afghanistan said in a statement.

“A response is being mobilised for those who survived but were displaced, with some partners already on the ground. “(NATO’s) Regional Command in the north in contact with the Afghan National Army in regards to search and rescue efforts.”

Badakhshan is a remote province in northeast Afghanistan bordering Tajikistan, China and Pakistan.

“It is a disaster. The landslide has affected around 1,000 families,” Sayed Abdullah Homayun Dehqan, provincial director of the Afghan National Disaster Management Authority said.

“Around 300 families are missing, that could involve around 2,000 people. The people are working to remove the rocks, so far three bodies have been recovered.

“Around 700 families were rescued, we have sent in some basic assistance such as tents and blankets.” The UN said that it was helping to coordinate local authorities to rescue those still trapped, but that road access to the area could not take heavy machinery.

“About 350 to 400 houses were destroyed in Argo district as a result of heavy rains that triggered landslides,” Badakhshan province deputy governor Gul Mohammad Baidaar said.

Ukraine violence spreads southern city of Odessa,



Over 30 killed in Odessa blaze as Ukraine violence spreads
More than 30 people were killed in a “criminal” blaze in Ukraine’s southern city of Odessa, as violence spread across the country on Friday during the bloodiest day since Kiev’s Western-backed government took power.

Ukraine’s interior ministry said at least 31 people had died in the fire with local media reporting that pro-Russian militants were believed to have been in the building at the time.

Most of those who were killed died from smoke inhalation, while others perished trying to escape by jumping out of windows.

News of the deaths came after a day of violent clashes between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian militants, with reports of renewed fighting in Slavyansk late Friday leading to the death of two more Ukrainian soldiers, meaning at least nine people had been killed in clashes in the flashpoint town throughout the day.

The diplomatic war of words also intensified as the United States threatened to hit Russia with new sanctions within three weeks over what Washington called its continued “destabilisation” of Ukraine.

US Secretary of State John Kerry also Friday evening announced the postponement of a phone call with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as tensions mounted.

While Obama was speaking, an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council took place at Russia’s request, to complain about the Ukrainian army’s assault on the flashpoint town of Slavyansk.

The Kremlin said the raid was “leading Ukraine towards catastrophe” and pronounced dead a peace deal struck in Geneva last month to ease the worst East-West confrontation since the Cold War.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged the Western- backed leaders in Kiev to “stop killing their citizens,” saying the raid was “a sign of criminal helplessness”.

Ukraine’s interim president Oleksandr Turchynov said “many rebels” had been killed in the military’s pre-dawn raid on the eastern town of Slavyansk and confirmed the loss of two servicemen after insurgents shot down two helicopter gunships.

Rebels later said three of their number and two citizens were killed in what they said was a “full-scale attack”.

They vowed to defend the town, which has become the epicentre of tensions in increasingly volatile eastern Ukraine.

Kiev said its military overran nine rebel checkpoints and scores of soldiers, backed by armoured vehicles and helicopters, appeared to entrench their positions, tightening their encirclement of the flashpoint town.

The attack seemed to dash hopes of a quick release of seven European monitors being held in Slavyansk, with one senior rebel leader saying it would result in a “delay”.

Merkel arrives at White House


German Chancellor Merkel arrives at White House
President Barack Obama welcomed Germany’s Angela Merkel to the White House on Friday, seeking to secure united European backing for tougher sanctions on Russia’s economy should the Kremlin escalate the crisis in Ukraine.

The president and the Chancellor met days after both the United States and the European Union imposed new sanctions on key political and business figures around President Vladimir Putin.The measures followed the failure of a deal brokered in Geneva to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine and the refusal of Russia to rein in pro-Moscow separatist groups in southeastern Ukraine.

So far, the sanctions adopted by either side have been limited to personal visa and asset bans against prominent people in Putin’s inner circle, branded “cronies” by the White House.

But Washington warns that it will impose tougher sanctions that will hit directly at key sectors of the Russian economy, if Putin for instance marches troops currently massed on the border of Ukraine directly into the country.

Such a scenario would entail a tough political choice for European leaders like Merkel, who are under intense pressure from powerful business interests dismayed at the potential loss of important markets and investments in Russia.

On Thursday, White House spokesman Jay Carney denied Washington and the EU had butted heads over possible new sanctions.

“There has been a great deal of collaboration and cooperation in that effort between the United States and the EU, as well as all the members of the G7, so we expect that effort to continue,” he said.

“We expect to continue a path that sees an international coalition escalating the costs that Russia will have to endure and pay if Russia refuses to keep its commitments.”

Carney added that the United States and EU members each have “a different kind of economic relationship with Russia, and so sanctions will affect different nations differently.”

After their talks Merkel and Obama will hold a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House, the site of a sumptuous state dinner hosted by the US leader for his guest three years ago.

Since then, relations between Berlin and Washington have been hit by the continuing damaging fallout over revelations of National Security Agency (NSA) spying in Germany, including the tapping of Merkel’s mobile phone, which the US says has now been stopped.

Obama has sought to mend fences with Merkel after the revelations by fugitive intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

Commission to probe snoopgate to be in place by 16th May: Govt



Commission to probe snoopgate to be in place by 16th May: Govt
A judicial commission to probe ‘snoopgate’ allegedly involving Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will be in place before the Lok Sabha poll process comes to an end on 16th May, the govt asserted rejecting questions raised by the BJP over it.

The assertion by Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde and Law Minister Kapil Sibal evoked sharp reaction from BJP which said it reflects arrogance of UPA which, it claimed, is being voted out of power soon.

The government had decided four months back to set up the inquiry commission but the process has got delayed reportedly because of its inability to zero in on a judge.

“The Cabinet had taken the decision to appoint a Commission of Inquiry to probe the incident of snooping on a woman in Gujarat. We will soon appoint the judge….before May 16,” Shinde told a press conference in Shimla on Friday.

Shinde was asked whether the appointment of a judge in the midst of Lok Sabha elections would not amount to violation of the Model Code of Conduct.

“It will not as the decision had been taken by the Union Cabinet much before the model code of conduct came into force,” he said.

The Union Cabinet had decided on 26th December 2013 to set up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to probe charges of spying on a woman in 2009, triggering a political row.

“I am worried. The way the Chief Minister of Gujarat had snooped into the life of a woman, I am really worried what will happen to the women of the country if he becomes the Prime Minister,” Shinde said.

In New Delhi, Law Minister Kapil Sibal also said that a judge will be appointed by 16th May.

He rubbished the contention by BJP leader Arun Jaitley that he would be surprised if there is a judge who has “agreed to ‘lend’ himself to the UPA”.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said EC would be approached if the announcement is made during the polls.

Sibal said BJP is worried as its leaders know that “once the Commission is set up there is no saving for Narendra Modi because there is documentary evidence of what he (Modi) has done and how he has snooped the activities of a young girl.”

Asserting that “You will get a snoopgate judge before May 16″, he said, I don’t know why these people are so worried, why leaders of BJP are worried and why they are making public statement that no judge should join this Commission.”

He said, “They (BJP) are worried about the national Commission set up by the Centre and I think, they should continue to be worried because the Commission will be set up and he will be investigated and he will be brought to book.”

BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said the government assertion was nothing but a reflection of arrogance of the UPA government, which, he claimed, would be voted out of power.

“The two honourable ministers….along with the entire Congress party would be defeated conclusively after 10 days and yet the arrogance of having the inquiry.

“I would expect that so many judges have refused in the past and the sanctity and dignity of the judiciary will not be compromised for ulterior motive of the Congress party,” he said.

The government had announced that the Commission, to be headed by a retired Supreme Court judge or a retired Chief Justice of a high court, will also look into charges of snooping on Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh by the previous BJP government when he was in the opposition as well as the leaking of the call data records (CDR) of Jaitley in Delhi.

The Union Cabinet took the decision under the Commissions of Inquiry Act under which the Modi government had already set up a similar panel.



Headlines Sport
2014 Monaco Historic Grand Prix


The 9th Monaco Historic Grand Prix will take place from 9 to 11 May 2014
Gala Dinner of the “Peace One Day” Association on 22 May 2014 in Monaco


Jessie J and Jude Law have confirmed that they will be attending the Gala of the charity “Peace One Day”
A Tribute to Ayrton Senna on Saturday 17 May 2014 in Monaco


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the death of Ayrton Senna, the Brazil Monaco Project Association is paying tribute to one of the most famous Brazilians and one of the great figures of Formula 1
Discover the Delage Collection at the Atmosphère Boutique in Monte-Carlo


To mark the 2014 Historic Grand Prix, the ready-to-wear boutique is presenting Delage’s new luxury leather goods range
DJ Paulette at the Brasserie de Monaco


DJ Paulette, who has been elected Female DJ of the Year several times, will take over the turntables at the Brasserie de Monaco (Monaco’s Brewery) on 3 May 2014
Prix Monte-Carlo “Woman of the Year” 2014


The third edition of The Prix Monte-Carlo “Woman of the Year”, will take place on Tuesday 6 May 2014
Step by Step new special offers for the 9th Monaco Historic Grand Prix


The next Historic Grand Prix will take place from 9 to 11 May 2014. Special offers from the Step by Step agency are available as from now
Monaco City Hall is Getting Ready for the “Fête de la Musique” Music Festival


On 21 June 2014, the Principality will be hosting “Les Tambours du Bronx” (“The Drums of the Bronx”)
A New Pastry Chef at the Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo


The Monegasque luxury hotel has announced the arrival of Loïc Colliau, its new Pastry Chef.

Model Tripartite Agreement (MTA) for Road Sector PPP Projects




The Empowered Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG) constituted by the Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure (CCI), has under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Economic Affairs, in its meeting recently approved the Model Tripartite Agreement (MTA), for take-out financing of PPP projects in Ports Sector.


The salient features of the MTA are:                      


  • A body corporate constituted under the provisions of the Major Port Trusts Act, [1963], and having its principal administrative office at referred to as the “Concessioning Authority” which expression shall, unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, include its administrators, successors and assigns.
  • A company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, acting, duly authorised by the resolution passed at the meeting of its Board of Directors and having its registered office hereinafter referred to as the “Concessionaire”.
  • Provisions of this Agreement, issue Bonds for the amounts subscribed by the Debt Fund; provided that the total value of such Bonds shall not exceed 94% (ninety four percent) of compensation payment from the Concessioning Authority on day of signing this Tripartite Agreement.
  • The tenor of the Bonds, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement shall be such that at least 50% (fifty per cent) and 75% (seventy five per cent) of the total nominal value thereof shall be fully redeemed by the Concessionaire no later than the expiry of 75% (seventy five per cent) and 85% (eighty five per cent) of the Concession Period respectively and the balance, if any, shall be redeemed no later than 2 (two) years prior to the expiry of the Concession Period.
  • The Concessionaire agrees and undertakes that upon completion of the tenor of the Bonds, it shall redeem the same by making full and complete payment of the outstanding principle and the interest thereon.
  • The Parties agree and confirm that in the event of default in Debt Service by the Concessionaire, the Lenders shall have the right to enforce termination of the Concession Agreement in terms of Clause [15.1(a)(xi)] and [17] of the Concession Agreement, whichinter alia requires the Concessioning Authority to pay compensation in accordance with the provisions of the Concession Agreement.
  • This Agreement constitutes its legal, valid and binding obligation, enforceable against it in accordance with the terms hereof, and its obligations under this Agreement will be legally valid, binding and obligations enforceable against it in accordance with its terms.


The annexure is attached herewith for your ready reference.


Warm regards,


Dr. S P Sharma

Chief Economist

Neat and clean innovation’


The idea of sanitation has raised many challenges down the years


Often managers view innovation through the narrow lens of creativity, product development and technology. Successful innovation is far more holistic and has additional dimensions of experimentation, business model, sociology and execution.

According to, Steve Jobs expressed the view, “It is a disease to think that a really great idea is 90 per cent of the work.” Jobs argued that an idea is quite valueless until it converts into a product manifestation through craftsmanship, which is what stands between a great idea and a great product. An idea turns, twists, mutates and changes all the time as it is designed into a product. In this process of innovation, novelty and consumer delight are added. The final product may bear little resemblance to the original idea.

Consider innovation in the context of the mundane, unspeakable subject of sanitation. The idea of sanitation has provided more and more challenges, both technical and sociological, with every new product form.

The Indus Valley civilisation existed 30 centuries before Christ and was prominent in hydraulic engineering. Those people had sanitation devices that were the first of their kind. Individual homes sported the earliest known system of flush toilets that were connected to a common sewerage system. The sewers, 1.5 metres deep and one metre wide, were made from bricks and joined together seamlessly. It is amazing that our society with this pioneering heritage of sanitation is today the world’s largest open defecator.

The Housesteads Fort on the Hadrian Wall attests to latrines as the best preserved feature of sanitation in the Roman civilisation, which is noted for innovations in waste management. Waste flushed from latrines flowed via a central channel into a main sewage system, and onto a river.

In 1186, in the palace of the Roman Emperor in Erfurt, Germany, the fumes from the palace cesspools of sanitary waste caused the floorboards to gradually rot. One day the floors collapsed and hundreds of the emperor’s guests fell into the cesspool and drowned in human excrement.

Around the 16th century, early forms of the water closet started to appear. British nobleman John Harrington built what he called a “privy of perfection” for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I in 1596. This device washed away the waste but lacked the means to remove the fumes. Around 1920, Mahatma Gandhi had stated that “sanitation is more important than independence.”

In 1999, when British Medical Journal polled experts about what they considered the greatest medical advance since 1840, the majority cited public sanitation, ahead of antibiotics and anaesthesia. After so many centuries, the idea of sanitation is alive and kicking, vibrant and attracting the best minds of the world to create more innovative product manifestations of an idea for human convenience.

The innovation challenge seems to have increased in intensity despite centuries of work. Broadly, there are three kinds of sanitation facilities. The upper end of the market is served by flush toilets. The middle end of the market is served by pit latrines. The bottom end means open defecation. Of the seven billion people on the planet, about one billion defecate in the open. Another 1.5 billion people have no access to flushed toilets. That makes 2.5 billion people completely vulnerable to the ill effects of a poor sanitation system.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has challenged scientists to reinvent the toilet. Under this programme, an Indian company, Eram, has designed an eToilet that can be self-sustaining: it can generate its own energy and water from the waste and further, eToilets can be interconnected through an electronic network. One Washington-based company has designed a power plant that could feed off the waste from a small city. The University of West England has showcased a urine-powered fuel cell to charge cell phones overnight. Another team from the University of Colorado has devised a system of concentrating solar power and generating enough heat to kill pathogens in the waste and produce “biochar” as a cooking fuel or fertiliser. One fears that such solutions, while being innovative and capable of winning prizes, will be irrelevant to the billions who suffer the sanitation problem.

Bindeshwar Pathak is famous for founding Sulabh in 1970. A two-pit flush toilet, a pay-for-use system and hygienic on-site waste disposal are some of its features. The UN Centre for Human Settlements has lauded this great innovation. While this technology is hugely successful, it has not yet dramatically enough reduced the incidence of open defecation in the country.

The problem is not just one of technology, but also involves social attitudes. When problems like open defecation persist for long, human beings learn to ignore it. Village leaders should play an important part in convincing people to be hygienic, and follow good sanitation practices. There has even been a suggestion that families who do not use toilet facilities, should not be eligible for government grants. There are several good organisations, particularly in rural areas, called the rural sanitary marts. They provide good service to bring about awareness. Some of them even construct toilets. They need to be strengthened.

Corporations are trying to address the social problem. Sushanta Sen of the Confederation of Indian Industry authored the report “Corporate Involvement in Sanitation” in 2013 and managed to assemble over 60 companies into a first effort last year. With corporate social responsibility becoming mandatory, much more can be expected of this marvellous initiative. Neighbouring Bangladesh undertook a massive public programme around 2000, involving NGOs, entrepreneurs and a National Sanitation Strategy. The results may qualify as a revolution; it has shifted peoples’ attitudes to open defecation. In the Demographic Health Survey done recently, it was found that only five per cent of Bangladeshis defecated in the open, whereas in India, the corresponding number is 57 per cent. Surely, India can do better!

The writer is Director, Tata Sons.

Qamar Waheed Naqvi resigns saying Modi interview was ‘fixed’


India TV editor Qamar Waheed Naqvi resigns saying Modi interview was ‘fixed’

The two-hour long interview of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi at India TV news channel on Saturday was ‘fixed’, said senior journalist and editorial director at the news channel Qamar Waheed Naqvi.Naqvi resigned Sunday evening — 24 hours after the interview conducted by Rajat Sharma, Editor-in-chief of India TV at his most famous Aap Ki Adalat program, was telecast (Saturday night from 10 pm to 12 pm). The interview was retelecast on Sunday night also. 

Sources close to Naqvi confirmed the resignation of Naqvi sent through email to the management of the channel.

Naqvi has reportedly said the interview was ‘fixed’. Some of the viewers of the program said Rajat did not ask any hard question to Modi.

Prof. Pushpesh K. Pant, Professor in Diplomatic Studies, Centre for International Politics, Jawaharlal Nehru was judge at the program. In his verdict, he acquitted Modi of all charges due to lack of proofs.

India Tomorrow contacted Rajat Sharma to get his view over the issue, rather than giving any comment he said he “would ask someone to contact you” as he said he was “in the middle of something.”

1st BFI-IMG Reliance National School & College Basketball League for Boys & Girls 2014


 1st BFI-IMG Reliance National School & College Basketball League for Boys & Girls 2014 being held at the Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi. 


School Girls

1)      St Joseph HS, Chennai 56 (Devi 19, Nishanti 15, Ishwarya 14) bt Modern School, New Delhi 52 (Madhu 34, Shivika 6) [QT wise scores: 16-12; 10-9; 11-15; 19-16]

2)      School Boys

1)      Fr. Agnels, Mumbai 85 (Vaishakh 26, Rohan 25, Tanmay 18) bt Oxford Senior Secondary School, New Delhi 78 (Saurav 20, Abhishek 18) [QT wise scores: 4-25; 21-16; 22-18; 24-12; 7-14(Extra Time)]

Internship for Business Adm, Journalist Media desk, Content writers, Video-news




Internship:  The students or a working professional keen on gaining experience in development journalism,analyse reports, write, edit, visualise,  we solicit  you to apply as an intern with Sagar Media Inc.

Our efforts to bring in  the Global expertise which are strongly self-motivated, energetic team  appreciated for decisive and strategic management style.

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• Train for Excellent at identifying and solving problems,before they become critical. Analyze situations rapidly, make decisions and meet demanding objectives. Strong business acumen, able to quickly access and act on organizational challenges and opportunities.
Those look for Foreign companies to be represented by  individuals  private Limited company in India, Experienced in developing long-term customer relations, many quality business contacts. Exceptional in restructuring ineffective processes, cost containment and improving the bottom line results.  Brand strategist with proven ability to be on the top slot of providing services to most of the well known companies, houses, government undertaking, public sector in this part of the world. 

All India distributors needed by Singapore based company innovation now in India by Eubiq India Pvt Ltd 

Micro finance with venture capital for individual projects or company may call our desk at.


For detail send to,,

Mobile No 9810974027

Boletín informativo. Sábado 3 de Mayo 2014.
El rapto de Europa 

Por Nicolás Sartorius | Me permito decirle al posible abstencionista que no se engañe, que si no va a votar no quiere decir que no vaya a votar, en términos políticos, si no que otro votará por él y, probablemente, en el sentido contrario al que a él le gustaría.

El PP perdería la mayoría absoluta en la Comunidad y en el Ayuntamiento 

El PP en la Comunidad de Madrid perdería la mayoría absoluta pero el PSOE e IU, con 31 y 27 diputados, respectivamente, necesitarían a UPyD (18 parlamentarios) para poder gobernar según un sondeo de Metroscopia publicado en el diario El País. El 80% de los votantes desaprueba a Ana Botella.

Izquierda Plural pide restablecer la capacidad de los jueces para perseguir el narcotráfico 

La coalición de izquierdas advierte de que la reciente “reforma gubernativa” para “desactivar” la justicia universal ha empezado a tener “gravísimas consecuencias” para la lucha contra el narcotráfico.

· Juan Torres LópezLa Europa de Arias Cañete 
No es casual que un político de ese perfil haya sido elegido por Mariano Rajoy para encabezar la lista…
El juez anula el ERE temporal de Alstom en (Barcelona) 

La sentencia condena a la empresa a reincorporar de inmediato a los trabajadores suspendidos, a pagarles las diferencias salariales correspondientes y a reponerles el periodo de paro consumido.

La socialdemocracia sueca y la construcción del Estado del Bienestar 

Por Eduardo Montagut | El Partido Socialdemócrata Sueco es el partido más antiguo de Suecia…

“La globalización ha convertido la cultura en folklore” 

Por Emma Rodríguez | Entrevista a la poeta y ensayista Chantal Maillard…

Acto de apoyo a periodistas encarcelados 

Reporteros Sin Fronteras celebra este 3 de mayo, Día Mundial de la Libertad de Prensa, con un acto de apoyo a los periodistas y blogueros encarcelados en todo el mundo. 


Capitán Lagarta | Al igual que hay personas que temen, odian y repudian a las arañas, hay gente a la que esto les sucede con el pueblo…

Ella, que era tan fuerte 

El domingo por la mañana quise ir hasta al río, recuperar lugares que forman parte de la infancia…

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Priyanka slams Modi

Priyanka slams Modi, says he is hankering after power
In a veiled attack on Narendra Modi, Priyanka Gandhi on Friday said there is a leader in the country who wants power for himself and makes repeated demands to strengthen him.

Campaigning for her mother Sonia Gandhi in Amethi on Friday, she also alleged that books with baseless material written about her family were being dumped a night before at places where her public meetings were scheduled.

Holding that the level of election campaign in the country has stooped down to a very low level, she said, “Politics is seen with a sense of service, but few leaders in the country do not think about that.”

However, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s politics was not that to demand, but that of a sense of service, she said.

“He wants to give you strength. He also wants to give you power. There is a leader in the country, who wants power for himself. He keeps on demanding to strengthen him…,” she said, targeting Modi.

“My father had a visionary political thinking and Rahul has learned from him. The parameter and strategy of Amethi’s development was prepared by Rajiv Gandhi 35 years ago, this is the reason barren land is not visible here,” she said.

Priyanka said that books containing false accusations against her family have been found at places where her public meetings have been scheduled.

“I have come to know that at places where my public meetings are scheduled some books are thrown a night before in which dirty and false things are written about my family. Those indulging in such activities are cowards,” she said at Shahgarh Shaheed Chowk in Gauriganj Assembly area.

“If they have to say something, they should come in front of me and talk. Indulging in such activities at midnight is not justified,” she said.

Blaming Opposition for the absence of proper power supply here, Priyanka said her hands are tied because of a court case in the matter.

Addressing an election meeting attended mostly by women here, she said the party has made many efforts to provide 24 hours power supply but despite that it could not do so.

“Power supply is the state government’s responsibility. After Mulayam Singh government assumed power in UP, Soniaji and Rahulji approached him for continuous power supply in Rae Bareli and Amethi. Mulayam Singh decided immediately to provide power to these areas.

In a veiled attack on BJP’s Smriti Irani, she charged, “A candidate has come here. Her party people filed a case and got round-the-clock power supply stopped.”

“It was asked in the case as to what was special about these two areas that power should be supplied for 24 hours. That is why the case is stuck here and our hands are tied. Until the case is resolved, 24-hour power supply cannot be resumed,” she said.

Targeting women voters, she said, “This is election time and one should say what can be done for women empowerment.”

She also said the election fight should be done on principles and it should be done openly and not in a clandestine manner.

In a bid to strike an emotional chord with voters, she said, “I will not ask for your votes. I want your love. You have stood by our side in good times and bad times. We will be with you all the time.”

“This is Amethi. I am coming here since childhood and I will keep coming when I will become old also,” she said.

The IPCC Working Group III report on Mitigation of Climate Change

Pratap Bhanu Mehta

To Me
Today at 2:31 PM

 Dear Friends: 

The Centre for Policy Research is delighted to invite you to a discussion on

The IPCC Working Group III report on Mitigation of Climate Change

Date: Monday, 5 May 2014

Time: 4:00 – 5:30 pm

Venue: Conference Hall, Centre for Policy Research, Dharma Marg, Chanakyapuri  


As individual governments work on the design and scope of their national offers for the 2015 climate agreement, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released the third installment of its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), calling for a scaling up of efforts aimed at limiting carbon emissions. The discussion is intended to cover the main themes of the WG III report, discuss some of the political controversy that has accompanied the release of the report, and explore its implications for global climate negotiations and domestic climate policy in India. 

Dr. Navroz K. Dubash, Senior Fellow, CPR and Lead Author, IPCC AR5 (also part of the Technical Summary (TS) and Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) author team) will briefly introduce the topic. We will also invite other IPCC authors to join the discussion and offer their perspectives. The intent is to have an open-ended discussion of the IPCC WG III process and outcomes.

RSVP: climate.initiative.cpr@gmail. com


We look forward to welcoming you to CPR for what promises to be an interesting discussion. Please feel free to share this invitation with friends and colleagues who may be interested.

A line of confirmation will be highly appreciated.

With regards,

Navroz Dubash

Officiating as Chief Executive

News box

AAP saves houses of Bharat Nagar families, foils illegal demolition



The AAP came to the rescue of many families of Bharat Nagar by saving their houses from being demolished. The AAP strongly protested the illegal demolishing act and in the process had to face the wrath of the police authorities. The BKC, Bandra police was ruthless on AAP volunteers &more than 20 volunteers were detained along with Phiroze Palkhivala, Meera H Sanyal and AAP Mumbai Treasurer Mr. Suresh Aacharya when they protested against the arbitrary execution of demolition. The illegal demolition was timely opposed by AAP leader Anjali Damania, Mayank Gandhi, Phiroze Palkhivala and 300 odd AAP volunteers.

On 29.04.2014, Mr. Sudhir Patil, the Executive Engineer of MHADA had on the basis of an order in HPC dated 2.7.2013 attempted to demolish the tenaments of 14 tenants and residents of NavjeevanRahevasi Co-op Housing Society (NRCHS).


When, on intervention by Advocate Mr. Phiroze Palkhiwala, AAP Maharashtra State Convenor Anjali Damania and other AAP volunteers, the facts of the case were brought to their notice on 29/04/2014, the demolition was temporarily stalled only to restart it later on 30/04/2014.


This act of Mr. Sudhir Patil was in absolute disregard of the Supreme Court Order dated 13.1.2014 which had directed the Hon’ble Bombay High Court to dispose of the petition filed by HDIL pending before it, within a period of 6 months from the date of the said order.


While the subject matter of the dispute (the 14 tenaments) is still pending before the Hon’;ble High Court .i.e. subjudiced, Mr. Patil became an embodiment of law in total disregard of Hon’;ble Supreme Court’;s directives.


Also came to the knowledge of the AAP team was that ACP Sankhe who was responsible to give protection to MHADA indulged in ill-treating, abusing, and outraging the modesty of women whose houses were being vacated for the purpose of demolition.


AAP is committed to take the issue to its logical end.



AAP Media Cell

AAP Patiala candidate attacked, Nainital candidate still in jail



From: AAPMaharashtra News <> Wed, 30 Apr ’14 8:52p

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

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Press Note

30th April


The Aam Aadmi Party strongly condemns the attack on its candidate from the Patiala Lok Sabha constituency, Dr Dharambir Gandhi, at Patiala on Wednesday evening by Shiromani Akali Dal and BJP workers.


Dr Gandhi sustained injuries on his mouth when his car was attacked with stones, in which the window panes were also broken. Photographs of an injured Dr Gandhi have already been posted on social media.


The AAP demands that the Election Commission should direct the concerned authorities to take strict action against those responsible for unleashing violence to disrupt free and fair elections. Goons belonging to the ruling combine in the state cannot be allowed to terrorise their political opponents.


This is not an isolated incident. The AAP candidate from Nainital and noted poet Balli Singh Cheema was sent to jail for merely using two loudspeakers on his vehicle.


Such incidents are increasingly raising doubts on the effectiveness and impartiality of election related laws.


Can a candidate in the thick of campaigning be sent to judicial custody for using one loudspeaker more?


It is shocking that leaders of political parties who gave hate speeches were let off with mere warnings and a candidate who did not commit any offence is languishing in jail.


The AAP demands unconditional release of Mr Cheema, so that he is allowed to resume his campaigning with little time left now.



AAP Media Cell

Retrospective of films by Miklós Jancsó begins at HICC


 Retrospective of films by Miklós Jancsó begins at HICC on 6th May at 6 pm
From: Harleen Ahluwalia <> Thu, 1 May ’14 9:48a
To: Harleen Ahluwalia <>
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1 attachment
Dear Friends,
We are pleased to invite you for a special Retrospective Session of films by eminent Hungarian film director Miklós Jancsó. The session commences on Tuesday, 6th May at 6:00 pm with an inaugural programme. Please save the date and we look forward to having you at this special event.
Please find under the details of the inauguration and further screenings. I request you to block your calendars.
Looking forward to your gracious presence.
Kind regards,
Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre
New Delhi 

5 Romantic Getaways in Jamaica


5 Romantic Getaways in Jamaica
- Explore the hidden secrets of the island -

All India, 29th April 2014: One of the most scenic destinations of the Caribbean, Jamaica offers a perfect vacation. The island shores have their charm which blends with various other activities and attractions. Jamaica is an ideal destination for couples to have an unforgettable time and experience. Whether old or young, energetic or laid back; Jamaica has something for every couple. Jamaica is home to some cozy, private places to stay while on a holiday to the island.

Great Huts: A perfect spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers, Great Huts is one of the most idyllic settlements situated on the north-east point of Jamaica. Great Huts are built in the form of huts and offer a fascinating experience to its visitors.  With all the amenities to make one’s stay comfortable, this unique accomodation is full of solace and tranquillity.

Idle Awhile: Situated on the sparkling Seven Mile Beach of Negril, Idle Awhile is a pure Jamaican treat – relaxing, carefree and enchanting. The resort offers exceptional services and an amazing view. Idle Awhile is a cozy slice of paradise catering to couples. The resort is also popular for its spellbinding beach view restaurant which features a variety of snacks, Jamaican delicacies and beverages.

Round Hill Hotel and Villas: One of the most elegant boutique resorts of Jamaica, Round Hill Hotel and Villas caters to impeccable service and warm Jamaican hospitality. The hotel has rooms with splendid ocean-view and villas with private pools and dedicated staff.  With world class spa treatments and engaging programs, Round Hill Hotel and Villas are sophisticated according to the needs of the guests.

Silver Sands: Silver Sands offers a wide variety of cottages and villas centered around one of Jamaica’s best beaches. From private villas with swimming pools and hot tubs to romantic honeymoon cottages, Silver Sands is a unique option for stay. Silver Sands has no similar looking houses and offers a view of the spotless white sand beach and clear blue tranquil waters that you’ll never want to leave.

Strawberry Hill: Poised on the steep slopes of the Blue Mountains, Strawberry Hill rejoices in a rather special eco-system. The resort is home to unique and exquisite cottages nestled in the mountain’s contours offering a magnificient view. The resort also features an infinity pool whose drop seems to flow right into the wide blue sky, a bar in a perfect setting with famous tropical mixed drinks and a verandah restaurant lit up with candle and starlight to further distinguish the property.

Jamaica – Once you go, you know!

About Jamaica Tourist Board 
The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), founded in 1955, is Jamaica’s national tourism agency based in the capital city of Kingston. The JTB was declared the Caribbean’s Leading Tourist Board by the World Travel Awards (WTA) from 2006 to 2013. Also in 2013, Jamaica earned the WTA’s vote for the World’s Leading Cruise Destination, Caribbean’s Leading Destination and Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Destination for the seventh consecutive year. Additionally, the Historic Falmouth Cruise Port was recognized as the World’s Leading Tourism Development Project while Ocho Rios was named the Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Port and Sangster International Airport was voted the Caribbean’s Leading Airport. In Canada, Jamaica was voted the Favourite Honeymoon Destination by Travel Agents.

JTB offices are located in Kingston, Montego Bay, Miami, Toronto and London. Representative offices are located in Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Delhi and Tokyo.

For details on upcoming special events, attractions and accommodations in Jamaica go to the JTB’s Web site or call the Jamaica Tourist Board at 1-800-JAMAICA (1-800-526-2422). Follow the JTB on Facebook at, on Twitter at, on Instagram,  on Pinterest at, or on YouTube View the JTB blog at

For Further Information, please contact:
Jamaica Tourist Board
c/o TRAC Representations (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Ms. Mariya Kapadia     | 022 24981777 | Email:

New York Screening of WE ARE THE GIANT


Join Human Rights First for the New York Screening of WE ARE THE GIANT

The screening will be preceded by a special meet and greet followed by a discussion featuring:

Greg Barker
Director and Producer, WE ARE THE GIANT

Razan Ghalayini

Maryam al-Khawaja
Acting President, Bahrain Center for Human Rights

Brian Dooley
Director, Human Rights Defenders, Human Rights First

Moderator: Elisa Massimino, President and CEO of Human Rights First

We are pleased to invite you and a guest
to attend the NY Screening of WE ARE THE GIANT with
RSVP (seating is limited)
Refreshments and Snacks provided

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Meet and Greet 6:30pm
Screening 7:00pm
Discussion to follow

Time Warner Screening Room
One Time Warner Center
Please enter via Time Warner’s corporate entrance located on
58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues

Since late 2010, more than a dozen nations have experienced popular uprisings that have collectively been called the Arab Spring. Protests, buoyed by predominantly young participants and social-media organizing, have exposed repression and led to regime changes. What does it mean to take part in a collective action that has the potential to unseat dictators and bring previously undreamt-of freedoms to a people?

Director Greg Barker (MANHUNT screened at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival) explores this question through a series of insightful activist portraits: Osama describes how his 21-year-old, Virginia-raised son, Muhannad, fought against Gaddafi’s forces in Benghazi. Ghassan and Motaz remain committed to peaceful resistance even as Syria descends into ever-more-hopeless violence. Sisters Maryam and Zainab become pivotal opposition figures while their father suffers in a Bahrain prison. These stories, underscored by echoes from past resistance leaders—ranging from Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela to Aung San Suu Kyi—illustrate what drives revolutionaries and reveal the sacrifices they must make to pursue their causes.

To RSVP click here.

An alternate director replaces Santram Verma to shoot  sequences with the leading lady of Jodha Akbar




Paridhi Sharma, the beautiful actress who plays the title role in Jodha Akbar, almost quit the TV show a few weeks ago over differences with her director Santram Verma. The actress revoked her decision after the production house stopped the director from shooting her scenes. Paridhi says, “Santram tortured me mentally. He used to make me wait for hours on the set and then do retakes even when not required. He even spread rumours about me. The ordeal lasted for a year.”

Adds a source, “There were many who felt that Santram was rude to Paridhi and a few other members of the cast. He used to humiliate and insult them. He would even shoot with dupes so that the actors suffered financially.”

Santram, on the other hand, refutes the allegations. “I have never insulted anyone. Is it wrong to ask for a retake if I feel that a shot wasn’t up to the mark? We are all working towards making the show a success. Regarding dupes, it’s not mine but the scheduler’s job check the availability of actors. If an actor is not available, we use dupes,” he says. Being producer Ekta Kapoor’s favorite director, he was also accused of misusing his clout. “Not at all. I have done my job and if people are complaining of making them wait, the company has a record of everything. I have worked with several senior actors without any problem. In fact, other actors of the same show have no issues with me,” he explains.

So, is he off the show completely? “No, I just don’t shoot Jodha’s scenes. Everything else is being directed by me. But if there is an important scene involving Jodha, I will shoot that,” he says. In the meanwhile, an alternate director has been roped in to direct ParidhiⳠsequences and the actress adds, I would like to look at the issues with Santram as a closed chapter in my life!

1st BFI-IMG Reliance National School & College Basketball League for Boys & Girls 2014 Day Two


1st BFI-IMG Reliance National School & College Basketball League for Boys & Girls 2014 Day Two:

New Delhi and Karnataka teams advance to semis; Kolkata sides bow out.

[Gopalakrishnan R] New Delhi, Thursday, 01 May 2014: In a riveting encounter that went all the way down to the final few seconds, Oxford School, New Delhi scraped past The Bhavan’s Prominent, Indore 76-74 in a league encounter as part of the historic 1st BFI-IMG Reliance National School & College Basketball league that is underway at the Thyagaraj Indoor Stadium, New Delhi.  Oxford School led by almost ten points in the final few minutes and looked to have sealed the match, when Bhavan’s Laxman T hit a flurry of three pointers to bring life back into the contest. However, his 36 valiant points were in vain as Oxford won its second straight match to qualify for the semifinals with one league game still remaining.

In other school matches, the girls from Bangalore (Bishop Cotton HS) and Delhi (Modern School) too have qualified for the semifinals from Pool A, having won their first two league matches quite easily. They will go head on later tomorrow to decide the top seed from their pool. Also qualifying for the final four is the exciting boys team from Sr. Nav Bharti Public School Ludhiana, which won a tense league battle against Yelammal HS. Yelammal HS surprisingly led for the first three quarters against a star studded team which featured junior international forward Gurwinder Singh Gill and senior international guard Loveeneet Singh. In the final ten minutes however, the Ludhiana side pulled ahead due to its superior physicality, size and experience. These two teams are favourites for a final rematch.

Among college teams, Bangalore (SBM Jain College) and New Delhi (Kirori Mal College) won their second straight games to qualify for the semifinals from Pool A. However, three teams from Kolkata (La Martiniere HS—school girls; Nalanda Vidyapeeth—school boys; and IIT Kharagpur—college men) have been knocked out from this tournament after failing to win any of their matches. St Xavier’s College is the only team remaining in the competition in the college women’s section.

League Match results from Day 2 (1-5-14)

1)      Bishop Cotton HS 72 (Aksa Avez 18, Lopamudra TK, Shanice D 13) bt Nalanda Vidyapeeth 13 (Bimla T 5, Yasmine K 3) [QT wise scores: 17-1; 18-1; 14-8; 23-3]

2)      SBM Jain College, Bangalore 80 (Vinoth Kumar 21, Kaif Zia 15) bt IIT Kharagpur 48 (Rajan Bajaj 18, Naresh Chandra 8) [QT wise scores: 35-9; 10-3; 22-20; 13-6]

3)      Podar College, Mumbai 48 (Ankita Negi 21, Sarah Voda 8) bt Loyola Academy, Hyderabad 36 (Akshita Rao 12, Rama Mishra 8) [QT wise scores: 11-10; 11-7; 11-13; 15-6]

4)      Delhi Public School, Bangalore 69 (Mukul Mahendra 23, Anish Bhadmik 10) bt La Martiniere HS 45 (Raghav S 25, Gaurav S 8) [QT wise scores: 22-12; 21-7; 13-14; 13-12]

5)      Modern School, New Delhi 70 (Madhu K 30, Ananya S 19, Rashi D 10) bt Emerald Heights, Indore 63 (Princy S R 35, Monal S 14, Isha Chauhan 12) [QT wise scores: 15-11; 18-13; 22-19; 15-20]

6)      Oxford School, New Delhi 76 (Abhishek T 35, Sohal Gahlot 19, Saurav Y 16) bt The Bhavan’s Prominent, Indore 74 (Laxman T 36, Mayank B 16, Akash S 10) [QT wise scores: 21-16; 17-16; 18-21; 20-21]

7)      Loyola College, Hyderabad 90 (Sri Ganesh 34, T Uday 15, Shaik 15)bt KC College, Mumbai 79 (Paras 20, Aqib Khan 16, Mearaj 15)  [QT wise scores: 22-19; 23-17; 22-21; 23-22]

8)      Kirori Mal College, New Delhi 77 (Aditya Raj 15, Yudhvir Singh 12, Pulkit Sachdeva 12)  bt Islamiya Karmiya DC, Indore 50 [QT wise scores: 23-21; 28-11; 16-8; 10-10]

9)      Sr. Nav Bharti Public School, Ludhiana 94 (Rahul M 21, Loveneet Singh 19)bt Yelammal HS 85 (Surya A 27, Lokesh M 16) [QT wise scores: 18-21; 24-24; 24-15; 28-25]

10)   Ludhiana Government Senior Secondary School 60 (Samriti 25, Gagandeep K 19)  bt St Joseph HS, Chennai 47 (Devi R 27, Nishanth 8) [QT wise scores: 23-17; 11-7; 16-11; 10-12]

11)   Ludhiana Women’s College 71 (Nagma Mirza 34, Kirandeep Kaur 24)bt MOP Vaishnav College Chennai (Diviya K 29, Mildred Freeman 18, Diviya P 14) 63 [QT wise scores: 11-6; 14-13; 23-16; 23-28]

Evening League Match results from Day 1 (30-4-14)

1)      Kirori Mal College, New Delhi 57 (Dheeraj 11, Aditya 10) bt IIT Kharagpur 41 (Rajan 14, Monish 9) [QT wise scores: 26-11; 12-16; 14-4; 10-5]

2)      St Joseph HS, Chennai 47 (Devi 15, Ishwarya 11, Nishanti 7) bt Chirec PS, Hyderabad 29 (Natasha Reddy 10, Sanhita Reddy 7, Dristi 6) [QT wise scores: 15-7; 10-8; 7-6; 15-8]

3)      Oxford School, New Delhi 76 (Sohal Gahlot 20, Saurav Yadav 19) bt La Mertiniere, Kolkata 56 (Raghav Sehgal 20, Gaurav Sachdev 7, Kshitij 6)  [QT wise scores: 20-18; 18-18; 16-10; 22-10]

4)      Modern School, New Delhi 56 (Madhu K 24,Ananya K 17) bt Nalanda Vidyapeeth, Kolkata 14 (Tumpa M 6) [QT wise scores: 23-4; 12-2; 6-4; 15-4]

5)      MOP Vaishnav College 59 (Mildred Freeman 13, Sneha Priya 7, Dniya P 7) bt Loyola Academy, Hyderabad 27 (Rama Mishra 7, Sneha Priya 7) [QT wise scores: 21-4; 13-7; 12-4; 13-12]

6)      Velammal Matriculate Higher Secondary School, Chennai 73 (Surya A 17, Lokesh M 17) bt Oakridge International School 58 (Anuj Goel 13, Harsha 9) [QT wise scores: 15-6; 21-10; 19-15; 18-27]

7)      Jeppiar Institute of Technology, Chennai 63 (Jaya 28, Arun Hari 10) bt Loyola Academy, Hyderabad 43 (Sri Ganesh 13, Chandrah 9) [QT wise scores: 17-16; 16-12; 18-9; 12-6]

8)      Renaissance College, Indore 40 (Akasha 13, Rashmi 10) bt St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata 36 (Kaizeen 14, Jasmine Rao 10)[QT wise scores: 11-8; 12-3; 7-19; 10-6]





Hyderabad (Loyola Academy) Ludhiana (Govt. College) CWB 8.00 AM
Hyderabad (Loyola Academy) Ludhiana (Govt. College) CMB 9.30 AM
Indore (Renaissance College) Bangalore (SBM Jain College) CWA 11.00 AM
Chennai (Jeppiar Inst. Of Tech) Mumbai (KC College) CMB 12.30 PM
Chennai (MOP Vaishnav Coll.) Mumbai (Podar College) CWB 2.00 PM
Bangalore (SBM Jain College) New Delhi (Kirori Mal College) CMA 2.00 PM
Chennai (Velammal HS) Mumbai (Fr. Agnel School) SBB 5.00 PM
Indore (Islamiya Karmiya DC) Kolkata (IIT Kharagpur) CMA 6.30 PM



Indore (Emerald Heights) Kolkata (Nalanda Vidyapeeth) SGA 8.00 AM
Indore (The Bhavan’s Prominent) Kolkata (La Martiniere HS) SBA 9.30 AM
Hyderabad (Chirec PS) Ludhiana (Govt. Girls SSC) SGB 11.00 AM
Hyderabad (Oakridge Intl.) Ludhiana (Sr. Nav Bharati PS) SBB 12.30 PM
Bangalore (Bishop Cotton HS) New Delhi (Modern School) SGA 2.00 PM
Bangalore (Delhi Public School) New Delhi (Oxford School) SBA 3.30 PM
Chennai (St Joseph’s HS) Mumbai (St. Anthony HS) SGB 5.00 PM



About the 1st BFI-IMG Reliance School & College Basketball League

The Basketball Federation of India along with IMG Reliance is hosting the 1st BFI-IMG Reliance National School & College Basketball League for Boys & Girls 2014 in New Delhi from 30th April to 4th May 2014. Thirty-two teams from eight cities of India i.e. Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Indore, Kolkata and Bengaluru will be participating. The top teams i.e. the winners of the school and college league from each of the above mentioned cities will be competing for the honour of being crowned national champions.

This tournament will provide new and promising talent from the grassroots level an opportunity to showcase their skills, and in turn develop and promote the game of basketball, which is the endeavour of the BFI- IMG Reliance collaboration. Competition at this age will give the much needed boost to budding players to catch the eye of the selectors, and use this as a platform to make their mark at the National Level for their respective States. An event of such magnitude will go a long way in raising the bar of the organization and standard of the game among the students, enabling them to take up careers in basketball professionally.

The interest and well being of players and officials is of foremost importance to the BFI and they will be provided with comfortable boarding, AC lodging on a sharing basis and local transport (in AC buses) from a day prior to one day after the championship for a contingent comprising 12 players and 2 team officials. International FIBA qualifiers Indian referees have been invited to officiate and help in the governance of matches in the fairness of stiff competition among the cream of basketball players from these eight cities.

The event is expected to become bigger with time as the number of cities increases every year from far and wide across India. The whole idea is to expand the horizon of basketball to the remotest of places in our country.

The winning teams from all categories will receive Rs 1,00,000/- as prize money, the runners up will receive Rs 75,000/- and the third place finishers will be awarded Rs 50,000/-.



Bangalore (Delhi Public School, South) Chennai (Velammal High School)
Indore (The Bhavan’s Prominent) Hyderabad (Oakridge International School)
Kolkata (La Martiniere High School) Ludhiana (Sr. Nav Bharti Public School)
New Delhi (Oxford School) Mumbai (Fr. Agnel School & Jr. College)



Bangalore (Bishop Cotton High School) Chennai (St. Joseph High School)
Indore ( Emerald Heights International School) Hyderabad (Chirec Public School)
Kolkata (Nalanda Vidyapeeth) Ludhiana (Government Girls Sr. Secondary School)
New Delhi (Modern School) Mumbai (St. Anthony High School)



Bangalore (SBM Jain College) Chennai (Jeppiar Institute of Technology)
Indore (Islamiya Karmiya Degree College) Hyderabad (Loyola Academy)
Kolkata (IIT Kharagpur) Ludhiana (Government College)
New Delhi (Kirori Mal College) Mumbai (KC College)



Bangalore (SBM Jain College) Chennai (MOP Vaishnav College)
Indore (Renaissance College) Hyderabad (Loyola Academy)
Kolkata (St. Xavier’s College) Ludhiana (Government College)
New Delhi (St Stephen’s College) Mumbai (Podar College)



ONGC Videsh’s crude oil output jumps 26% in 2013-14


WEC India Energy Portal

One Stop Energy Resource Center

                                               Energy Portal

 The menu for Global Scenarios has been enabled.  Comparison of Scenarios of IEA, EIA and WEC is presented for Primary Energy Consumption, Electricity Generation and Co2 Emissions.

  1. Insurance companies increase premium for hydropower plants
    Insurance cos have raised the premium for hydropower plants across the country after last year’s flash floods in Uttarakhand that led to huge claims.ministry gets EC nod on green clearances
  2. GE eases ahead in race for Alstom power assets
    But GE led the race to secure assets which would boost its position in producing steam turbines for power stations and technology for electricity grids
  3. Decision on demand for hike in power tariff in a day or two
    Power tariff in the national capital may be hiked in a day or two as Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission was examining a demand to increase the rates as demanded by private electricity distribution companies.
  4. 15 MW solar energy park commissioned in Tamil Nadu
    Depending on the demand and requirements, the company would expand the park in the 75 acres owned by it and adjacent to the park, Chellappan said.
  5. Rolls-Royce in talks to sell power-generation assets to Siemens
    Rolls-Royce says negotiations have not concluded, which concern gas turbines derived from aero engines, as well as compressor systems
  6. NTPC’s 50 MW solar power plant at Rajgarh is fully operational
    With this, the state-owned company’s total capacity of non-conventional energy projects has reached 95 MW.
  7. Odisha to spend Rs 6,600 cr in building smart grid, storm resistance power network
    The state government has approved plans to spend nearly Rs 6,600 crore in next five years in developing seven projects for strengthening and upgrading existing power infrastructure in the state
  8. Photovoltaic products’ dumping causing loss of Rs 3000 crore to India: Solar association
    “This has also led to losses of Rs 1000 crore to the Indian solar manufacturers and over Rs 3000 crore to Indian exchequer,” said ISMA.
  9. BHEL signs pact for setting up renewable power projects in Yemen
    State-run BHEL has inked initial agreement with government of Yemen for setting up solar power projects in Gulf nation.
  10. Coal India asked to scale up output by 10%
    Incremental growth target of 45 mt in a single year becomes difficult considering it is 60% of CIL’s projected increase during XIth Plan period
  11. OPGC urges state to move Centre for coal block clearance
    State govt shall also explore feasibility to cancel a few alloted blocks at 5-6 km gap for leaving a sufficient width of corridor
  12. CBM producers can’t charge more than natural gas: Oil Min
    Rangarajan formula of pricing domestically produced natural gas at an average of international hub rates and cost of importing gas into India, will also apply to coal-bed methane
  13. CVC may back CBI on closure of about 20 coal blocks cases
    The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is likely to support CBI’s recommendation for closing about 20 preliminary enquiries (PEs) filed by the agency in connection with the multi-crore coal blocks allocation scam. The Supreme Court had on March 28 …
  14. No power tariff hike in Odisha for 2014-15
    Though decision was taken on new tariff order, it was not notified due to twin Lok Sabha and assembly polls in the state
  15. US crude inventories climb to highest level in 83 years
    Production climbs to the most in 26 years
  16. ONGC Videsh’s crude oil output jumps 26% in 2013-14
    OVL produced 5.491 mt of crude oil from assets in over 16 countries in 2013-14 as against 4.341 mt in the previous year
  17. Tarapur Atomic Power Station generated 28 pct of India’s atomic power in 2013-14
    The total nuclear power generated in the country in the year under review was 35,333 MUs.
  18. A clarification on why CERC’s compensation to Tata, Adani for high coal prices sets dangerous precedents
    This is with reference to inaccuracies in “Why CERC’s compensation to Tata, Adani for high coal prices sets dangerous precedents and dents competition’” published in ET Magazine, dated March 2, 2014.
  19. Power generation suspended from second unit of Vallur plant
    Power generation has been suspended due to shortage of coal

For more information Contact – WEC India Secretariat, C/o NTPC Limited, 7th Floor, Core-6, SCOPE Complex, New Delhi-110 003, India
Email:, Phone: 011-2436 3719, Fax: 011-2436 9530, Website:

Coalition For a GM-Free India


 Coalition For a GM-Free India

 Punjab Chandigarh Chapter


State Solidarity Meeting of NGOs and Activists on GM Food

Sunday , 4th May, Conference Hall, Thapar University, Patiala



Dear All,

To take forward  GM-Free agriculture and food movement Punjab Chapter of Coalition for GM Free India invites you to State level Solidarity and Planning  meeting of civil society action groups, NGOs and activists on Sunday 4th May at Conference Hall, Thapar University, Patiala. Meeting shall start at 9.30 AM and conclude around 4 PM.

Draft Agenda for Discussion shall be –

1.     Updating straggle against GMOs in India and World over.

2.      Campaigning for ‘No NOC to Open Field trails in Punjab’

3.     Awareness Drive and mobilization for Seminars and Conferences on GM Food

4.     March Against Monsanto Fortnight 24 May to 5 June

5.     Promoting Natural Farming and Organic Kitchen Gardening in Punjab.

6.     Organization Building and formation of Working Groups.


Please confirm your participation / representation.

All participants must reach at meeting venue before 9.30 AM. Please also inform if accommodation is required.


Thanking you


Gyani Kewal Singh   Sukhdev Bhopal      Dr Amar Singh Azad     Dr Payara Lal Garg    

Rajesh Jindal             Dr Mandeep Singh    Jagmohan Gill              Umendra Dutt 


For details and inquires please contact

Harvinder Jindal – 7696777077 , Anil Singla – 9417739829 , Balwinder Singh – 9815245626                          



Umendra Dutt
Executive Director
Phones:Resi – 01635-503415     
            Mobile – 09872682161

Internship for Business Adm, Journalist Media desk, Content writers, Video-news




Internship:  The students or a working professional keen on gaining experience in development journalism,analyse reports, write, edit, visualise,  we solicit  you to apply as an intern with Sagar Media Inc.

Our efforts to bring in  the Global expertise which are strongly self-motivated, energetic team  appreciated for decisive and strategic management style.

Thus resulting in high levels of quality levels of Education, health and infrastructure for developing township,cities and states with their intrinsic values without logistic supports.

Our team is also experts in providing logistic supports in productivity, Brand strategist with proven ability to be on the top slot of providing Production, suppliers market research,engineering,marketing, services to most of the well known companies, houses, government undertaking, public sector in this part of the world.

We believe that each student must

•Thrives on a dynamic and challenging environment and have outstanding communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. Calm under pressure; an effective negotiator. 
•Experienced in developing long-term customer relations; many quality business contacts. Exceptional in restructuring ineffective processes, cost containment and improving the bottom line results. 
• Train for Excellent at identifying and solving problems,before they become critical. Analyze situations rapidly, make decisions and meet demanding objectives. Strong business acumen, able to quickly access and act on organizational challenges and opportunities.
Those look for Foreign companies to be represented by  individuals  private Limited company in India, Experienced in developing long-term customer relations, many quality business contacts. Exceptional in restructuring ineffective processes, cost containment and improving the bottom line results.  Brand strategist with proven ability to be on the top slot of providing services to most of the well known companies, houses, government undertaking, public sector in this part of the world. 

All India distributors needed by Singapore based company innovation now in India by Eubiq India Pvt Ltd 

Micro finance with venture capital for individual projects or company may call our desk at.


For detail send to,,

Mobile No 9810974027

News just in

Two FIRs filed against Narendra Modi


Two FIRs filed against Narendra Modi
Two FIRs have been registered against BJP’s Prime Ministerial nominee Narendra Modi for violation of elections model code for conduct.
FIRs were registered by Crime Branch of Ahmedabad police.Modi landed in a soup with the Election Commission ordering the Gujarat administration to file a complaint or FIR against him for violating election laws by displaying BJP’s election symbol and making a speech after casting his vote in Gandhinagar.

Earlier, Election Commission had indicated that by holding and addressing the meeting outside the polling station when the polling is going on in the entire state of Gujarat and in different parts of the country, the BJP leader has violated the Representation of People Act, 1951.

In Delhi, responding to questions, BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi asserted that Modi has “not violated the election code. It was not an organised press conference”.

She, however, went on to add, “the Election Commission is a Constitutional institution and we respect it. We will abide by its decision.”

Asked about the EC direction to the Gujarat government to file an FIR against Modi, she said, “we will address the issue”.

In its order, the EC also said that all the TV channels and other electronic media which carried the proceedings of the meeting and displayed the election matter should also be proceeded against under Section 126 (l) (b) “by filing separate complaints/FlRs against those channels.”

According to the section 126 (1) (a) and (b), there is a prohibition of public meetings during period of 48 hours ending with hour fixed for conclusion of poll.

It states that “no person shall: (a) convene, hold or attend, join or address any public meeting or procession in connection with an election and (b) display to the public any election matter by means of cinematograph, television or other similar apparatus.”



Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 6.7
  • 1 May 2014 06:36:37 UTC
  • 1 May 2014 17:36:38 near epicenter
  • 1 May 2014 10:36:37 standard time in your timezone
Location 21.509S 170.216E
Depth 117 km
  • 213 km (132 mi) WNW of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia
  • 313 km (194 mi) ESE of We, New Caledonia
  • 385 km (238 mi) ENE of Mont-Dore, New Caledonia
  • 395 km (244 mi) E of Dumbea, New Caledonia
  • 397 km (246 mi) ENE of Noumea, New Caledonia

Railway minister Mallikarjun Kharge address on the train blast in Chennai


Railway Minister M Mallikarjun Kharge, expressing shock over the incident, announced Rs one lakh ex-gratia to the family of the woman killed in the explosion.

He said Rs 25,000 will be given to those seriously injured and Rs 5,000 to those with minor injuries. 

Kharge said the Railway will bear the entire treatment expenses of the injured. 

Commissioner Railway Safety (southern circle) S K Mittal will conduct an inquriy into the incident, Railway Spokesperson Anil Saxena said. 

Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, who is in Himachal Pradesh for campaigning for Congress candidates, said, “I have directed my officials to provide all assistance to the state government”. 

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemns Chennai blasts, says the act highlights desperation and cowardice of those responsible. 


Two minor-intensity bomb blasts on Thursday rocked the Guwahati-Bangalore Express at the Central Railway station in Chennai claiming a woman’s life and leaving 13 others injured, as police detained a suspect in this connection.
A 22-year-old woman passenger, identified as Swathi, bound for Guntur via Vijaywada, was killed in the explosions that occurred in the S4 and S5 coaches in quick succession.The injured, including two grievously hurt, have been rushed to the state-run Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, where doctors said the injured were “out of danger”.

The train arrived from Bangalore for a ten-minute halt at the Central Railway station, the major railway hub in this metropolis, at about 7.05 AM, and the explosions occurred in the coaches at about 7.15 AM.

As panic-stricken passengers rushed out of the train in platform No 9 and also others in the neighbouring platform, police rushed to the spot and cordoned off the entire area.

Police said a suspect has been detained in connection with the explosions and he was being questioned.

Tamil Nadu DGP K Ramanujam said a special investigation team would investigate the blasts and added that Chennai was not the target.

“It is not a major blast. It is suspected that Chennai could not have been target of those who were behind the blast because the train was running late. Some other location could have been the target”, Ramanujam said.

He said police had no immediate information on who was responsible for the explosion.”It is premature to say what kind of device was used in the blast. Damage to the train is not heavy,” he said.

Southern Railway General Manager Rakesh Mishra described it as a “minor blast”.

Brisk voting ends in seven states, 2 UTs


Brisk voting ends in seven states, 2 UTsUpdated on : 01-05-2014 09:06 AM
Brisk voting on Wednesday came to an end in most of the seven states and two Union Territories in the seventh phase of Lok Sabha elections that will decide the fate of top guns including Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi.

The whole of Gujarat with 26 seats and Punjab with 13 seats are among 89 constituencies that went to polls.A total of 13.83 crore voters have the right to vote in the polls. Elections are already over in the first six phases involving 349 of the 543 constituencies.

With today’s polling, 438 constituencies will be covered. Elections to the remaining 105 constituencies will he held on May 7 (64 seats) and May 12 (41).

Telangana will elect its first assembly along with representatives to Parliament during the polls in 119 Assembly constituencies and 17 Lok Sabha seats in that part of Andhra Pradesh. In Gujarat, BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and party veteran L K Advani were among the early voters in Gandhinagar.

“In the first four hours the voting percentage is around 20-21 per cent in the state,” additional chief electoral officer Ashok Manek said in Ahmedabad.

Record 72 pc voters turnout in Punjab; polling peaceful

A record 72 per cent of total 1.95 crore electors today voted to elect 13 Lok Sabha MPs from Punjab where the polling was largely peaceful, barring few incidents of violence.

The voter turnout was 72 per cent, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Raminder Singh said, adding that the polling was by and large peaceful throughout the state.

“No major incident was reported across the state as the polling was more or less peaceful. The poll percentage is likely to touch 73 to 74 per cent after as voters are still in queues to cast their votes,” he said.

Earlier in 1967 general polls, Punjab had registered 71.13 per cent polling, the highest ever in the state.

Voters turned out in large numbers to exercise their franchise amid sun beating down since morning as Punjab recorded a sizzling above 40 degrees Celsius temperature at most places.

Ten persons were injured in a clash between Akali Dal and Congress workers at Sangatpura village in Moga district, officials said, adding that three workers from Aam Aadmi Party sustained injuries after a brawl between them and Akalis at Devigarh village in Patiala Lok Sabha constituency.

AAP candidate from Patiala Dharamvir Gandhi was injured after he was allegedly attacked by some 25 unidentified youths owing allegiance to SAD-BJP at Rassolpura Saidan village in Patiala constituency, sources said.

Three persons were injured when supporters of SAD nominee Manpreet Singh and Independent candidate and sitting MLA Simarjeet Singh Bains clashed at Kot Mangal Singh locality in Ludhiana, police said, adding that two vehicles were also vandalised during the conflict.

Some Akali Dal workers allegedly vandalized the control unit of EVM at the Bajwa Colony in Patiala, officials said.

Minor clashes also took place between Akali and Congress supporters at Amritsar and Khadoor Sahib, but no one was injured in it.

The Akali workers earlier vandalized the booth of Congress party and tried to take control, officials said.

Polling came to a halt at Booth No 166 in SD Model School in Phagwara for half an hour after the EVMs developed a technical snag, officials said, adding that polling resumed after the balloting units were replaced.

Besides, 3 other malfunctioning EVMs were replaced at booth numbers 104, 137 and 151 in Phagwara.

Nearly 59 per cent polling recorded in UP

Nearly 59 per cent voters exercised their franchise in Uttar Pradesh, where polling is underway in 14 seats to decide the fate of 233 candidates.

UP Governor B L Joshi, BSP supremo Mayawati, Congress candidate from Lucknow Rita Bahuguna Joshi, BJP National President Rajnath Singh and party leader Kalraj Mishra were among those who exercised their franchise.

Dhaurahra witnessed 62.8 per cent polling till 1700 hours while Sitapur and Mishrikh recorded 59.4 and 53.96 per cent polling respectively.

Unnao recorded 50.94 per cent polling, Mohanlalganj 56 per cent, Lucknow 50.5 per cent, Rae Bareli 48.1 per cent, Kanpur 50.2 per cent, Jalaun 52 per cent, Jhansi 63 per cent, Hamirpur 49.1 per cent, Banda 47.52 per cent, Fatehpur 54.58 per cent and Barabanki recorded 58.19 per cent polling.

In Sitapur an FIR has been lodged against SP MLA Rampal Yadav after he entered into an altercation with CRPF jawan Dharampal Singh at Nauabehad polling booth in Biswan area.

The fate of 233 candidates will be decided by 2.46 crore voters that include 1.34 crore men and 1.12 crore women.

A total of 25,485 polling centres have been set up in which 3554 have been identified as critical.

The focus would be on Rae Bareli and Lucknow seats from where Congress President Sonia Gandhi and BJP President Rajnath Singh are in the fray.

Gandhi, who is contesting from her traditional Rae Bareli seat, has no major contestant against her with SP deciding not to field its candidate against her.

The prestigious Lucknow seat, which is in the limelight with the entry of the BJP’s national president, is set to witness a tricky contest.

Rajnath, who is facing a four-cornered contest has two tasks at hand – first to maintain legacy of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and second to ensure a victory margin matching with his political stature.

Meanwhile, British High Commissioner James David Bevan today reached Lucknow and visited a number of polling centres to see the polling exercise.

According to official sources he also visited the election commission office and met Governor Joshi, Rajnath, Mayawati and Rita Joshi. He is also to visited polling centre in Rae Bareli parliamentary constituency of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

60 per cent polling in seven seats in Bihar

Despite scorching sun, about 60 per cent voter turnout was recorded at the end of polling in seven Lok Sabha seats in Bihar in the fourth phase of Lok Sabha election. It was 12 per cent more than recorded in the 2009 elections.

Sixty per cent polling was recorded at Madhepura constituency where JD(U) president Sharad Yadav is contesting.

Madhubani witnessed 56 per cent, Jhanjharpur 56 per cent, Darbhanga 57 per cent, Samastipur 55 per cent, Begusarai 64 per cent and Khagaria 55 per cent at the end of polling at 6 pm, Chief Election Officer Ajay Nayak told reporters.

A bypoll is also being held in Sahebpur Kamal Assembly seat following resignation of former minister Parveen Amanullah from the Nitish Kumar Cabinet. Sixty-one per cent voting was recorded in the bypoll there.

Sharad Yadav, crickter-turned BJP leader Kiriti Azad, former Union ministers M A A Fatmi and Hukumdeo Narayan Yadav are among 94 candidates whose fates have been sealed today.

With completion of polling today, 27 seats of a total of 40 in Bihar have witnessed voting. The remaining 13 will go to poll on May 7 and May 12.

62 percent polling reported in Gujarat

Phase 8: Lok Sabha Elections 2014-Analysis of Criminal Background,


Analysis of Criminal Background, Financial, Education, Gender and other details of Candidates

National Election Watch (NEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of 890 candidates out of 897 candidates who are contesting in the Phase 8 of Lok Sabha 2014 Elections. The rest of the candidates were not analysed due to unclear/incomplete affidavits uploaded on the ECI website at the time of making of this report. 

Please find the following reports attached with the mail;


  1. Analysis of criminal, financial and other background details of candidates contesting in Phase 8 of Lok Sabha elections 2014
  2. Consolidated analysis of criminal, financial and other background details of candidates from Phase 1 to Phase 8 Lok Sabha elections 2014


Phase 8



No. of Candidates Constesting

No. of Candidates analysed


No. of Candidates with Criminal Cases

% of Candidates with Criminal Cases

No. of Crorepati Candidates

% of Crorepati Candidates

Date of Poll


Andhra Pradesh








7thMay, 2014











Himachal Pradesh









Jammu and Kashmir









Uttar Pradesh









West Bengal

























​Criminal Background
  • Candidates with Criminal Cases:Out of the 890 candidates analysed, 177 (20%) candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves
  • Candidates with Serious Criminal Cases:125 (14%) candidates have declared serious criminal cases including cases related to murder, attempt to murder, communal disharmony, electoral violations, crimes against women
  • Candidates with cases related to murdercandidates have declared cases related to murder.
  • Candidates with cases related to Attempt to Murder: 32 candidates have declared cases of attempt to murder.
  • Candidate with rape charges: Pawan Pandey of BSP from Sultanpur constituency has declared rape charges against himself.
  • Candidates with cases related to Crimes against Women: candidates have declared cases related to crimes against women.
  • Candidates with cases related to Communal Disharmony: 5 candidates have declared cases related to Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony (IPC section-153A). 1 candidate has declared a case related to Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings or any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs (IPC section-295A) and candidates have declared cases related to Injuring or defiling place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class (IPC section-295). *A candidate may have declared more than one IPC related to communal disharmony.
Inline image 3
  • Party wise Candidates with Criminal Cases:13 (22%) out of 58 candidates from INC14 (35%) out of 40 candidates from BJP10 (23%)out of 43 candidates from AAP21 (35%) out of 60 candidates fielded by BSP and 26 (9%) out of 292 Independent candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits
  • Party wise Candidates with Serious Criminal Cases: 10 (17%) out of 58 candidates from INC11 (28%) out of 40 candidates from BJP6 (14%) out of 43 candidates from AAP16 (27%) out of 60 candidates fielded by BSP and 15 (5%) out of 292 Independent candidates have declared serious criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.
Inline image 4
  • Red Alert Constituencies: 34 constituencies have at least 3 candidates with declared criminal cases. Muzaffarpur constituency, Biharhas the highest number of contesting candidates i.e. 7 with criminal cases against them.
Financial Background




  • Crorepati CandidatesOut of the 890 candidates analysed, 272 (31%) are crorepatis.
  • Party-wise Crorepati Candidates: 44 (76%) out of 58 candidates in INC28 (70%) out of 40 candidates in BJP19 (44%) out of 43 candidates in AAP, 22 (37%) out of 60 candidates in BSP and 41 (14%) out of 292 Independent candidates have declared assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore.
Inline image 5
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  • Average Assets: The average assets per candidate contesting in the 8th phase of Lok Sabha 2014 elections is Rs.5.90 crores.


  • Party-wise Average Assets: Among major parties, the average assets per candidate for 58 INC candidates is Rs 12.91 crores40 BJPcandidates have average assets of Rs.17.32 crores, 43 AAP candidates have average assets worth of Rs.1.74 crores and 60 BSPcandidates have average assets of Rs. 2.61 crores.


  • Party-wise Asset Rank: 43 (74%) out of 58 INC candidates occupy the top three highest assets positions amongst all the contesting candidates in their respective constituencies. Similarly, 22 (55%) out of 40 BJP candidates, 16 (27%) out of 60 BSP candidates and 7 (16%)out of 43 AAP candidates occupy the top three highest assets positions in their constituency.


Note: The following graph analyses the number of candidates fielded by political parties who have declared either the highest total assets in their constituency (among the candidates analysed for the constituency), or the second highest or the third highest. 

Inline image 7




  •  High Asset Candidates*: 16 candidates have declared more than Rs.50 crores worth of assets. The top three candidates with highest assets are given below:*Total Assets includes income of self, spouse and dependents.





    Party Name

    Movable Assets (Rs)

    Immovable Assets (Rs)

    Total Assets (Rs)

    PAN Given


    Jayadev Galla

    Andhra Pradesh





     683 Crore+



    Ayodhya Rami Reddy Alla

    Andhra Pradesh





     654 Crore+



    Gokaraju Ganga Raju

    Andhra Pradesh





     288 Crore+



  • Low Asset Candidates: A total of 44 candidates have declared assets less than Rs. 50 thousand (excluding candidates who have declared zero assets)The three candidates with lowest assets are as follows:






Party Name

Total Assets (Rs)

PAN Given


Malyadri Ravulakollu

Andhra Pradesh



 5 Hund+



Rajib Mudi

West Bengal



 6 Hund+



Ashish Kumar

Himachal Pradesh



 9 Hund+



  • Candidates with High Liabilities: A total of 47 candidates have declared liabilities of more than Rs. 1 crore. Out of these 47 candidates, 12 have declared liabilities of Rs. 10 crore and above.


  • Crorepati Candidates with no PAN: 17 candidates with total assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore have declared no PAN details.


  • Candidates with High Income*:24 candidates have declared total annual income of more than Rs. 1 crore. The top three candidates with highest declared annual income are given below:
    Total income includes income of self, spouse and dependents




Party Name


Total Assets

The financial year for which the last income tax return has been filed by candidate

Total income shown by candidate in ITR (Self+Spouse+Dependent)

Self income shown by candidate in ITR


Jayadev Galla




683 Crore+



16 Crore+


16 Crore+


Saket Bahuguna


Tehri Garhwal


22 Crore+



10 Crore+


9 Crore+


Yarram Venkata Subbareddy




73 Crore+



5 Crore+


5 Crore+


  • Candidates who have not declared Income Tax Details*: 483 (54%) candidates out of 890 analyzed have not declared income tax details.* Some candidates may be exempted from filing Income Tax Returns


  • Candidates with High Assets who have not declared Income Tax Details: 37 candidates with assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore, have not declared Income Tax Details.
Inline image 8Inline image 9
Inline image 10Inline image 11Inline image 12

*Sonam Kinnar an Independent candidate from Amethi Constituency has declared to be from the third gender

Consolidated Analysis of Criminal Background and Financial details of Candidates
Phase 1 to Phase 8

National Election Watch (NEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of 7562 candidates out of 7624 candidates who have contested/contesting in Phase 1 to Phase 8 of Lok Sabha 2014 Elections. The rest of the candidates were not analysed due to unclear/incomplete affidavits available on the ECI website at the time of making this report. The following is a consolidated summary of the same.


No. of contesting candidates

No. of Candidates analysed

No. of Constituencies

No. of Candidates with Criminal Cases

% of Candidates with Criminal Cases

No. of Crorepati Candidates

% of Crorepati Candidates

Average Assets

Date of Poll (2014)









Rs.5.75 crores










Rs.9.12 crores


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  • Consolidated Analysis (Phase 1 to 8) of Criminal and Financial background details of contesting candidates in Lok Sabha 2014 elections (1)
  • Phase 8 Criminal and Financial background details of contesting candidates in Lok Sabha 2014 (1)

India and the World – an Update April 15th – April 30th, 2014


 AAC Logo 07-01-14
The emergence of India as a strong economic power is receiving widespread recognition in the region and beyond. Today, it has expanded its footprints and engagement in multiple fields across all continents. Accordingly, India’s foreign policy and international conducts should reflect upon its new global stature. In this backdrop, Ananta Aspen Centre is pleased to launch a new initiative — a bi-weekly digest of all the major news related to India’s Foreign Policy. Our sincere effort is to keep you informed and updated on all the major international developments that have implications on India’s foreign policy. Hope you will benefit from the initiative. We value your feedback, comments and recommendations.  

India and the World – an Update

A bi-weekly News Digest on India’s Foreign Policy
(Volume 1 – 8)April 15th – April 30th, 2014


South Asia


India releases 21 Pakistan prisoners
ANI / DNA | April 17th, 2014
Earlier in February, the Border Security Force (BSF) handed over 20 Pakistani prisoners to the Pakistani Rangers at Wagah outpost in Punjab.

India, Pakistan may resume dialogue after Lok Sabha polls
IANS / Deccan Herald | April 17th, 2014
The Pakistani Envoy to the US, Jalil Abbas Jilani, also said in a talk at Harvard University that there was increasing awareness in both countries that there can be no military solution to their problems.

India, Pak DGMOs talk after another ceasefire violation
The Times of India | April 25th, 2014
“Pakistani troops resorted to firing from small arms firing and mortars on Indian posts in the Doda battalion area in the Poonch district,” said an Indian official, adding the ceasefire violation was probably a Pakistani army ploy to push through infiltrators under the cover of firing.


Indian Army commanders to meet to discuss Afghanistan
DNA | April 17th, 2014 
Keeping in view of drawdown of US-led forces from Afghanistan in 2014, Indian Army is also providing training to Afghanistan National Army (ANA). According to army, Army is targeting to train about 1100 Afghan troops by the end of 2014, as compared to 574 personnel training in last year.



BNP: No water, no relation
Dhaka Tribune | April 24th, 2014
“We are a small country and we are not so much powerful economically. Our movement is not against India rather we want to ensure proper sharing of water.” Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, acting secretary general of the party, said.



Bhutan, India sign pact for developing hydropower projects
PTI / Zee News | April 22nd, 2014
Three Hydroelectric projects totaling 1416 MW – the 336 MW Chukha project, the 60 MW Kurichu project and the 1020 MW Tala project – are already operational in Bhutan and are supplying electricity to India.

Asia Pacific

US, Japan boosting trilateral cooperation with India, South Korea
PTI / The Economic Times | April 25th, 2014
“To achieve our shared objectives of promoting peace and economic prosperity in the Asia-Pacific and around the globe, the US and Japan are strengthening trilateral cooperation with like-minded partners, including the Republic of Korea, Australia, and India,” said a joint US-Japan statement.



No accord on consulate in Lhasa
The Hindu | April 15th, 2014
Despite India’s long-pending interest in Lhasa, China has clarified that it will not allow any additional foreign diplomatic presence in Tibet. Only Nepal has diplomatic presence in Lhasa, while U.S. requests were denied.

India, China, Pak naval ships hold rare exercises
PTI / Business Standard | April 23rd, 2014
Besides India, ships from seven other countries, including China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei took part in the exercises held off the coast of the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao.

India, China discuss implementation of border pacts
The Hindu | April 23rd, 2014
Interestingly, the Chinese side announced their Defence Minister General Chang Wanquan’s plans to visit India later this year and confirmed plans for a joint army exercise at a time when the two sides are trying to resolve their differences over sending a youth delegation to Beijing next month in which Arunachal Pradesh, one of the States bordering China, is a sticking point.

Indian Navy refuses Chinese navy chief’s request
The Hindustan Times | April 24th, 2014
The Indian side were taken unawares by Chinese navy chief, Wu Shengli’s request as it is unheard of for the chief of a navy to make a request to see the Combat Information Centre of another country’s warship; China itself is not known to throw open its warship CICs to military officers from other countries.

India, China agree to deepen naval ties after landmark exercise
The Hindu | April 26th, 2014
As more Chinese ships sail west and Indian ships sail east, both countries have used this week’s exercise to stress their intent to ensure they will deepen mutual trust to address any insecurities.



India calls for end to UN resolution on Myanmar human rights
PTI / Statesman | April 26th, 2014
Indian Ambassador to the UN, Asoke Mukerji said India would continue to support the steps taken by the Myanmar government towards reform and reconciliation, with reference to pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, release of political prisoners, holding of peace talks with the ethnic groups, including the Kachins and proposal for signing of a nationwide ceasefire accord soon.
The United States

India polls will set new stage for Indo-US ties: Nancy Powell
PTI / NDTV | April 25th, 2014
Giving examples of cooperation on “strategic issues as never before”, Nancy Powell, former US Ambassador to India, said India and US have initiated a series of regional dialogues including US-India-Afghanistan bilateral and trilateral meetings and a separate trilateral with Japan.

India to play key role in Asian growth: U.S.
IANS / The Hindu | April 26th, 2014
“India needs a transparent, straightforward way of attracting foreign investment, offering private capital a way to share in India’s opportunity,” said Nisha Desai Biswal, the US assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian Affairs.



Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh to visit Japan this week
Live Mint | April 22nd, 2014
With India looking for $1 trillion in investment for its infrastructure sector, Japan is seen as a natural partner. The nation is already involved in the construction of the $90 billion Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor project.


Singapore always keen to strengthen ties with India: Speaker
PTI / Business Standard | April 25th, 2014
Highlighting the two countries’ good track record of working closely, country’s Parliament speaker Halimah Yacob told members of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) to progress on the past performance.



Marines case: Italy to send envoy back to India, mulls international arbitration
PTI / The Indian Express | April 25th, 2014
“We are off the bilateral level, to raise the dispute to an international level: we are still willing to talk to the Indians”, said Italian Defence Minister Federica Mogherini adding, “We have no other option than resorting to international arbitration.”

India-European Union FTA talks to resume after new government: French Ambassador Francois Richier
PTI / The Economic Times | April 23rd, 2014
Richier, who was speaking on the sidelines of an event related to Paris International Auto Show, said French companies have invested around USD 19 billion in total till date in India.


Middle East


India to make May-July oil payments to Iran: Reports
Reuters / The Economic Times | April 24th, 2014
As long as Tehran complies with the terms of its preliminary agreement with western powers, which took effect on Jan. 20, Iran receives some of its funds frozen abroad in eight payments from various buyers over six months.



‘India well-poised to play constructive role in global net governance’
IANS / ABP News | April 24th, 2014
Vinay Kwatra, the Indian representative at the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance pointed out several serious strategic and public policy challenges that the Internet poses. He said there is the apparent inability of the current structures of Internet governance to respond to some of the core and strategic concerns of the member states.


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Ananta Aspen Centre is an independent and not-for-profit organisation that seeks to foster positive change in society through dissemination of knowledge. The Centre facilitates discussions on issues of international significance, values-based leadership and cross-sector outreach by engaging the civil society, government, private sector, and other key stakeholders.

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Russia assures America, not to invade Ukraine


Apr 29,  11:07 AM

Russia has assured America that it will not invade Ukraine, with the US warning that continued aggression would isolate the country further and result in more diplomatic and economic pressure.

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, who made a call to his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoygu yesterday, also emphasised that any diplomatic engagement must include the government of Ukraine.

Pentagon Press Secretary, Rear Admiral John Kirby said, Hagel repeated his call for an end to Russia’s destabilising influence inside Ukraine and warned that continued aggression would further isolate Russia and result in more diplomatic and economic pressure .

According to Kirby, Shoygu reiterated his assurance that Russian forces would not invade Ukraine to Hagel.

Earlier in the day, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham said the Obama Administration’s latest round of sanctions is days late and dollars short.

Five rail ticketing solutions of the future


Total Rail


What we’re talking about this week:

  • Frontman James Murphy Subway Symphony campaign
  • How customer feedback can develop operations
  • How will the future tube strikes cope without Bob Crow?
  • Guest post: Will HS2 ruin the UK rail network?
  • Five rail ticketing solutions of the future
LCS Soundsystem James Murphy Subway Symphony campaign

Frontman James Murphy Subway Symphony campaign

Fifteen years ago former lead singer of LCD Soundsytem, James Murphy, found himself inspired to revolutionise the sound of the Subway in New York, after becoming some what disgruntled with the generic beeping…

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customer feedback develop operations

How customer feedback can develop operations

 How can customer feedback develop and grow rail operations?

Our guest blogger, Kevin McNally, Director of Driven Transport Solutions Ltd tells us what he found out at a roundtable at this year’s Metro Rail event…

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Bob Crow

How will the future tube strikes cope without Bob Crow?

 Londoners face even more disruption to their travel in the coming weeks, as RMT union members hold future tube strikes. The union plan to walk out tonight at 9 pm, and shall return, hopefully, on Thursday morning. A second strike has also been proposed for May …

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hs2 full line map uk network

Guest Post: Will HS2 ruin the UK rail network?

Will HS2 mean billions more rail funding for the UK rail network or the closure of many lines and stations?

As the DfT must well know HS2 will be such a leach on the existing network that either billions more subsidy will be …

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Future ticketing solutions

Five rail ticketing solutions of the future

The rail industry is an established field, which has meant that development and key changes have sometimes taking longer to come through. However, there has been a recent influx of new ideas, which has made way for future rail ti cketing solutions. We have explored the top five changes…

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News Box


LS polls: 89 seats in 7th phase to go to polls tomorrow


LS polls: 89 seats in 7th phase to go to polls tomorrow<br />
7th phase of polling with 89 Lok Sabha constituencies across 7 states and two union territories to vote tomorrow. Voting will also take place in 119 Assembly Constituencies in Andhra Pradesh simultaneously. Polling will begin at 7 am and will continue till 6 pm except in some sensitive areas in Bihar and Andhra Pradesh where it will end at 4 pm. In some other areas in Andhra Pradesh, polling will end at 5 pm.

Of the Lok Sabha contituencies going to the polls tomorrow, 26 are in Gujarat, 17 in Telangana region in Andhra Pradesh, 14 in Uttar Pradesh, all 13 constituencies in Punjab, 9 in West Bengal, 7 in Bihar and one each in Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Territories of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.

Political fortune of over 1,000 candidates will be decided at the hustings. Prominent among them are Sonia Gandhi, Madhusudan Mistry, Capt Amarinder Singh, Sriprakash Jaiswal and Shankarsinh Vaghela all Congress, Narendra Modi, L.K. Advani, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti of BJP, Sharad Yadav of JDU and Farooq Abdullah of National Conference. 

With this, only two more phases of polling is left to complete the election process. 64 Lok Sabha constituencies in 7 states and 175 assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh will vote on May 7 and the remaining 41 Lok Sabha constituencies in 3 statates will vote on May 12. Counting will be taken up on May 16.

In Andhra Pradesh, all arrangements are in place for tomorrow’s polling in 17 Lok Sabha and 119 Assembly Constituencies in Telangana region. About 2 crore 82 lakh voters will vote at 30 thousand 518 polling stations set up in 10 districts of the region.

Arrangements have been made for live-webcasting from 17 thousand polling stations located at difficult and sensitive areas.

Screens have been arranged at all important places including major Panchayats to maintain transparency of poll process.

Tornadoes in US kills at least 29


Violent weather in US kills at least 29
Tornadoes in US kills at least 29
Americans in the southern and eastern US braced for more violent weather on Tuesday after a string of tornadoes and other storms killed at least 29 people, news reports said

Some 75 million people were at risk from storms that could unleash hail, winds and twisters on the affected regions, according to the National Weather Service.The toll from two days of violent weather reached at least 29 yesterday in at least six states, the news channel and other media reported.

After violent weather on Sunday that killed 17, most of them in Arkansas, the new deaths included eight in Mississippi on Monday, the news channel reported, quoting the state emergency management agency.

The governors of Alabama and Georgia declared state-wide emergencies. In the Mississippi town of Louisville, the storm snapped trees in half and stripped them of their branches.

Sheet metal twisted itself around road signs and tree trunks, the news channel reported.

Mississippi Senator Giles Ward hunkered down in a bathroom with his wife, four other family members and their dog Monday as a tornado destroyed his two-story brick house and flipped his son-in-law’s SUV upside down.

“It’s about as awful as anything we’ve gone through,” the network quoted Ward as saying.

In the hardest-hit parts of Arkansas, emergency crews intensified their search for survivors of Sunday’s twisters.

Dozens of Arkansas National Guard troops were assisting local authorities with medical evacuations, fresh water deliveries and search and rescue operations.

In the town of Vilonia, police chief Brad McNew said the town of 4,000 had been rendered unrecognisable.

“It’s houses completely down to the foundations,” he told NBC television. Rescuers used searchlights in blacked-out areas Sunday night, sifting through mountains of rubble in the hopes of finding someone alive.

The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management said 14 people had been killed in the state.

McNew said more would have been killed if not for emergency sirens that warned people the twister was about to hit.

Macedonia’s disputed elections ‘efficient and orderly’

European election monitors on Monday described Macedonia’s parliamentary and presidential elections as “efficient and orderly,” but said campaigning before the vote did not create a level playing field for all. The ruling conservative VMRO-DPMNE party, led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, won both votes held in the ex-Yugoslav republic on Sunday. The main opposition party, the center-left SDSM party, said it would not recognize the results, Reuters reported. Its leader, Zoran Zaev, said there were “threats and blackmails and massive buying of voters.” The ruling party said the allegations were an attempt by the opposition to manipulate public opinion.

Top British diplomat arrives in Iran for talks


The most senior British diplomat to visit Iran since the sacking of Britain’s embassy in 2011 arrived in Tehran on Monday, the Foreign Office said. Political director Simon Gass would discuss bilateral and international issues with Iranian officials, AFP reported. Gass, who is Britain’s lead negotiator in talks on Iran’s nuclear program, was Britain’s ambassador in Tehran between 2009 and 2011. As ties between the two states recently warmed, the newly-named non-resident charges d’affaires made a series of trips between Tehran and London.


UK, France send 8 fighter jets for NATO patrols over Baltic


Britain and France deployed eight fighter jets on Monday to reinforce NATO air patrols over the Baltics, AFP reported. Four British Typhoon jets arrived in Lithuania to start their mission while four French Rafale jets touched down in Malbork, northeast Poland. The move will “provide reassurance to our NATO allies in eastern Europe and the Baltic states” in the wake of recent events in Ukraine, British Defense Minister Philip Hammond said. Around 70 French military personnel have been deployed to Malbork in support of the new planes.


Romania to raise defense ministry budget by $217mn


Romania will raise the defense ministry’s 2014 budget by $217.41 million, or 0.2 percent of national output, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said Monday. As tensions continue to build in neighboring Ukraine, Romania has agreed a fiscal budget deficit target of 2.2 percent of gross domestic product this year under the terms of a 4-billion-euro aid deal led by the International Monetary Fund, Reuters said. Higher defense spending would raise the ceiling, as would government plans to slash employer taxes to the social insurance budget.


9 terror suspects detained in Malaysia


Nine suspected Malaysian militants were detained Monday for allegedly planning to carry out terrorist acts in the country and abroad, AP reported. The nine, aged between 25 and 55, were arrested Monday in several locations near Kuala Lumpur and in northern Kedah state bordering Thailand, according to national police chief Khalid Abu Bakar. They are believed to have links with terrorist cells abroad.


3 boys killed in blast in Pakistan’s Karachi


A blast killed three boys aged between 10 and 12 at a religious seminary in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi on Monday, AFP reported. The explosion, which targeted a Sunni Muslim seminary in the impoverished western district of Orangi also wounded six others, said a senior local police official, Javed Alam Odho. The police were trying to ascertain whether it was a planted bomb or a hand grenade that had been thrown. Nobody has so far claimed responsibility for the attack.


Assad to run for third term as Syria president


Syrian President Bashar Assad has formally submitted his nomination to seek a third term in office, the speaker of parliament said on Monday. In a letter submitted to the constitutional court, Assad said he wished to nominate himself for the post of president of the republic, hoping that parliament will endorse it, Reuters reported. The election is due to be held in early June.


22 killed in attack on C.Africa MSF hospital – reports


At least 22 people including three staff members of medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres were reportedly killed during a weekend attack by gunmen on a Central African hospital. “Armed men from the ex-Seleka [rebel group] and of Fula ethnicity on Saturday afternoon attacked a hospital supported by MSF in the region of Nanga Boguila, killing at least 22 people,” an officer from the MISCA peacekeeping force told AFP on Monday. Those killed included three Central African employees of MSF. The attack also left a dozen wounded.


Taiwan police uses water cannon against anti-nuclear protesters


Taiwan police on Monday used water cannon to disperse hundreds of overnight sit-in demonstrators, demanding the scrapping of a nearly completed nuclear power plant, AFP reported. Tens of thousands of demonstrators blockaded one of the busiest streets in the capital Sunday, forcing the ruling Kuomintang party to yield and halt construction work at the plant as the issue has gripped the island for 30 years. The concession by the government led to a large number of demonstrators leaving the area in Taipei, but hundreds remained. A Kuomintang spokesman said Sunday that reactor one would be sealed for storage, and construction of reactor two would be terminated.


Bangladesh storm leaves at least 9 dead


A severe storm left at least nine people dead and about 1,000 homeless after hitting northern Bangladesh overnight, AFP reported. The storm destroyed homes and wrecked rice paddy fields in northern Netrokona district close to the border with India. Up to 20 people were injured, including one whose condition is very critical, officials said.


IAEA experts to visit Iran nuclear sites next week – reports


A team of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts will visit two of Iran’s nuclear sites within the next week, as part of a monitoring process, AFP said. Inspectors will travel to the Ardakan yellow-cake production plant and the Saghand uranium mine, located close together around 450km from Tehran, IRNA news agency reported Tuesday. The trip is in line with a seven-step plan agreed between Iran and IAEA in February to increase transparency over Tehran’s nuclear activities.


Turkey to seek extradition of cleric Gulen from US


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday Turkey will begin a legal process for the extradition of US-based Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gulen, Reuters said. Erdogan accuses his former ally and now arch-foe of orchestrating a campaign to unseat him. Asked if a legal process would be launched for the extradition of Gulen, Erdogan said: “Yes, it will begin.”


Islamic State of Iraq claims attack that killed 25 in Kurdish town


An Al-Qaeda spin-off group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in a Kurdish town that killed at least 25 people the previous day, AP reported. The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) claimed the attack in a post on one of its Twitter accounts. The bombing in the town of Khanaqin in the Diyala province northeast of Baghdad also wounded 35 people. The bomber blew himself up among a group of Kurds celebrating the appearance on local TV of Iraq’s ailing president, Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, who has been in Germany since 2012.


Yemen launches major offensive ‘to uproot Al-Qaeda’ from 2 provinces


Yemeni forces have launched an operation to drive Al-Qaeda fighters out of southern towns, the military said on Tuesday. Last week, air strikes killed nearly 60 militants in the area. After being forced out from major cities in Abyan in 2012, Al-Qaeda jihadists established strongholds in the Arabian Peninsula, in the provinces of Abyan and Shabwa. Government forces clashed on Tuesday with Islamist gunmen in the Lahmar area and near Al-Saeed as militants confronted advancing government forces. “There has been an official decision to uproot Al-Qaeda from Abyan and Shabwa,” said Hussein al-Wuhayshi, a leader of the Popular Committees armed groups that fought alongside government forces.


Egypt: Brotherhood chief, 682 others sentenced to death
Egypt: Brotherhood chief, 682 others sentenced to death
Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohamed Badie and his 682 Islamist supporters were on Monday sentenced to death by an Egyptian court in one of the country’s largest mass trials, raising fears of tension ahead of next month’s crucial Presidential elections.

The convicts were accused of involvement in killings and attempted murder of policemen in the southern Minya province on August 14, the day when security forces violently disbanded sit-ins held by ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters and killed hundreds of them in clashes in Cairo.In a separate case, the same court in Minya today reversed 492 death sentences out of 529 it passed last month, commuting most of the death penalty to life in prison. Judge Said Youssef referred his ruling on the 683 death sentences to the Grand Mufti, Egypt’s top Islamic authority.

Under Egyptian law, the verdicts must be ratified by the Grand Mufti before they can be carried out. The court has set June 21 for the final verdict after the Grand Mufti’s decision, a move widely considered a formality. The law allows the verdicts to be appealed.

If 70-year-old Badie’s sentence is confirmed, it would make him the most senior Brotherhood figure sentenced to death since one of the group’s leading ideologues, Sayed Qutb, was executed in 1966.

Badie, a white-bearded professor, became supreme guide of Egypt’s largest movement in 2010. He had condemned the removal of president Morsi by the Egyptian military in July last year.

Of the 683 accused sentenced today, about 50 are in custody while the rest are either out on bail or on the run. A lawyer said the hearing lasted only eight minutes. Defence lawyers branded the hearing “farcical”. Several woman relatives of the accused waiting outside the courtroom fainted on hearing news of the death penalty. A large crowd chanted: “Where is the justice?”, BBC reported.

Morsi belongs to the Brotherhood, an Islamist movement which swept all elections in Egypt following the fall of military dictator Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Morsi’s term was marked with political uncertainty and violence in a deeply polarised country that ultimately led to his ouster by the powerful military.

Some 16,000 people have been arrested since the military ousted Morsi, including most of the Brotherhood’s top leaders. Brotherhood has been designated a terrorist group by Egypt’s military-backed regime, blaming it for a series of bombings and attacks. The group has denied the accusations.

Egypt has been in political turmoil since the overthrow of Mubarak during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Analysts said today’s verdict could raise tension as Egypt heads to presidential polls on May 26-27 in which former Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is the leading contender.

INDIA SPORTS 2014 6-8 Nov, 2014



6-8 Nov, 2014

Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi


We are pleased to inform you that the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports along with FICCI would be organizing the first edition of INDIA SPORTS from 6-8 Nov, 2014 at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi. India Sports 2014 would be organized as a Sports Festival in New Delhi and will have the following activities under the India Sports 2014 banner:


1.       INDIA SPORTS EXPO 2014: An International exhibition on Sports goods, Fitness equipment’s, Sports apparels & Shoes etc

2.       INDIA SPORTS TURF: An International Conference on the Sports sector

3.       BUYER SELLER MEET: Organized by Sports Goods Export Promotion Council, Ministry of Commerce.

4.       INDIA SPORTS CUP 2014: A Sports Tournament to be organized

5.       INDIA SPORTS Fashion Show: A Fashion Show to be organized for the Sports Apparel. To be organized either at exhibition venue or at the Networking Dinner in the evening for exhibitors, buyers.

6.       Product Launch Forum- Exhibitors can Launch their products at the Product Launch Forum at the exhibition


The event is shaping up really well with respect to keen interest shown by the Indian and International Sports equipment manufacturers. We are hopeful that the event would create a benchmark and would be established as an event of world class level. India Sports 2014 would be one of its kind event in India which would not only help in uplifting the Indian Sports goods manufacturers who can showcase their products to the Indian & International Buyers but also would be a platform where the Sportsperson will get to see the best Sports & Fitness equipment’s & apparel, best International practices, with which the level of performance can be enhanced.

We look forward to your participation at this mega event and block the prime exhibition spaces available at the earliest.

with warm regards,


ficci new logo.JPGRavi Verma | Research Associate

Industry’s Voice for Policy Change


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Bhupinder Singh Hooda: Stop the persecution & harassment of Dr Ashok Khemka!!

Bhupinder Singh Hooda: Stop the persecution & harassment of Dr Ashok Khemka!!

by Sucheta Dalal | 19,597 supporters

Make your voice heard!  Tell the Haryana Government that you will not allow an honest IAS officer to be persecuted! Drop the dubious chargesheet and CAG inquiry immediately. Dr Ashok Khemka has remained dedicated to the task of serving the people of…

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गुजरात से सबसे अधिक रेवन्यू मिलने के बावजूद DD ने मुझे ब्लैकआउट किया था: मोदी

भारतीय जनता पार्टी की ओर से प्रधानमंत्री पद के उम्मीदवार नरेंद्र मोदी का इंटरव्यू यूं तो एक के बाद एक निजी चैनल पर दिखाया जा रहा है…


सहारा ने मिंट के पत्रकार पर दायर 200 करोड़ का केस वापस लिया
हिन्दुस्तान टाइम्स  के बिजनेस अखबार मिंट के पत्रकार तमल बंधोपाध्याय की किताब ‘सहाराः द अनटोल्ड स्टोरी’के खिलाफ सहारा ग्रुप ने अपना केस वापस ले लिया है। 

वृंदावन की कंपनी लॉन्च करेंगी चैनल ‘न्यूज 30′, मीडियागुरु से लिया लाइसेंस
भक्ति चैनल चलाने वाले स्नेह ब्रॉडकास्टिंग नेटवर्क्स ने अब खबरों की दुनिया में भी उतरने का मन बनाया है… 

डेन में पहुंचे गौरव टिकू, बने जनरल मैनेजर-ब्रेंड
डिजिटल केबल और ब्रॉडबेंड कंपनी डेन नेटवर्क्स लिमिट़िड ने  बी2बी बिजनेस से लीडिंग कंज्यूमर फेसिंग कंपनी बनने की दिशा में कार्य को तेजी देने के लिए कंपनी में जनरल मैनेजर, ब्रेंड के पद पर गौरव टिकू को नियुक्त किए जाने की घोषणा की है। 

जल्द ही लॉन्च होगा ‘न्यूज फर्स्ट टीवी’, रवि शर्मा-चंदन प्रताप सिंह-सलीम सैफी जुड़े

जल्द ही लॉन्च होने वाले नए चैनल ‘न्यूज फर्स्ट टीवी’ में भर्तियों का सिलसिला जारी है। इसी ताजा क्रम में वरिष्ठ टीवी पत्रकार सलीम सैफी ने न्यूज फर्स्ट टीवी को जॉइन किया है…


‘ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है’ के ‘महाराज’ की मोटापे के चलते हुई मौत

टीवी सीरियल ‘ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है’ में महाराज, ‘रामायण’ में कुंभकर्ण और ‘अलीफ-लैला’ में जिन्न की भूमिका निभाने वाले मशहूर टीवी कलाकार राकेश दीवाना का निधन हो गया है…


इंग्लिश मूवीज के मामले में सोनी पिक्स ने दूसरों को पछाडा

टैम की इस साल 16वें हफ्ते की रेटिंग के मुताबिक इंग्लिश मूवी चैनल सोनी पिक्स टॉप पर रहा। 16वें हफ्ते में चैनल को 19.8 रेटिंग प्राप्त हुईं।


Sustainability Linked to Responsible Governance


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Monday, April 28, 2014

Contact: Supriya Kumar,, (+1) 202-745-8092, ext. 510

For more information:

          Sustainability Linked to Responsible Governance        

State of the World 2014
calls for bottom-up pressure and greater government accountability

Washington, D.C.—Citizens who expect their governments to lead on sustainability have been badly disappointed in recent years. From largely ineffectual international climate conferences to the failure to pass meaningful U.S. climate legislation, governments’ progress has often been lackluster. Leadership has come from the bottom up rather than the top down. Action on climate change, species loss, inequity, and other crises is being driven by citizens’, women’s, and grassroots movements around the world, often in opposition to the agendas pursued by governments and big corporations.


State of the World 2014, which marks the Worldwatch Institute’s 40th anniversary, examines what Governing for Sustainability really means. Contributing authorshighlight the responsibility of political and economic actors to achieve sustainability, emphasizing the strength of citizens to make significant sustainability changes and showing why effective governance systems need to be inclusive and participatory, allowing members to have a voice in the collective decision making.


“Governments today cannot consistently control themselves because they are decimated by a plague of corruption that devours the public interest in virtually every political system,” says David Orr, Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin College and State of the World 2014 contributing author. “Effective government, in its various forms, will require an alert, informed, ecologically literate, thoughtful, and empathic citizenry.”


In this edition, contributing authors examine the potential for improving governance by analyzing a variety of trends, such as local and regional climate initiatives, energy democracy, and corporate responsibility. They argue that sustainability depends on action in both the economic and political spheres. Financial industries need to serve as public stewards again. Unions can help ensure that the transition to sustainability is socially just. Most importantly, citizens must take responsibility and empower themselves.

“Ultimately, it seems to us, all governance begins with individuals in communities. Humans are no more isolated actors in politics than they are the independent molecules of mainstream economic theory,” says State of the World 2014 co-director Tom Prugh.

“Pressure to improve governance, at every level, can come only from awakened individuals, acting together, dedicated to making their communities sustainable places,” adds State of the World 2014 co-director Michael Renner. “From there, it may be possible to build communities in a way that affords every person on Earth a safe and fulfilling place to live, and offers future generations the same prospect.”


State of the World 2014‘s findings are being disseminated to a wide range of stakeholders, including government ministries, community networks, business leaders, and the nongovernmental environmental and development communities. For more information on the project, visit

Rotary Club supports ‘Knowledge Without Boundaries’ project


Galvanizes eminent partners—Britannica, Tree of Knowledge, The Hindu, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan—to prepare school students for the 21st Century

Chennai April 29, 2014
Five leading organisations have joined hands to launch a nation-wide program for significantly enriching and improving learning outcomes of school students in India and preparingthem to be a part of the global, knowledge-based, economy.

‘Knowledge without Boundaries’, the program galvanized by Rotary Club of Madras East, brings together knowledge providers – Encyclopaedia Britannica India, Tree of Knowledge,The Hindu – and schools run by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

The program targets Corporations and Government schools so that the children in these schools also benefit. Schools under Bhavan’s Chennai Kendra will also be part of the programme.

Rotarian N Sudhakar, President, Rotary Club of Madras East said, “Rotary is known for its path breaking community services and literacy projects. Our team felt the need for comprehensive development in today’s children through General Knowledge, Debating Skills and Quiz Programs. We are touched by the offers from like-minded organizations, for pooling strengths and resources, to improve knowledge and communication beyond learning in the class room.”

Rotarian S. S. Rajsekar, Coordinator, “Knowledge without Boundaries” said, “Today India needs leaders who can become role models for the younger generation. Rotary has always acted as a catalyst in such pursuits while involving credible and capable partners to achieve such objectives. The coming together of credible partners will help bridge the gap and nurture the future leaders.”

Mr. Jorge Cauz, President of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc, was present at the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between The Hindu and Encyclopaedia Britannica as well as the Letter of Understanding, by five organisations, in Chennai last week.

As a part of the ‘Knowledge without Boundaries’ program aseries of knowledge enhancement initiatives including introduction of quiz programs, induction of computer aided games for building vocabulary, knowledge and laboratory sessions to improve spoken English will be undertaken.

To empower teachers extensive teacher-training programmes are envisaged, that will improve the all-round development of students. Encyclopaedia Britannica India will provide inputs that will enable teachers to introduce inquiry-based learning and new pedagogy techniques.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Managing Director South Asia Mr. Sarvesh Shrivastava said, “Knowledge without boundaries is all about providing students and teachers with resources that promote exploratory and experiential learning, evoke interest, and develop critical thinking skills amongst young learners.”

To enhance the reach and to widen the impact of this initiative, Britannica has agreed to allow the translation of its ‘Know for Sure’ general knowledge book series authored by the ace quiz master Siddhartha Basu for class I to VIII,in various Indian languages.

Well known quiz master and ‘Tree of Knowledge’ founder Mr. Siddhartha Basu said, “The inclusion of a general knowledge component, that goes beyond textbooks and rote learning, to spark an enthusiasm for better all round awareness among young learners, during their formative years in school, is indeed laudable.”

Extending his support to the program The Hindu Editor-in-Chief Mr N Ravi said, “The Hindu kindles the quest for knowledge among young readers. Children have a widespread yearning to know. There has to be an exposure to different approaches to learning.”

The Hindu and the Encyclopaedia Britannica also entered into a MoU for content syndication and leveraging each other’s strengths across India.

Britannica, known for producing trustworthy and safe content for over 246 years, shall also make available its extensive digital knowledge repositories and solutions for promoting general knowledge, soft skills including communication skills in English, and supportinquiry based learning in PreK-12 education.

Mr. L. Sabaretnam Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai Kendra said that the Bhavan engaged in promotion of education and culture, shall expand the reach of this program through itseducation centres.

The Bhavan runs 90 schools, 8 Management Institutes and over 20 units of Rajendra Prasad Institute of Communication and Management, 54 units of Gandhi Institute of Computer Education (GICE). GICE provide free computer education to educated unemployed youth belonging to the needy sections of the society.

About Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB) is a reputed Indian educational trust, which runs schools, colleges and other professional institutes all over India. BVB is involved in promotion of education and culture, possesses significant reach in the field of Education through its schools.

About Encyclopaedia Britannica
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. is a global educational publisher with products that promote knowledge and learning. The company provides timely, relevant, and trustworthy information and instructional products used in schools, universities, homes, libraries, and workplaces throughout the world.

Britannica is deeply involved with schools, parents, and educators, designing products for the 21st century classroom and today’s home learning environments. The company is a pioneer in digital education, and our products are marked by engaging and trustworthy content.

For more details please visit:  or 
Or contact
Sanjiv Kataria
Strategic Communications and PR Counsel
+91 98100 48095

About Rotary Club of Madras East
Rotary Club of Madras East was founded in the year 1985 and has been a very active club involved in various welfare activities to make this place a better place to live in. These welfare activities have been successful because of the Public-Private Partnerships which have been established between Government agencies, Corporates and us.

About The Hindu
The Hindu is an English-language Indian daily newspaper. Headquartered at Chennai, The Hindu was launched in 1878. According to the Indian Readership Survey in 2012, it was the third most widely-read English newspaper in India. The Hindu has its largest base of circulation in southern India, and is the most widely-read English daily newspaper in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Apart from newspaper ‘The Hindu’ publishes business newspaper ‘Business Line’ and magazines

About Tree of Knowledge
Tree of Knowledge (TOK), headed by Siddhartha Basu, develops and organizes multi-level, real-time quiz based shows, as live on ground events. TOK organizes quiz shows regularly for high-profile clients such as Tata Steel, Birla Group, Nestle, Taj Group of Hotels, Microsoft, etc.


Mihir Mishra – The Mystery Man on Ek Hasina Thi




Mihir Mishra is set to make a grand comeback on the small screen in Star Plus’ latest offering ‘Ek Hasina Thi’. This time, he will essay the role of Akash, an advisor and ally of the rich and powerful Rajnath Goenka. The show’s unconventional and interesting storyline with its power packed star cast, consisting of Sanjeeda Sheikh, Vatsal Seth, Ayub Khan and Simone Singh in pivotal roles had already made it the talk of town. Mihir seems to be the latest feather in the hat of this blockbuster show from Cinevistaas.

Like Vatsal, Mihir too began his acting career in television. He first appeared on Sanjivani as Dr. Rahul. Post that there was no looking back for the talented actor who eventually became a part of popular shows like Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan and Nach Baliye. His previous ventures with Star Plus have been very successful and this time he is set to recreate the magic with ‘Ek Hasina Thi’.

On the show Mihir plays the character of Akash. What the character has in store for the viewers is something to watch out for. Will we see Mihir as the good guy among bad company or see him join the gang with a dark and mean streak for the first time will unfold soon!


To know how the mystery unfolds please tune into Star Plus and watch ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ Monday to Saturday at 8.00 pm.

Cultural Agenda May 2014 Instituto Cervantes



From: Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi Comunicaci n <> Mon, 28 Apr ’14 7:22p

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Dear friends,

Attached you can find the information of our upcoming events.


Next month we will open a new photo exhibition entitled Indian PALabras, in which the artist and journalist Rafa Gassó explores the pictorial possiblities of photography with a smartphone and the expressionism of words. This work try to record, in a personal way and through the point of view of portrait, the Indian geography and instants (Pal) that will never be published on the media, but can be found on social networks… Also related to India, the conference From India to Spain: Gypsy Language and Literature, will show us the links between India and Spain, through the gypsy language and culture.


The Women X Women project keeps on playing on scene contemporary Spanish women play´s by young indian director woman. On this occasion three pieces by Paloma Pedrero are played on scene by directorManjari Kaul.


On our Sunday movies we will screen Cuban films about the role of this country on contemporary African history (Kangamba and Cuito Cuanavale). And on the ocassion of the International Day of Families we will screen the Spanish movies Héctor and The Grandfather. Meanwhile, in Chennai a Spanish film series Made by Women will be on show , as well as the movie Don´t be afraid in Mumbai and Jodhpur, within the EU Film Festival.


​Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


​Warmest regards,

Jesús Clavero-Rodríguez

Cultural Manager

Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Hanuman Road 48, New Delhi 110001

Twitter: @icnuevadelhi
Facebook: Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi





New Delhi – April 28, 2014 — The Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts [EPCH], organizers of Asia’s largest fair known as Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair, has decided to introduce a new look to its 18 years old Handicrafts & Gifts fair as  “IHGF-Delhi Fair –Autumn 2014“ with new addition of product categories and larger area.   This show, the only one of its type held in Asian Continent has been known as “One Stop Sourcing Event” for International buyers, said Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Executive Director – EPCH.


Another uniqueness on this show will be that all exhibitors are manufacturers and exporters from Pan India basis.   Visitors are from all continents of the world.  These trade visitors are predominantly buyers, buying houses, departmental stores, chain stores, designers, interior decorators, retailers, importers, distributors, mail order houses, wholesalers, boutique owners, fashion designers etc. and Indian big retail houses.

EPCH has launched publicity campaign in overseas markets like USA, Canada, Europe and Asian Continents to create awareness amongst overseas community worldwide.  Apart from releasing advertorials in leading magazines across the globe, publicity campaign in different way has also been initiated by the Council as stated by Mr. Kumar, Executive Director – EPCH.


Promotion during International exhibitions and fairs is one of the strategies of publicity campaign.   Hong Kong is known gate way to source products by the importers worldwide.  A large number of importers, wholesalers are travelling  to Hong Kong and China from 20th to 30th April, 2014.  To create awareness of new look of IHGF – Delhi Fair Autumn 2014, EPCH has launched publicity campaign at Hong Kong and China during above period, elaborated by ED – EPCH.


EPCH is expecting a huge impact of the publicity campaign being undertaken in terms of increase in visit of  buyers during “IHGF Delhi Fair – Autumn 2014” to be held from 14 – 18 October, 2014 at India Expo Mart & Centre, Greater Noida.  


Though the name of the show sounds to be general in nature yet for the last few years, show has been re-segmented into large  product categories of Home + Fashion and Life styles products.  The widened product categories are Houseware, Bathroom, Garden Ornaments, Lamps and Lighting, Furniture, Home Furnishing, Carpets, Fashion Jewellery, Festive Décor, Spa and Wellness, Decorative Articles & Giftware, Sports Goods, Sustainable products, stationary, Luggage, Pet Accessories, Ethnic crafts, Arts and Frames, Home Textiles and Visual Merchandising Articles.


The leading buyers from America, Europe, Far East, Central Asia, Africa, Latin America, China will be sourcing their requirement at this fair.    Regular buyers  will find most of the products distinctive and popular and are of the view that Indian products have a ready demand in their country.


Handicrafts exports registered an increase of 38.22% in Rupee terms and 24.25% in dollar terms during 2013-14 over the previous year.  The exports during the financial year 2013-14 is Rs. 24,837.48  crores, said Mr. Rakesh Kumar, ED-EPCH.


EPCH — an apex body for promotion and export of handicrafts products from India to the world market – has since evolved an integrated and comprehensive policy which revolves around development of new product lines, new designs, improvement in technology and aggressive marketing as well as exploration of new markets.


For more information, please contact :

Mr. Rakesh Kumar – Executive Director – EPCH – 9818272171

Rahul’s Adani attack mere shadow boxing 


Rahul’s Adani attack mere shadow boxing

From: Media Cell AAP  Mon, 28 Apr ’14 5:57p

Monday, April 28


Congress vice-president Mr Rahul Gandhi’s half-hearted attacks on BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Mr Narendra Modi’s links with businessman Gautam Adani have exposed the selective shadow boxing between the Congress and the BJP.

More than two months after the Aam Aadmi Party had revealed the largescale favours given by the Modi government of Gujarat to the Adani group, Mr Gandhi is now speaking about it, but is totally silent on his own UPA government’s undue favours to the Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) of Mr Mukesh Ambani.

It is equally surprising that the BJP is now talking about the illegal land deals of Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of the Congress President Ms Sonia Gandhi, more than 18 months after the AAP had exposed Vadra’s shady deals in Haryana and Rajasthan, but the BJP is completely silent on whether its own state government of Rajasthan will probe the allegations against Vadra.

The ongoing election campaign has made it clear that the Congress and the BJP both, favour a steep in the prices of natural gas with the sole intention of allowing Mukesh Ambani’s RIL to make huge profits at the cost of common man’s miseries.

The Congress, which is fearing its worst election defeat has already informed the Supreme Court through its central government that the RIL should be allowed to double the gas prices, in a clear indication that it has received huge undisclosed election funds from this group.

What is shocking, however, that the BJP is ready to go many steps further to please the RIL and is ready to raise the prices by four times, without bothering to even think about the miseries it will heap on the common man.

The criticism of the Election Commission’s decision to defer the gas price hike by the Congress and the BJP’s silence provides the crystal clear evidence of both these parties being hand-in-glove to promote corporate interests.

Behind the pointless sound and fury of the selective shadowboxing between the Congress and the BJP lies their real agenda of not allowing the election campaign to focus on real issues concerning the people.

How is it the Congress leadership is raising the issue of illegal snooping of a young woman by Narendra Modi’s Gujarat government in 2009, but is silent on why the UPA government made a u-turn and abandoned its cabinet decision to set-up a commission of inquiry to probe this scandal, in which Modi’s close aide Amit Shah was directly involved.

Equally shocking is the BJP reluctance to take a clear stand on the Vadra probe issue, but both these parties are mistaken in assuming that the people will not understand their match fixing.



AAP Media Cell

Posted just now by Naresh Kumar Sagar

Attack on Shabnam Hashmi


We condemn in the strongest possible terms the attack on Shabnam Hashmi , Pratap Singh Negi in Rai Barley. They were attacked at about 12.30 on April 28 while she with her associates were distributing leaflets brought out by JAVAB- Janvadi Vichar Andolan Bharat barely 100 metres from the Gadaganj Police Station in side the Rai-Barely constituency.

Shabnam Hashmi and Pratap Singh Negi were attacked by a gang of about 20 hoodlums who snatched all the Javab Leaflets while pushing and abusing Shabnam Hashmi in the most foul and sexist terms.

At the police station Shabnam had to argue with the SHO, telling him that no one can be stopped from exercising their right to free expression and that he had to file an FIR against the attack on her and the threats of rape and sexist abuses. The SHO did not register an FIR and did not give her a copy of her complaint.

We demand that the hoodlums are immediately apprehended and coercive tactics of the BJP not be allowed by the local administration.



29 Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001

‘Why So Few Women in Politics? Evidence from India’


Centre for Policy Research is delighted to invite you to a talk by 

Prof. Shamika Ravi

Fellow, Brookings Institution India Center

& Assistant Professor of Economics, Indian School of Business   


 ‘Why So Few Women in Politics? Evidence from India’ by 

                                                                Mudit Kapoor & Shamika Ravi

Date: Friday, 2 May 2014

 Time: 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm


Venue: Conference Room, Centre for Policy Research, Dharam Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021

Abstract: This paper analyzes women as political candidates in a representative democracy. Using 50 years of assembly elections data at the constituency level from the Indian states, the authors show that women are more likely to contest elections in those constituencies where gender ratio of the electors is less in favor of women. For example, women are more likely to contest elections in backward states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh where the gender ratio of electors is in favor of men than in socially developed states like Kerala where the gender ratio of electors is more in favor of women. The authors present a citizen candidates model of representative democracy and show that empirical results are consistent with the theoretical predict ions of this model. These results challenge existing policy of random reservation of seats for women.

Presenter’s Bio: Shamika Ravi is a Fellow, Brookings Institution, India Center and Assistant Professor of Economics at Indian School of Business.  Her research is in the area of Development Economics with a focus on gender inequality and democracy, financial inclusion and health. She is also a Faculty Affiliate at the Financial Access Initiative of New York University. She is part of the Enforcement Directorate of Microfinance Institutions Network in India and has served as a director on boards of several microfinance institutions. Professor Ravi has published extensively in academic journals and writes regularly in leading newspapers. Some of her previous works are on NREGA, corruption, entrepreneurship development, female empow erment, and farmer suicides in India. Her academic papers may be viewed at 


We look forward to welcoming you to CPR for what promises to be an interesting discussion. Please feel free to share this invitation with friends and colleagues who may be interested.

A line of confirmation will be highly appreciated.

With regards,

Navroz Dubash

Officiating as Chief Executive

Air Asia & GE sign MoU

AirAsia X and GE Signs MOU for CF6 Engines for its Airbus A330 Fleet



Photo Caption: (Top L-R) Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and U.S. President Barack Obama witnessing the singing ceremony between Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Group CEO and  John G Rice Vice, Chairman of General Electric (GE).


KUALA LUMPUR – April 28, 2014 –AirAsia X, the long haul, low fare airline affiliate of the AirAsia Group and GE Aviation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the selection of CF6-80E1 engines to power AirAsia X’s 25 new firm Airbus A330-300 aircraft, with options for an additional three A330 aircraft. These engines will be covered by a multi-year OnPointSM solution service agreement for engine maintenance, repair and overhaul. The list price for the engines and the service agreement is valued at more than $1.5 billion (USD) over the life of the agreement.

At the signing ceremony witnessed by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, U.S. President Barack Obama, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Group CEO said, “To power our new order of 25 additional Airbus A330-300 aircraft, we are pleased to select GE CF6-80E1 engines. GE was selected based on technical reliability and fuel efficiency performance with combined competitive pricing that will ensure AirAsia X maintains our competitive advantage as the world’s lowest unit cost airline operator, with industry-leading reliability performance. We firmly intend to be the undisputed global market leader in the long-haul low-cost carrier space.

Tan Sri’ Tony Fernandes adds, “With this order, GE will become AirAsia X’s second core engine supplier. Our fleet size has reached sufficient scale to support two engine types, with sufficient spare engine coverage, specialist engineers and technicians, and strong on-site service commitment from both engine providers. GE’s long -standing relationship and track record with the AirAsia Group, gave us confidence to make this selection.”

“GE is proud of its long association with AirAsia Group and are honored to be selected to power AirAsia X’s A330 fleet for this large and important order,” said Kevin McAllister, Vice President and General Manager of Global Sales & Marketing for GE Aviation. “AirAsia Group is a leading low-cost carrier with domestic, regional and international operations, and CF6 engines will support its competitive international cost position.”

GE’s CF6 engines have been among the most utilized and reliable in the industry. Powering more than 10 models of wide-body aircraft, the engine family has established an unparalleled record of reliability for more than 40 years with more than 395 million flight-hours in service with more than 200 operators worldwide.

GE Aviation has continuously reinvested in the CF6 platform and is refining component efficiencies across the CF6-80E1 engine to provide improvements in fuel efficiency for Airbus’s enhanced A330 aircraft. More than 560 CF6-80E1 engines have been delivered for the Airbus A330 aircraft.

OnPoint solutions are customized service agreements tailored to the operational and financial needs of each customer for any size fleet. These agreements are designed to help lower the customers’ cost of ownership and maximize the use of their assets. Backed by GE’s global support network, OnPoint services may include overhaul, on wing support, new and used-serviceable parts, component repair, technology upgrades, engine leasing, integrated systems support and diagnostics and integrated systems.

GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, components and integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft. GE Aviation has a global service network to support these offerings.

AirAsia X is the low-cost, long-haul affiliate carrier of the AirAsia Group that currently flies to destinations in China, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Middle East. The airline currently serves 19 destinations across Asia (Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Busan, Taipei, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xian, Colombo and Kathmandu), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast) and the Middle East (Jeddah). AirAsia X currently operates a fleet of 16 Airbus A330-300s, each with a seat configuration of 12 Premium Flatbeds and 365 Economy seats. The airline has carried over 12 million guests since it commenced long-haul in 2007. Our vision is to further solidify our position as the global leader in low-cost, long-haul aviation and create the first global multi-hub low-cost carrier network along with other carriers of the AirAsia Group.

India to invite bids for

The April edition of the INDIA SOLAR COMPASS has been launched!


April 28th, 2014

India to invite bids for another 1,500 MW of solar PV under the NSM this year

BRIDGE TO INDIA understands that Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) plans to allocate 1,500 MW of solar PV projects under the National Solar Mission (NSM) towards the end of this year. These new projects are likely to follow the bundling mechanism, similar to phase one of the NSM and unlike the Viability Gap Funding (VGF) mechanism used for the recent 750 MW of NSM projects, where Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) have already been signed for 700 MW and another 50 MW PPAs should be signed soon with the waitlisted bidders.  Apart from that, another 1,000 MW allocation is planned under the VGF mechanism for the next year.

As per the guidelines for phase two of the NSM (2012-2017), 2,320 MW of PV and 1,080 MW of CSP projects were to be allocated through the central agencies by March 2015 (refer). The remaining 5,600 MW of capacity out of the 9,000 MW target was expected to come up through state government initiatives and the Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO) mechanism. However, with only 150 MW of CSP projects implemented to date, PV allocations for central agencies would need to go up to 3,250 MW. Now, with 750 MW of allocations already under way, 1,500 MW of new allocation by March 2015 and another 1,000 MW by March 2016, the capacity allocation plan by central agencies under the NSM will be back on track for phase two of the NSM.

Apart from these initiatives, there are plans to develop one 1,000 MW power project by public sector entities, four power projects of 500 MW each to be allocated to private developers and another 1,000 MW of projects on defense land. State allocations in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan,

Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are expected to contribute significantly to new installed capacity in 2014-15. With 2.5 GW already installed, if the states are able to continue providing new capacity, the target of 10 GW by 2017 for the NSM will most likely be achieved with ease despite failure of the RPO mechanism.

Further, BRIDGE TO INDIA understands that the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has suggested necessary changes in the Electricity Act to ensure enforcement of RPOs.  MNRE and CERC have revived their efforts to boost the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) market but there is no clarity on how and when any new measures will be announced.


Why is India’s renewable sector underachieving?

India is an ideal market for renewable energy. The country is immensely energy hungry but has a supply shortage: It has coal, but of low quality. [Read more]

Why utilities need to wake up to the distributed solar boom

Utilities across the world have so far overlooked or ignored the wave of distributed generation, based on cheap solar power. This, however, represents nothing short of a revolution. [Read more]


If BJP forms a government in May 2014, will it curb imports of solar equipment?

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Coca-Cola XI squad of young cricketing talent announced


Muklit Bhatt, Rajesh Tangri, Rishab Drall and Prashanth Vashishta from Delhi selected to play against foreign team 


  • 15 player squad announced for three-match series against foreign team
  • The talented Muklit Bhatt from Delhi to lead Coca-Cola XI team; Daryl Ferrario from Tamil Nadu is appointed as Vice-Captain
  • Four from Delhi find place in Coca-Cola XI
  • 12,500 young players from across 820 schools in 66 districts participated in 3rd edition of Coca-Cola Cricket Cup


New Delhi, April 27th 2014: Following an intensive training week with the best of cricketing talent at the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup U16 Coaching Camp, the final Coca-Cola XI squad was announced in Mumbai at Air India Ground on Sunday. The announcement was made by Saba Karim, Former Test cricketer and Chief Mentor of the initiative along with Anthony Adams (Head Coach, Cricket India Academy), Sanjay Bhardwaj, Coach of Coca-Cola Cricket Cup and Chetan Sharma, Former Player and P.N. Sankaran, Procam International.  


Of the 27 young cricketers who were a part of the Coaching Camp, the best 15 are picked up for the final squad. The Coca-Cola XI will play against the foreign Team a three match series, scheduled in the month of May.


The team will be lead by Muklit Bhatt from Delhi thanks to an impressive display of cricket and technical skills during the Inter State Tournament and the training camp. The Coca-Cola XI are Captain, Muklit Bhatt, Rajesh Tangri, Rishab Drall, Prashanth Vashishta (Salwan Boys Senior Sec. School, Delhi), Shoeb Khan, Jahangir Ansari ( Al. Barkat Malik M. I. English School, Mumbai), Daryl Ferrario, Joy Kenny (Don Bosco M Higher Secondary School, Tamil Nadu), Mohsin Ali (Sports Campus College, Lucknow , UP), Amrit Lubana (DAV Sr.Secondary School,Punjab), Karan Pawar, Saurin Thakar (Shreyas Samarpan Vidyalay, Baroda), M.Rafi – AP (AVR E-Techno School, Vijayawada), Praneet Raj (St. Jones Jr. College, Hyderabad) and Atul Kushwa (Kiddy’s Corner Higher Secondary School, Gwalior (MP).   


Three players who perform exceedingly well during the series will meet the criteria to travel to the United Kingdom in the next few month to further carve a bright cricketing future for themselves. Procam International will nurture these boys both on and off the field, enabling them to make the best use of their talent and be given opportunities to succeed in the sport of cricket. Players from the previous edition who were provided with an opportunity to hone their skills in the UK were Shivam Chauhan, Delhi, Vikas Dixit, Delhi and Pranjul Puri, Indore.


The 15-player squad was selected based on their technique, talent and passion for the game. The coaching clinic was conducted by renowned cricketers and coaches that included Anthony Adams (Head Coach, Cricket India Academy), Sanjay Bhardwaj, Coach of Coca-Cola Cricket Cup and Chetan Sharma, Former Player. 


More About the Coca-Cola U-16 Cricket Cup

The Coca-Cola Intra-State Challenge will be played in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (all 13 districts), Punjab (eight districts), Baroda, Tamil Nadu (Chennai + 8 districts), West Bengal (Kolkata + 18 districts), Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow, Kanpur & Allahabad), and Madhya Pradesh (4 districts). The format of the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup has been structured to begin with the Intra-State Challenge. The centers that have more than one city or district will play their own inter-district before one winner emerges from each center. The winners from the ten centers will feature in the Inter-State Challenge.


Coca-Cola Cricket Cup’s Vision

BCCI over the past several years has done a tremendous job of enhancing the growth of cricket in India. They have done so by adopting a result oriented approach of organising age group tournaments all over the country through their state associations.

This has helped immensely in carving out talented individuals on a regular basis. Most of these cricketers have moved ahead and have brought laurels for their states and the country.

Seeing the vast potential and growing popularity of this game, Coca-Cola India has a vision of facilitating BCCI in their quest to tap talent. We believe that the future of Indian cricket lies in these young talented budding cricketers. We intend to provide a perfect opportunity and platform to all the youngsters across the country to showcase their talent, skill and equally important, pride and loyalty to their school. It gives BCCI and their affiliated state units a brilliant arena to scout for potential match winners.

We hope that this initiative will serve as an ideal platform to identify and nurture young talented cricketers for them to be able to get noticed by the state associations and BCCI to represent the country on an International level.

About Coca-Cola India

Coca-Cola in India refreshes millions of consumers throughout the country with an exciting range of beverages including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Thums Up, Fanta, Limca, Sprite, Maaza, Maaza Milky Delite, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange, Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh, Minute Maid Mixed Fruit, Minute Maid Apple, Georgia, Georgia Gold, Kinley, Kinley Club Soda, Burn and Nestea through a network of more than one million outlets. The company has invested more than US$ 1 billion in its Indian operations, emerging as one of the country’s top international investors. The Coca-Cola system in India employs more than 25,000 people directly. For more information and details on the company’s Indian operations please visit:

About Procam International

In 1988, with a vision to provide a more holistic spend to the advertising rupee and a burning desire to ameliorate the prevailing professional standards for sportsmen, Anil and Vivek B. Singh created Procam International.

Procam International is today a full-fledged sports management company, involved in the promotion of national and international sporting events, sports consultancy and live television programming.

Procam International has based its corporate philosophy on an open culture, with an emphasis on values and integrity. Procam International has promoted and conducted over 45 world events, which have elicited player participation of the highest caliber, as well as huge public interest

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and the TCS World 10K in Bangalore are three of the most prestigious distance running events in the world. This has established Procam International as the leading sports events creator in India. Its professionalism, attention to detail and dedication has won it the faith of its sponsors and partners.

Incase of any queries, please contact:

Procam International

Neha Parab Kandalgaonkar

+91 9892194965;

Deepak Pilankar

+91 9820798135,

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List of Elections around the WORLD as per NDI  2014 and 2015

1/5/2014 Bangladesh General  
1/14/2014 – 1/15/2014 Egypt Constitutional Referendum  
January Somalia (Puntland) Presidential  
2/2/2014 Costa Rica General  
2/2/2014 El Salvador Presidential  
2/2/2014 Thailand General  
2/20/2014 Libya Constituent Assembly  
3/9/2014 Colombia Legislative  
3/9/2014 El Salvador Presidential Runoff  
3/15/2014 Slovakia Presidential  
3/16/2014 Guinea-Bissau General  
3/16/2014 Serbia Parliamentary  
3/22/2014 Maldives Legislative  
4/5/2014 Afghanistan Presidential  
4/6/2014 Hungary Parliamentary  
April 7 – May 12 India General  
4/9/2014 Indonesia Parliamentary  
4/13/2014 Macedonia Presidential  
4/17/2014 Algeria Presidential  
4/27/2014 Macedonia Presidential Runoff  
4/27/2014 Macedonia Parliamentary  
4/30/2014 Iraq General  
5/4/2014 Panama Presidential  
5/7/2014 South Africa General  
5/16/2014 Dominican Republic Legislative  
5/18/2014 Guinea-Bissau Presidential  
5/20/2014 Malawi General  
5/25/2014 Colombia Presidential (1st Round)  
5/25/2014 Ukraine Presidential  
5/26/2014 – 5/27/2014 Egypt Presidential  
6/3/2014 Syria Presidential  
6/15/2014 Colombia Presidential (2nd Round)  
6/15/2014 Georgia Municipal  
6/15/2014 Ukraine Presidential Runoff  
7/9/2014 Indonesia Presidential  
8/10/2014 Turkey Presidential  
8/24/2014 Turkey Presidential (2nd Round)  
9/17/2014 Fiji Parliamentary  
10/5/2014 Bolivia General  
10/5/2014 Bosnia-Herzegovina General  
10/5/2014 Brazil Presidential  
10/15/2014 Mozambique General  
10/26/2014 Brazil Presidential runoff  
10/26/2014 Uruguay General  
October Botswana Presidential  
11/30/2014 Uruguay Presidential (2nd Round)  
November Lebanon Parliamentary  
November Namibia Parliamentary  
2014 Botswana Parliamentary  
2014 Egypt Parliamentary  
2014 Moldova Parliamentary  
2014 Namibia General  
2014 Niger Parliamentary  
2014 Tunisia Presidential and Legislative  




2/14/2015 Nigeria General  
February Chad Parliamentary  
February Tajikistan Parliamentary  
March Uzbekistan Presidential  
May Ethiopia General  
May Mauritius Parliamentary  
June Burundi General  
July Mexico Parliamentary  
July Togo Presidential  
9/13/2015 Guatemala General  
September Afghanistan Legislative  
September Venezuela Parliamentary  
10/18/2015 Argentina Presidential  
October Cote d’Ivoire Presidential  
October Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary  
October Oman Parliamentary  
October Tanzania Presidential and Parliamentary  
11/20/2015 Belarus Presidential  
November Azerbaijan Parliamentary  
November Burkina Faso Presidential  
November Burma General  
2015 Iran Parliamentary  
2015 Saudi Arabia Municipal  
2015 Sri Lanka Presidential  
2015 Turkey Parliamentary  
2015 Yemen Referendum  
2015 Yemen Parliamentary


Palestinian president says still interested in peace talks with Israel




Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says that he is still interested in continuing peace talks with Israel. They were suspended by Israel, after Abbas’s Fatah faction and the militant group Hamas signed a unity pact this week. 

Abbas was speaking at a meeting of top leaders within the Palestine Liberation Organization, who were gathering for a two-day conference. They were looking to assess the strategy needed for Palestine to achieve statehood, after US-backed talks began to fall apart earlier this month.




Abdullah Abdullah leading Afghan presidential poll


 Afghan election heads for Abdullah-Ghani run-off

Afghan election heads for Abdullah-Ghani run-off
Afghanistan’s presidential election is set for a second-round vote, preliminary results showed, as former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah and ex-World Bank economist Ashraf Ghani both failed to secure a decisive victory.
The head-to-head election will choose a successor to outgoing President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan’s first democratic transfer of power.Whoever wins will have to oversee the fight against a resilient Taliban insurgency as 51,000 US-led troops depart this year, as well as strengthen an economy that relies on declining aid money.


“Based on our results, it appears that the election goes to the second round,” Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani, head of the Independent Election Commission, told a press conference in Kabul.

Abdullah secured 44.9 per cent of the 5th April vote, with his main rival Ghani on 31.5 per cent, according to the preliminary results.

The 2009 election, when Karzai retained power, was marred by fraud in a chaotic process that shook confidence in the multinational effort to develop the country and also marked a sharp decline in relations with the United States.

The final official result is set to be announced on 14th May after a period for adjudication of hundreds of complaints over alleged fraud.

As no candidate gained more than 50 per cent, a run-off between the two leading names is required under the Afghan constitution.

Eight men ran in the election, with polling day hailed a success by Afghan officials and foreign allies as the Taliban failed to launch a major attack despite threats to disrupt the vote.

“The election went pretty good, we are satisfied with it and I think we are prepared if it goes to the second round,” Nuristani said.

Another expensive, and potentially violent, election could be avoided by negotiations between the candidates in the coming weeks, but Abdullah has dismissed talks of a possible power-sharing deal.

Ghani has also vowed to fight on in the run-off, which is tentatively scheduled for 7th June.

 According to preliminary results, for Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah, of the National Coalition of Afghanistan party, is leading the April 5 presidential election with 44.9 percent of the votes, AP reports. However, a runoff is likely, as Abdullah is probably not going to reach the 50 percent required on the first ballot to avoid a second round. The chairman of the Independent Election Commission, Ahmad Yousuf Nouristani, said Saturday that ex-Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is in second with 31.5 percent. The preliminary results are expected to be finalized on May 14, after investigations into fraud complaints. Under the law, a runoff will be held within 15 days after final results are announced.


5 recruits killed in ethnic clashes in S. Sudan



Five trainees have been killed in South Sudan in clashes between troops and local residents, said South Sudan’s military spokesman, Colonel Philip Aguer. He said the clashes resulted from a “misunderstanding”between the military and the civilians. All the victims were the members of the Nuer ethnic minority. Members of the same ethnic group are responsible for killing hundreds of people in the town of Bentiu in April. Rebels, many of whom are Nuer, claim hundreds of Nuer troops have been killed in South Sudan, although the allegations could not be independently verified.


Anti-govt protesters march in Venezuela



Several thousand people have flooded the streets of the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, and other cities in the country to voice their protest against education reform plans and restrictions on the right to demonstrate. At least 3,000 people gathered for a march in Caracas, carrying signs that read, “Education is not indoctrination,”and “Fight for education that teaches us to think and not obey.” Some activists were holding banners reading,“Protesting is my right,” in response to recent restrictions on protests issued by the country’s authorities. Venezuela has been gripped with anti-government protests since mid-February amid an economic slowdown.


Macedonia votes in snap presidential election



Macedonians are electing their president and MPs Sunday, in what is being seen as a test for the ruling conservative party and its ambition to join the EU and NATO. The vote is being held a year ahead of schedule after the ruling conservative VMRO-DPMNE party failed to agree with its Albanian coalition partner, the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), on a joint presidential candidate. The incumbent president, Gjorge Ivanov (VMRO-DPMNE), and Stevo Pendarovski from Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) will compete for the presidency. About 1.7 million voters will also elect new 123 MPs, choosing between 14 parties and coalitions.


South Korean PM resigns over ferry disaster



South Korean PM resigns over ferry disaster
South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won tendered his resignation on Sunday over the sinking of a passenger ferry that left more than 300 people dead or missing. 
The resignation has to be approved by President Park Geun-hye. 


The South Korean government has come in for fierce criticism over the disaster, and the handing of the rescue operation.

Meanwhile, all 15 people involved in navigating the South Korean ferry are now in custody. 

A prosecutor said that authorities have detained four more crew members after warrants were issued.

Eleven other crew members, including the captain, had been formally arrested earlier. 

All are accused of negligence and of failing to help passengers in need as the ferry Sewol sank on 16th April. 

Meanwhile, bad weather prevented the recovery of any of the more-than 100 bodies still missing. 

The confirmed death toll from the tragedy stood at 187, with 115 unaccounted for many bodies are believed trapped in the ferry that capsized on 16th April on a routine voyage to the southern resort island of Jeju with 476 people on board. 


Justice Lodha sworn in as 41st CJI 


Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha, the seniormost judge of the Supreme Court, was on Sunday sworn in as the 41st Chief Justice of India by President Pranab Mukherjee.

64-year-old Justice Lodha took over from Justice (retd) P Sathasivam who demitted office on Saturday after nine months as the head of the judiciary.The brief ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan’s Durbar Hall attended by Vice President Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, some Union ministers, retired and serving judges, members of the Bar, besides Justice Sathasivam. No opposition leader was present at the function.

Justice Lodha, who took oath in the name of god, will have a brief tenure of five months as CJI and is due to retire on 27th September, this year.

He is heading the bench which is monitoring CBI’s probe into coal blocks allocation scam.

He was also instrumental in passing orders making CBI free from any political interference.

A bench headed by him had said that CBI does not require sanction from the government to prosecute senior officials in cases being monitored by courts.

It was Justice Lodha’s bench which had ordered that CBI will not share information with the political executive on coalgate probe.

The judgement had led to the resignation of Ashwani Kumar as the Law Minister in May last year.

He also is part of a Constitution Bench looking into the mode of education of minority schools.

Last month, a bench headed by him had allowed defence personnel in “peace stations” to vote in constituencies where they are posted, saying “compulsions of their job” shouldn’t come in the way of a basic right.

Another bench headed by him had stopped clinical trials in the country, saying the interests of the people were more important than those of pharmaceutical companies.

Later, the government framed rules for monitoring of clinical trials and for paying compensation to people affected in the process.


Obama visit to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines


Obama reached  Tokyo on Wednesday, he will be the first sitting U.S. president to visit Malaysia since Lyndon Johnson in 1966, allies South Korea and the Philippines, the two other stops on his agenda, are also keen to take up security ties.The president landed in Tokyo in the evening, he was the first U.S. leader to visit Japan in nearly two decades>Mr. Obama was greeted by U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, who joined him for a sushi dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo AbeTokyo is the first stop on a four-nation Asian tour,made Tokyo his first stop on tour of Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. US secures larger military presence in Philippines.

Obama has warned North Korea against conducting another nuclear test, and he has reconfirmed the US commitment to the security of South Korea.
Obama spoke to US troops stationed at a US base in South Korea’s capital Seoul on Saturday morning.
Obama said “the 38th Parallel now exists as much as a contrast between worlds as it does a border between nations.” He called South Korea “a democracy that is growing” and described North Korea as “a pariah state that would rather starve its people than feed their hopes and dreams.” Obama said the situation is not the result of a war but the path North Korea has chosen. He described it as a path of confrontation, provocation and pursuing the world’s most dangerous weapons.
Obama warned that North Korea “would go down a lonely road of isolation” if it pursues nuclear weapons.
He reiterated America’s commitment to the security and defense of South Korea and said it has not wavered once in more than 60 years. The president warned that the United States will not hesitate to use its military to defend South Korea.US President Barack Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye have agreed to boost deterrence in regard to North Korea. This comes amid growing concern about a nuclear test by the North. North Korea is apparently preparing for its fourth nuclear test.Obama met Park in Seoul after arriving in South Korea on Friday afternoon, following his 3-day state visit to Japan.
At the start of the summit, Obama commented on the recent ferry accident that left more than 300 people dead or missing. He expressed condolences from the American people for the incredible loss. He said that as allies and friends, Americans join South Koreans in mourning the victims. The two leaders then observed a moment of silence. At a joint news conference after the meeting, Park said that South Korea believes the North is preparing its 4th nuclear test and is ready to conduct it at any time.  She added that President Obama’s visit to her country is a strong message to the North that its provocations are not acceptable. Park said that South Korea and the United States will do everything they can do to deter North Korean from further provocations. President Obama said the two countries have agreed to strengthen their alliance, including their missile defense systems. He stressed that US involvement in South Korea’s security is unshakable and that the North will gain nothing but isolation from provocations.

Obama later left South Korea for Malaysia

 Obama, looking dapper in his dark blue suit and rested despite his hectic trips to Tokyo and Seoul, hurried down the airstairs.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman was the first to greet the President, followed by Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who is the minister-in-attendance.

Arriving in style: Obama walking with the King, followed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri
Najib Tun Razak and Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, during a welcoming ceremony at Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur. — EPA

Among the others standing in line were Wisma Putra secretary-general Datuk Othman Hashim, US Ambassador to Malaysia Joseph Yun and Special Envoy to the United States Datuk Seri Jamaluddin Jarjis. Together with them were also Americas Division Undersecre-tary Datuk Syed Sultan Mohd Idris and Ambasador-designate to the United States Datuk Awang Adek Hussin.

The president was seen exchanging words with those who greeted him, smiling and giving each a pat too. Obama acknowledged scores of others who waited for him, some for as long as four hours, including a large number of media personnel.He smiled and waved at them before being accompanied to The Beast by Khairy.

US National Security Adviser Susan Rice joined him on the ride to Parliament House for the official welcoming ceremony.The security protocol was extremely tight for the president’s arrival, with journalists having to undergo three levels of identity checks. The president’s arrival was telecast live by the local TV networks. Lyndon B. Johnson was the first US president to visit Malaysia way back in 1966.

Obama said the MaGIC initiative was a direct result of the entrepreneurship summit that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hosted last year.

“Around the world, we are helping young entrepreneurs connect, collaborate and start their own businesses, serve their communities, tackle global challenges like expanding education and combating climate change,” he said.

He said the centre served as a “one-stop” shop, so young entrepreneurs can get help to file their patents for their ideas, access to loans and venture capital investments.

“We just had a chance to see some of the innovations… this is the type of entrepreneurship that me and Najib wanted to encourage,” he said.

At the event, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak also announced, in honour of Obama’s visit, the field in front the MaGIC headquarters, in Cyberjaya, would be renamed as the “Obama Oval”.

CYBERJAYA: Malaysia and the United States have pledged to continue their shared commitment to foster more young entrepreneurs, as they will form the bedrock of both countries’ economies in the future.

US President Barack Obama said this was important to provide a chance for youth, so they would be able to create things and start their own businesses.

“The dreams and the talents of these young people help to fuel our economies, create jobs, and bring our countries closer together,” he said in his opening remarks at the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) headquarters, here Sunday.

Among MaGIC’S objectives include monitoring the performance and to house an integrated database of entrepreneurs, provide them with incubators, facilities to help them guard their intellectual property and access to funding, guidance and training.

US and Philippines  reached a 10-year agreement that will allow a larger American military presence in the country, Filipino officials told media on condition of anonymity. The deal allows US troops access to Philippines’ military facilities, where they can base their fighter jets and warships. The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement will be signed Monday, two Filipino officials said.US forces will be able to use military facilities in the Philippines near the area in the South China Sea where Chinese vessels have been increasing their activities.This will be included in a new US-Philippine framework agreement that the two countries have been working on in time for President Barack Obama’s visit to Manila soon. Two countries agreed last year to seek to sign the new agreement to enhance military cooperation. Officials have been negotiating for regular dispatch of US forces and joint use of military bases in the Philippines. A Philippine government source says the new agreement will include three areas for joint military use with the US. They are the Philippines’ largest military base Fort Magsaysay, the Subic Bay area which used to host a US Navy base, and the Ulugan Bay Naval station on the island of Palawan.

RT news writes -Obama hits the South China Sea things will get even choppier. The South China Sea is the heart of Eurasia’s naval hinterland– through which flows a third of the global naval action and of course all those millions of tons of oil being transported from the Indian Ocean across the mega-strategic Malacca strait and then the South China Sea towards East Asia (including, crucially, 80 percent of China’s oil imports.)

The hidden agenda here is for the US Navy to forever remain as the hyperpower in the South China Sea – without allowing Beijing as much as a possibility of reaching parity with it. Thus the Pentagon’s carefully orchestrated propaganda selling the myth that the South China Sea without the hegemonic US would be a hellish chaos.

Obama is visiting Malaysia and the Philippines, two Southeast Asian at opposing poles. Malaysia, for starters, sits between the Middle East and China, at the heart of complex global trade networks. In many aspects, Malaysia may be seen as the heart of Asia.

U.S. President Barack Obama inspects an honor guard during a welcoming ceremony at Parliament Square in Kuala Lumpur April 26, 2014. (Reuters)

U.S. President Barack Obama inspects an honor guard during a welcoming ceremony at Parliament Square in Kuala Lumpur April 26, 2014. (Reuters)

Unlike Vietnam – which is hyper-nationalist – Malaysia, crucially, does not want trouble with China. US warships already “visit” Malaysia at least 50 times a year – and that includes nuclear submarines hanging out in ports in Borneo.

Two French-Spanish submarines bought by Malaysia are stationed at a base in Sabah, near the Spratly islands – where Malaysia claims 12 islands or rocks.

The global war on terror (GWOT) was the perfect pretext for the Pentagon to extend to Malaysia some state of the art radar equipment. So, in a nutshell, after Singapore – which could easily be described as a corporate-friendly US aircraft carrier positioned near the Malacca strait – Malaysia is in fact a very reliable US ally in the South China Sea.

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Robert Vadra companies gist by Anti-AAP Binny


 Vadra & Mrs Vadra looted nation to the core 

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Important Press conference Snapshots














Fire at SupremeCourt Delhi


सुप्रीम कोर्ट में आग लगी   

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AAP demands disqualification of candidates over the violation of election commission rules


AAP demands disqualification of candidates over the violation of election commission rules laid out under chapter VII clause 14 and its sub-clauses.


In what is considered as gross violation of the law and the specific directions issued by the Election Commission of India, the Congress Party, Bhartiya Janta Party, ShivSena, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and the Samajwadi Party issued voter slips bearing  their  party  names, symbols  and  photographs  of their  Candidates  and  leaders. This is despite having it outlined clearly in the handbook handed out by the Election Commission of India falling under violation of chapter VII Clause 14 and its sub‐clauses.


Under Clause 14.2 the identity slips are required to be on white paper and should not contain the name  of  the  candidate  and/or  the  name  of  the  party  and/or  the  election  symbol  of  the candidate/party or any exhortation to vote for the party or for the candidate.  It is specified therein that such slips, if they contain such disallowed information, would amount to canvassing within the polling station, which is not permissible. 


Additionally, several such  voter slips  are  printed  on  costly  paper  and  forwarded to the  voters, resulting in the expenses of such candidates necessarily exceeding the maximum limit allowable to each  candidate.


Mr. Sundar Balakrishnan, party’s Candidate from Mumbai South Central Constituency, during his visits to the polling booths, had also found such slips being used at the Assembly Constituency / Polling Station nos.  180/129,  172/84,  172/88,  181/146,  181/148,  181/165,  181/163,  181/189,  181/188, 181/169 and 181/166. He has specifically lodged his protest in this regard in the visit sheet maintained at the aforesaid polling stations. The other candidates of the party have also noticed similar slips being used at the polling stations and have also brought it to the notice of the Presiding Officers. 


AAP demands disqualification of the candidates that indulged in the aforementioned malpractices which is a serious violation of rules outlined by the Election Commission of India.


Letter to the Election Commission of India is enclosed herewith.



AAP Media Cell​


AAP sets up helpline for disenfranchised voters, demands supplementary elections


AAP sets up helpline for disenfranchised voters and demands supplementary elections


Aam Aadmi Party has complained to the Chief Election Commissioner about the glaring deletions from the Maharashtra State electoral rolls. Lakhs of citizens were shocked to find that despite having what they thought was a valid voter id card their names did not figure in the electoral rolls. Many new voters were deprived of their right to vote because despite making an application in due time, their names were not included in the final rolls.


We say the Election Commission cannot get away by saying that onus is on the citizen to verify his/her name on the electoral rolls. It is natural for a citizen to assume that once enrolled they will not be deleted unless they have requested a change of address, change of citizenry or if they are deceased. The names were deleted either because the election commission failed to verify their existence or due to malicious intent – in either case it takes away the citizens fundamental right to vote and makes a farce of democracy.


We demand that the Election Commission should forthwith verify all the deleted names and allow all valid voters to exercise their votes in a supplementary poll. We will await the Election Commission’s response, failing which we will move to the courts for justice.


We request all citizens who had to face the outrage of being unable to vote to please send your details and we will pursue each case for inclusion.


To register on AAP Right to Vote List


SMS: SMS your <Assembly Constituency No. of Maharashtra> <space> <Voter ID No.> <space> <Name & Surname> at07666496953

Eg: 185 ISD15018161 Meera Sanyal

EMAIL:  Email your below details at

  1.  Assembly Constituency Number:
  2.  Voter ID No.:
  3.  Name:
  4.  Mobile No.

MISS CALL: Give Miss Call at 07666496953


Aam Aadmi Party has strong views on electoral reforms as the only way to safeguard our fundamental rights is to have an honest representative through inclusive, free and fair elections.


Our letter to the Election Commission is attached.



AAP Media Cell


Chikkarangappa lifts Surya Nepal Masters trophy




Chikkarangappa lifts Surya Nepal Masters trophy after playoff win over Shankar Das


Kathmandu, Nepal, April 26, 2014: Chikkarangappa S (69-65-67-72) of Bangalore lifted the Surya Nepal Masters 2014 trophy after defeating Kolkata’s Shankar Das (67-70-68-68) in a playoff at the Gokarna Forest Golf Resort in Kathmandu. Chikkarangappa and Das went into the playoff after both players ended up with the tournament’s best total scores of 15-under-273 from the regulation 72 holes. Abhijit Singh Chadha of Chandigarh and Faridabad golfer Abhinav Lohan were in tied third at 14-under-274.


Chikkarangappa and Shankar made pars on the first playoff hole but the second hole proved to be decisive as Chikkarangappa landed it within seven feet and sank the all-important putt for birdie even as Shankar missed his birdie putt from 15 feet. The 20-year-old Chikka thus bagged his second title and walked away with the winner’s cheque worth INR 4,84,950.


Earlier in the day, Chikkarangappa, the overnight leader by three shots, turned in a card of even-par-72 with three birdies and three bogeys. He started well with a birdie on the third but bogeys on the seventh, eighth and 14th seemed to have almost dashed his title hopes. However, the 2013 PGTI Emerging Player of the Year rallied with long birdie putts on the 16th and 18th to take the match into a playoff.


Chikkarangappa said, “It’s been a fabulous week. My good scores in the second and third rounds set up the win. I made some crucial putts today and didn’t let pressure get the better of me. I recovered well during regulation play despite finding the water on the seventh and hitting it out of bounds on the 14th. There were several contenders in towards the late stages of the final round but I just concentrated on taking the opportunities that came my way. I made a few changes to my game after my first win last year. The main alteration in my game was related to the position of my left hand on the club. The changes have helped me play better.”


Shankar Das, looking for his fifth win, posted five birdies and a bogey in his round of 68. Das, who was overnight tied third, was the leader on Saturday till the 17th hole before Chikka made a birdie on the 18th.


Former champion Abhijit Singh Chadha shared third position with Abhinav Lohan at 14-under. Chadha, who was the leader at one stage on the final day, fired a 68 on day four with six birdies and a double-bogey. Lohan shot a 70 on Saturday.


Local favourite Shivaram Shrestha produced the day’s joint best score, a five-under-67, to secure tied fifth at 13-under-275 and finish as the highest-placed Nepalese golfer. Panchkula’s Angad Cheema joined Shrestha in tied fifth after shooting a 68 in round four.


AAP files Complaint against Narendra Modi to EC


Aam Aadmi Party has filed a complaint with the EC against BJP’;s candidate from the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat Shri Narendra Modi. The party has  furnished video/photo evidence along with the gift pack carrying Modi’;s photo and address of the supplier in Surat. The party has demanded registration of an FIR under sections 171 B/E of the India Penal Code (IPC) against Shri Modi for trying to bribe voters (all relevant docs and photos attached with this release)


The AAP in a separate complaint to the EC has drawn its attention towards the fact that on April 24th the nomination procession/ rally of BJP Lok Sabha candidate from Varanasi Shri Narendra Modi incurred an expenditure of around Rs 6 crore. The party’;s complaint is based on the fact that Shri Modi used a helicopter to arrive at the starting point of the rally and also to leave the city. The party has informed the EC that helicopter rental, hoardings and cutouts bearing Modi’;s photographs will have to be included in its election expenditure. 

The cost of transportation of bringing and taking back people, the distribution of caps T-Shirts, sarees, masks, flags and scarfs – which were distributed in lakhs. according to BJP estimates need to be accounted for. 

(Please find attached the copy of the complaint and other related documents)


AAP Media Cell


Call for Seed Sovereignty: Protect Farmers’ Rights


Bharat Beej Swaraj Manch (India Seed Sovereignty Alliance) – a nationwide network for conserving and regenerating seed diversity and self-reliance – celebrates the International Seed Day on 26th April.  Newly formed, with about 100 present members from 17 states, including many outstanding seed-savers and farmer-breeders of thousands of crop varieties, it urges the great need to embrace, adopt, conserve, promote and exchange traditional seeds. Such seeds, evolved over millennia, offer immense possibilities to adapt to climate change without compromising farmers’ rights and seed sovereignty.
Seed is integral to agricultural progress and the survival and well-being of humanity. Our amazing heritage of seed diversity, adapted to diverse conditions and needs, has the boundless potential to sustain farming and allied rural communities in independence, health and dignity for generations to come! Founded on unique region-specific landraces bred by farmers, these seeds can meet local nutritional needs and adapt to changing climatic conditions.
As an indication of India’s enormous agro-diversity, the National Gene Bank of the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR) boasts that its base collections total 4,02,894 accessions of 1,586 crop species! These include 1,59,569 cereals, 57,523 millets, 58,756 pulses/grain legumes, 58,477 oilseeds, 25,330 vegetables, 6,872 medicinal and aromatic plants, and 3,847 spices and condiments.  Many of these varieties have disappeared from farmers’ fields under the onslaught of the so-called ‘Green Revolution’.
It was reported in the Wall Steet Journal that the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) is offering Multinational Corporations (MNCs) these thousands of rare varieties of crop germplasm for “a small share of the profit!”  The Bharat Beej Swaraj Manch condemns all such naked abetment of bio-piracy, and calls upon all national/international agencies to desist from transfers of genetic material that will end up in private/corporate IPR claims over seed varieties that rightfully belong to the farming communities of India. It further urges all institutions and farmers/communities to keep away from involvement in privatizing community/collective genetic resources and knowledge that are an integral part of our biological, cultural and intellectual commons.
India’s rich heritage of traditional seed varieties in national and international germplasm collections are a vital resource collected from Indian farmers that must be returned to them to safeguard their livelihoods and the people they feed. This is now urgently needed in a scenario of rapidly depleting and increasingly expensive fossil fuels and chemical inputs, together with soil degradation, climate change, water scarcity and erratic weather conditions. 
We thus demand the return of our traditional seeds to our farming communities; and we call upon our government to facilitate and simplify such access to our heritage varieties from national and international germplasm collections; and to support their decentralized conservation in the croplands/regions of origin. Unless our farmers can adopt bio-diverse ecological agriculture with their own locally adapted seeds, severe food scarcity looms ahead.
Two emerging great threats to Indian agriculture and crop diversity are: (i) the granting of private/commercial Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) over our heritage seed/plant varieties; and (ii) the release or field trials of Genetically Modified (GM) crops that can widely contaminate our traditional varieties; and such damage would be unstoppable and irreversible. We thus call for an urgent halt to any such releases or field trials of GM crops. Our priority must be to have in place a cautionary National Bio-safety Law and an effective implementation mechanism to comprehensively guard against the hazards that GM crops pose to human, animal, soil and eco-system health.
The attached ‘India Seed Sovereignty Declaration’ of the national seed savers’ alliance calls for the wide support of all for the urgent demands contained therein! It concludes with a united pledge to protect Mother Earth, the source and sustenance of humanity and myriad species; and it urges all to integrate stewardship and compassion in our education, culture and lifestyle.
We earnestly request all, including media friends and opinion makers, to endorse, publicize and encourage this collective initiative.
-          Bharat Beej Swaraj Manch (India Seed Sovereignty Alliance)
G. Krishna Prasad, Convener, Bharat Beej Swaraj Manch, Ph: 9880862058;
Soumik Banerjee, Co-convener, Bharat Beej Swaraj Manch, Ph: 8294062742;
Sanjay Patil, Co-convener, Bharat Beej Swaraj Manch, Ph: 9623931855
We, the undersigned, associated with Bharat Beej Swaraj Manch (India Seed Sovereignty Alliance), united to achieve self-reliance and revival of diversity with regard to Seed, hereby declare:
1. Like the earth and the sky, the immense biodiversity of seeds, plants and life forms is our collective heritage. Gifted by Nature, and evolved through the cumulative innovations, adaptations and selections of many generations of indigenous farming communities, these seeds and life forms are sacred. They belong to all as an inviolable birthright, essential for survival and well-being; and it is our duty to preserve them for future generations.  They cannot be seen as mere commodities or ‘proprietary intellectual resources’ for corporate profiteering.
2. We refuse to let our genetic commons and bio-cultural heritage be privatized and monopolized by a few; and we assert our sovereign rights to freely plant, use, reproduce, select, improve, adapt, save, share, exchange or sell our seeds – without restriction or hindrance – as we have done for past millennia.
3. India has an enormous wealth of crop diversity. It is a global centre of origin and diversity of rice, with over 90,000 distinct rice varieties collected by Indian agricultural research and germplasm centres. (Some estimates mention over 150,000 varieties!) These grew in farmers’ fields, adapted to diverse conditions. About 19,000 rice varieties were collected by Dr Richharia from just two states, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, of which 1600 varieties were found to be high-yielding. Each variety had distinct nutritional, medicinal, taste/flavour, fragrance, color, shape, size, stress tolerance, productivity-related or other qualities, as well as socio-cultural significance.
4. We have a rich diversity too of wheat, millets, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, tubers, fruits, spices, medicinal plants; and thousands of uncultivated forest foods. Over 25,000 Indian varieties of dry-land crops are held by ICRISAT alone. India’s ‘National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources’ states that the base collections in its ‘National Gene Bank’ total 4,02,894 accessions of 1,586 crop species! These include 1,59,569 cereals, 57,523 millets, 58,756 pulses/grain legumes, 58,477 oilseeds, 25,330 vegetables, 6,872 medicinal and aromatic plants, and 3,847 spices and condiments.  Many of these varieties have disappeared from farmers’ fields under the onslaught of the so-called ‘Green Revolution’.
5. In 2012, the Wall Street Journal broke news on what may be called ‘The Great Gene Bazaar’. It reported that the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) is offering Multinational Corporations (MNCs) 400,000 seed varieties for “a small share of the profit!”  The ICAR Deputy Director General, Mr. Swapan  Datta, is quoted saying, “We have crops that are being grown and adapted very naturally to different geographies. So we have drought tolerant rice, terminal-heat tolerant wheat and salinity-tolerant crop varieties.”
It is well known that MNCs are eager to establish exclusive patent/proprietary rights over our heritage seed varieties handed down over millennia. We condemn all such naked abetment of bio-piracy, as reported in the Wall Street Journal or elsewhere, and we call upon all national/international agencies to desist from transfers of genetic material that will end up in private/corporate IPR claims over seed varieties that rightfully belong to the farming communities of India. We further urge all institutions and farmers/communities to keep away from involvement in privatizing community/collective genetic resources and knowledge that are an integral part of our biological, cultural and intellectual commons.
6. We unitedly resolve to work for the decentralized in situ conservation, regeneration and unhindered use and sharing of biodiversity by farmers, gardeners, indigenous communities, and people at large; and we urge the support of all, including our governments, for such work.
7. Many thousands of our crop seeds have ended up in distant gene banks like the IRRI in Philippines, CIMMYT in Mexico, or Fort Collins in the USA. These seeds represent the collective bio-cultural heritage – including biodiversity, food culture, ecological knowledge and value systems – of local communities that freely shared and passed them down from generation to generation. Such seeds are a vital resource that must be reclaimed to safeguard farm livelihoods and the people they feed, especially in a scenario of rapidly depleting and increasingly expensive fossil fuels and chemical inputs, together with soil degradation, climate change, water scarcity and erratic weather conditions. Unless farmers can adopt bio-diverse ecological agriculture with their own locally adapted seeds, severe food scarcity looms ahead.
We thus demand the return of our traditional seeds to our farming communities; and we call upon our government to facilitate and simplify such access to our heritage varieties from national and international germplasm collections; and to support their decentralized conservation in the croplands/regions of origin.  
8. Today, the danger to our heritage of agro-biodiversity – from commercial, proprietary hybrid seeds and GM (genetically modified) crops – is graver than ever. GM crops pose a severe threat of unstoppable and irreversible contamination of our local crop varieties through cross-pollination, as witnessed extensively in the case of corn (maize) in Mexico. The aggressive marketing of GM crops also drives local varieties out of circulation, as seen in the near total erosion of cotton varieties in India. The serious hazards posed by GM crops to human, animal, soil and eco-system health are widely recognized.
 We thus demand a ban on GM seeds and species, and strict enforcement of liability for any contamination of seeds/plants, and any damage to the health of farmers, consumers, animals, croplands and eco-systems from the use, release or field trials of GM seeds and species. A National Bio-safety law and implementation mechanism must be immediately put in place to comprehensively guard against the hazards of GMOs.
9. We reject the existing patent and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime on life forms, including plant varieties, seeds, and related traditional knowledge; and we demand that all information and material in gene banks be declared as ‘prior art’ to prevent bio-piracy. Such information and material must remain as our collective, open-source heritage, which the governments – as trustees of/for the people – must safeguard from privatization, IPRs, or any kind of exclusive proprietary control/rights.
10. We call upon the Central and State Governments to promote and support diversity-based, holistic ecological agriculture, forestry and related livelihoods – to meet our basic, priority needs in a sustainable manner. Bio-diverse ecological agriculture/gardening should be integrated in the curriculum of schools and educational institutions, which should utilize a part of their premises for such purpose. We call for phasing out agro-chemicals which destroy biodiversity directly and in various pathways. We further call for the promotion of ecologically appropriate and nutritive food crops for local needs over cash crops for distant markets.
11. We are alarmed that the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) – a promising international treaty for the conservation, sustainable use and fair and equitable sharing of biodiversity –has not only failed to meet its objectives, but seems to have degenerated into an international arrangement to facilitate corporate control of our biodiversity. We decry such abdication of original purpose and responsibility; and we reject the narrow definition of “access and benefit”, as a commodity to be traded via monetary payment. We uphold the world-view of Adivasis and local communities, who see “access and benefit” as the unhindered and continuous right over their territories, lands, forests, waters, air, livelihoods, knowledge systems, spirituality, culture and biodiversity. In any event, all ‘Access and Benefit Sharing’ agreements under the CBD must categorically debar the creation of any exclusive rights of ownership, use or control of any biological resources and related knowledge.
12. Biological diversity is intrinsically linked to the rights of Adivasis, farmers, pastoralists, fisher-folk, craftspeople and others to their land and natural resources, and is embedded in the ecological and cultural habitats of communities. We deplore the plunder of such habitats by short-sighted economic expansionism, fuelled by the commoditization and privatization of our biological diversity, natural wealth and ecological commons. Big dams, hazardous nuclear and thermal plants, all kinds of mining, SEZs, mono-culture plantations, land-grabbing, the rise of real-estate speculators, and reckless urban-industrial-consumerist expansion are a massive assault on our biological diversity, trampling the fundamental rights of local inhabitants to a healthy life and sustainable livelihood. We call for an urgent halt to all anti-people, anti-nature, destructive development based on unsound science that also endangers future generations, and the survival of other species.
We pledge to protect Mother Earth, the source and sustenance of humanity and myriad species, and we urge all to integrate stewardship and compassion in our education, culture and lifestyle.
[Note: The above India Seed Sovereignty Declaration (New Delhi, 2014) has been created by Bharat Beej Swaraj Manch (India Seed Sovereignty Alliance), consisting of seed savers, breeders, farmers, gardeners and biodiversity/organic farming activists from all over India. Suggestions for further improvement remain welcome, and will be considered before the national seed alliance adopts a finalized ‘statement of vision’ in its next meeting. Such suggestions may please be sent with copies marked to: 1) Kavitha Kuruganti, Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture (ASHA):; 2) Shamika Mone, Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI):; 3) Krishna Prasad (Sahaja Samruddha):; 4) Jacob Nellithanam:;  and 5) Bharat Mansata: ]


Akhilesh Yadav: Congress ought to help third Front

Akhilesh Yadav: Congress ought to help third Front in formation of government

सैफई (इटावा)। समाजवादी पार्टी के प्रदेश अध्यक्ष और मुख्यमंत्री श्री अखिलेश यादव ने कहा है कि कांग्रेस अगर वाकई में भाजपा जैसी साम्प्रदायिक पार्टी को रोकना चाहती है तो उसे चुनाव बाद केंद्र में बनने वाली तीसरे मोर्चे की सरकार के गठन में मदद करनी चाहिए। लेकिन इसके साथ ही उन्होंने यह भी कहा कि वैसे तो तीसरे मोर्चे की सरकार के गठन में कोई समस्या नहीं आएगी क्योंकि देश के दो तिहाई से ज्यादा राज्यों में तीसरे दलों की जीत होने जा रही है। उत्तर प्रदेश में समाजवादी पार्टी सबसे ज्यादा सीटें जीतेगी। उन्होंने कहा कि कांग्रेस की कमजोरी की वजह से भाजपा देश में मजबूत हुई है।<br /><br /><br /><br />
            मुख्यमंत्री जी ने अपने पैतृक गांव सैफई में वोट डालने के बाद संवाददाताओं से बातचीत में कहा कि देश में केवल समाजवादी पार्टी ही भाजपा, आरएसएस और विश्व हिन्दू परिषद जैसी साम्प्रदायिक ताकतों से लड़ रही है। कांग्रेस ने तो साम्प्रदायिक शक्तियों के सामने हथियार डाल दिए हैं। कांग्रेस को देश के लोगों की जनभावनाओं को समझते हुए चुनाव बाद केंद्र में बनने वाली तीसरे मोर्चे की सरकार के गठन में मदद करनी चाहिए। लेकिन इसके साथ ही उन्होंने यह भी कहा कि तीसरा मोर्चे में शामिल दल चुनाव में इतनी सीटें जीत लेंगें कि किसी और की मदद की जरूरत नहीं पड़ेगी।<br /><br /><br /><br />
             श्री अखिलेश यादव ने कहा कि विकास का असली मॉडल उत्तर प्रदेश मॉडल है। इसीलिए सपा सरकार की नीतियां और कार्यक्रम लोगों को बहुत पसंद आ रहे हैं। हमें बहुत खुशी है कि कुछ राज्यों ने अपने यहां सपा सरकार की योजनाओं और कार्यक्रमों को लागू किया है। उन्होंने कहा कि भाजपा को लोकतंत्र और देश के संविधान में यकीन नहीं है। भाजपा के नेता लोकतांत्रिक तरीके से चुनी हुई सपा की बहुमत वाली सरकार को बर्खास्त करने की धमकी दे रहे हैं। उन्हें शायद यह नहीं पता कि न तो भाजपा सत्ता में आएगी और न ही मोदी का पीएम बनने का सपना पूरा हो पाएगा।<br /><br /><br /><br />
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सैफई (इटावा)। समाजवादी पार्टी के प्रदेश अध्यक्ष और मुख्यमंत्री श्री अखिलेश यादव ने कहा है कि कांग्रेस अगर वाकई में भाजपा जैसी साम्प्रदायिक पार्टी को रोकना चाहती है तो उसे चुनाव बाद केंद्र में बनने वाली तीसरे मोर्चे की सरकार के गठन में मदद करनी चाहिए। लेकिन इसके साथ ही उन्होंने यह भी कहा कि वैसे तो तीसरे मोर्चे की सरकार के गठन में कोई समस्या नहीं आएगी क्योंकि देश के दो तिहाई से ज्यादा राज्यों में तीसरे दलों की जीत होने जा रही है। उत्तर प्रदेश में समाजवादी पार्टी सबसे ज्यादा सीटें जीतेगी। उन्होंने कहा कि कांग्रेस की कमजोरी की वजह से भाजपा देश में मजबूत हुई है।
मुख्यमंत्री जी ने अपने पैतृक गांव सैफई में वोट डालने के बाद संवाददाताओं से बातचीत में कहा कि देश में केवल समाजवादी पार्टी ही भाजपा, आरएसएस और विश्व हिन्दू परिषद जैसी साम्प्रदायिक ताकतों से लड़ रही है। कांग्रेस ने तो साम्प्रदायिक शक्तियों के सामने हथियार डाल दिए हैं। कांग्रेस को देश के लोगों की जनभावनाओं को समझते हुए चुनाव बाद केंद्र में बनने वाली तीसरे मोर्चे की सरकार के गठन में मदद करनी चाहिए। लेकिन इसके साथ ही उन्होंने यह भी कहा कि तीसरा मोर्चे में शामिल दल चुनाव में इतनी सीटें जीत लेंगें कि किसी और की मदद की जरूरत नहीं पड़ेगी।
श्री अखिलेश यादव ने कहा कि विकास का असली मॉडल उत्तर प्रदेश मॉडल है। इसीलिए सपा सरकार की नीतियां और कार्यक्रम लोगों को बहुत पसंद आ रहे हैं। हमें बहुत खुशी है कि कुछ राज्यों ने अपने यहां सपा सरकार की योजनाओं और कार्यक्रमों को लागू किया है। उन्होंने कहा कि भाजपा को लोकतंत्र और देश के संविधान में यकीन नहीं है। भाजपा के नेता लोकतांत्रिक तरीके से चुनी हुई सपा की बहुमत वाली सरकार को बर्खास्त करने की धमकी दे रहे हैं। उन्हें शायद यह नहीं पता कि न तो भाजपा सत्ता में आएगी और न ही मोदी का पीएम बनने का सपना पूरा हो पाएगा।
(राजेन्द्र चौधरी)
प्रदेश प्रवक्ता

World newsline

Afghanistan helicopter crash killing NATO troops


 Five Nato troops have been killed in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan, the Nato-led security mission Isaf has said.

Isaf gave no further details, saying in a statement that it was still reviewing the circumstances of the crash.

Afghan officials said the helicopter had come down in Kandahar province because of a mechanical failure.

The Taliban claimed to have shot down the helicopter, which an Afghan official said crashed in the southern province of Kandahar.

The coalition said it was investigating the circumstances of the crash but gave no other information in a brief statement. It did not release the nationalities of those killed, citing its policy that home countries should identify their dead.

Kandahar provincial police spokesman Zia Durrani said the helicopter went down in the province’s Takhta Pul district in the southeast, about 50 kilometres from the Pakistani border. He said five international troops were killed but did not know what caused the crash.

Taliban claimed to have shot down the helicopter, Afghan official said crashed in the southern province of Kandahar. 

A Taliban spokesman claimed in a text message to journalists that the insurgents shot down the aircraft.

“Today, the mujahideen hit the foreign forces’ helicopter with a rocket, and 12 soldiers on board were killed,” Qari Yousef Ahmadi said. The insurgents frequently exaggerate death tolls in their attacks and falsely have claimed responsibility for incidents before.

Baghdad election rally blasts kill 28:


Baghdad election rally blasts kill 28: Ministry
Twin bombings at a Shiite political party’s rally in Baghdad killed 28 people on Friday, a security spokesman said, just days before nationwide parliamentary elections.

A car bomb followed by a suicide attack hit the campaign rally for the Sadiqun bloc, the political wing of the Asaib Ahel al-Haq militia, interior ministry spokesman Brigadier General Saad Maan said. Dozens more were wounded, he added.

The blasts came at around 5:30 pm (1430 GMT) near the Al-Qanat highway through eastern and northern Baghdad.

Apparently Qais al-Khazali, leader of Asaib Ahel al-Haq, or League of the Righteous, was present.

The rally came with campaigning at a fever pitch ahead of Wednesday’s polls, Iraq’s first since March 2010 and its first national elections since US forces withdrew in late 2011.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is seeking a third term in office, with violence at its worst since 2008 and the country still looking to rebuild after decades of conflict and sanctions that ravaged the economy and infrastructure.

A number of Shiite blocs are battling Maliki for votes in his traditional heartland of central and southern Iraq.

They include Sadiqun but also the Ahrar movement, which is linked to powerful cleric M

G-7 to impose additional sanctions on Russia 


G-7 to impose additional sanctions on Russia
Expressing deep concern at continued Russia-backed efforts to destabilise eastern Ukraine, leaders of the G-7 countries said they have decided to impose additional sanctions on Moscow.
The G-7 comprises Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US.The President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission also signed the joint statement issued by G-7 countries, hours after US President Barack Obama spoke with leaders of Germany, France, Britain and Italy.

“We have now agreed that we will move swiftly to impose additional sanctions on Russia. Given the urgency of securing the opportunity for a successful and peaceful democratic vote next month in Ukraine’s presidential elections, we have committed to act urgently to intensify targeted sanctions and measures to increase the costs of Russia’s actions,” the joint statement said.

In the statement, the leaders expressed their deep concern at the continued efforts by separatists backed by Russia to destabilise eastern Ukraine and their commitment to taking further steps to ensure a peaceful and stable environment for the May 25 presidential election.

“We welcomed the positive steps taken by Ukraine to meet its commitments under the Geneva accord of April 17 by Ukraine, Russia, the European Union, and the United States,” they said.

These actions include working towards constitutional reform and decentralisation, proposing an amnesty law for those who peacefully leave the buildings they have seized in eastern Ukraine, and supporting the work of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The government of Ukraine has acted with restraint in dealing with the armed bands illegally occupying government buildings and forming illegal checkpoints, they said and added that in contrast, Russia has taken no concrete actions in support of the Geneva accord.

“It (Russia) has not publicly supported the accord, nor condemned the acts of pro-separatists seeking to destabilise Ukraine, nor called on armed militants to leave peacefully the government buildings they’ve occupied and put down their arms.

“Instead, it has continued to escalate tensions by increasingly concerning rhetoric and ongoing threatening military manoeuvres on Ukraine’s border,” the statement said.

“We reiterate our strong condemnation of Russia’s illegal attempt to annex Crimea and Sevastopol, which we do not recognise. We will now follow through on the full legal and practical consequences of this illegal annexation, including but not limited to the economic, trade and financial areas,” they said.



Bombers kill 33 at Iraq campaign rally for Shiite


Bombers kill 33 at Iraq campaign rally for Shiite
Suicide bombers killed 33 people at a sports stadium hosting a campaign rally for thousands of supporters of a militant Shiite group before parliamentary elections, authorities said an attack that could unleash more sectarian violence in Iraq.

An al-Qaeda breakaway group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack at the Industrial Stadium in eastern Baghdad, which drew about 10,000 backers of the Iranian-backed Asaib Ahl al-Haq group.It said on a militant website that the bombings were to avenge what it called the killing of Sunnis and their forced removal from their homes by Shiite militias. The authenticity of the claim could not be independently verified.

The attack was a stark reminder of the sectarian violence that has plagued Iraq more than two years after US troops ended an eight-year presence that often served as a buffer between Iraq’s Shiite majority and its Sunni Arab minority.

Last year, the death toll in the country climbed to its highest levels since the worst of the sectarian bloodshed between 2006 and 2008.

The U N says 8,868 people were killed in 2013, and more than 1,400 people were killed in the first two months of this year alone.

The rally was organised to introduce the group’s candidates for Wednesday’s vote. More than 9,000 candidates are taking part and will vie for 328 seats in parliament.

Parts of the Sunni-dominated Anbar province won’t take part in the election due the clashes there between security forces and al-Qaeda-inspired militants.

A top intelligence officer and security officials said a senior Sunni politician in the southern city of Basra, Abdul-Kareem al-Dussary, was shot and killed Friday night in what appeared to be a revenge attack for the Baghdad bombings.

The officer and the officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media.

The resurgence of sectarian violence is in part a reflection of the 3-year-old conflict in neighboring Syria, where forces loyal to President Bashar Assad are battling mostly Sunni rebels whose ranks are dominated by Islamists or militants from al-Qaeda-inspired or linked groups.

Assad follows the Alawite faith, an offshoot of Shiite Islam. Asaib Ahl al-Haq, like Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah, has sent fighters to Syria to join Assad’s side in the civil war.

The bombings at the heavily guarded stadium struck about 10 minutes apart, according to two Associated Press reporters at the rally.

Intense gunfire rang out after the first explosion and continued throughout, but it is not uncommon for Iraqi security forces to fire in the air after major attacks.

Some in the crowd fled to a nearby building under construction in the complex as female parliamentary candidates screamed and prayed for safety.

Others ran from the stadium or took refuge behind the large stage erected for the rally.



To Mári KövesMe
Apr 25 at 6:01 PM
Dear Friends,

As part of the ongoing music lecture series “AN INTRODUCTION TO WESTERN CLASSICAL MUSIC” presented by Dr. Punita Singh we are pleased to invite you for the fourth lecture titled “Late Classical into Romantic” which will take place on Monday, 28th April at 6:00 pm at the Hungarian Centre.
Please mark your calendar and we look forward to your gracious presence.
Kind regards and wishing you all a great weekend,
Hungarian Information & Cultural Centre  
1/A Janpath
New Delhi 110011
Mob 9810040261

Chikkarangappa takes three-shot lead in round three


Kathmandu, Nepal, April 25, 2014: Chikkarangappa (69-65-67) of Bangalore submitted a card of five-under-67 to take a three-shot lead in round three of the Surya Nepal Masters 2014 being played at the Gokarna Forest Golf Resort in Kathmandu. Chikkarangappa’s total stood at 15-under-201 at the end of the penultimate round. Abhinav Lohan (69-69-66) of Faridabad occupied second place at 12-under-204.


Chikkarangappa, who was overnight tied second, took centrestage on day three after a brilliant round of 67 that was dotted with seven birdies and two bogeys. The 20-year-old, looking for his second title, had a sedate front nine with three birdies and two bogeys. Chikka, the 2013 PGTI Emerging Player of the Year, then sank four birdies in what was an error-free second nine.


Abhinav Lohan came up with the day’s joint best score of 66 thanks to his effort of seven birdies against a lone bogey. He thus climbed five places on the leaderboard.


Feroz Ali Mollah of Kolkata also recorded a 66, the day’s joint best score, to climb from overnight tied 11th spot to tied third position at 11-under-205. Mollah made an eagle, seven birdies and three bogeys on Friday.


Kolkata’s Shankar Das joined Feroz in tied third place after posting a 68. Das’ round included a splendid run of five consecutive birdies from the ninth to the 13th.


Round two leader Shamim Khan of Delhi dropped to tied fifth place after returning a 73 on Friday. Chandigarh’s Anhijit Singh Chadha shared fifth position with Shamim at 10-under-206.


Panchkula’s Angad Cheema, who was lying joint second after round two, slipped to seventh spot after a round of 73 on day three that took his total to nine-under-207.


Defending champion Shivaram Shrestha of Nepal was a further shot back in eighth place as he carded a 69 on Friday.

The Karnataka Farmers’ Movement (KRRS) in 1999’

The Karnataka Farmers’ Movement (KRRS) in 1999’

Nehru Memorial Museum and Library

cordially invites you to a Seminar




at 3.00 pm on Friday, 25th April, 2014

in the Seminar Room, Library Building




‘Scaling up or Remaining Rooted?:

The Karnataka Farmers’ Movement (KRRS) in 1999’




 Dr. Stig Toft Madsen

University of Copenhagen,




In the summer of 1999 about five hundred farmers from around the world went to Europe on a month-long Inter-Continental Caravan to protest the genetic engineering of crops and various icons of globalisation such as the World Trade Organisation. The Caravan was conceived by – among others – Professor M.D. Nanjundaswamy, the leader of the Karnataka Rajya Ryota Sangha (KRRS). His movement derived great mileage from critiquing globalization, but raising the stakes precipitated the virtual bifurcation of the KRRS in the aftermath of the Caravan.  


Dr. Stig Toft Madsen is a Danish anthropologist cum sociologist who has worked extensively on South Asian political, legal, social and natural history.  He is affiliated with NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Modi: Thank you Varanasi.

Thank you Varanasi. No words will describe the affection you have showered today. Truly touched.

My coming to Varanasi is like a child going to his Mother. I have come to this divine land on the call of Ganga Mata. I am emotionally touched & moved to see the enthusiasm& hardwork of our Karyakartas. We are very proud of you all.

I thank the policemen and security forces who were there during the entire roadshow & nomination process

Shri Narendra Modi filed his nomination papers from the Varanasi Lok Sabha Constituency in Uttar Pradesh

I am grateful to the people of Kashi for the affection. I bow to this land and the culture: Shri Modi in Varanasi

I want to serve this land. I want to serve the weavers here. May Kashi emerge as the spiritual capital: Shri Modi in Varanasi

Narendra Modi's photo.
Narendra Modi's photo.
Narendra Modi's photo.
Narendra Modi's photo.

The sixth phase of LS polling


Voters on Thursday turned up in good numbers in many of the 117 constituencies in 11 states and Union Territory of Puducherry in the sixth phase of Lok Sabha polls in which stakes are high for the Congress, BJP and number of other parties like AIADMK, DMK, NCP and Shiv Sena.
About 40 percent of the 180 million were eligible to vote on Thursday – in 201,735 polling centres in 11 states and Puducherry. The Election Commission said the entire exercise went on smoothly. However, in Assam, a policeman was killed in Kokrajhar constituency when a mob stoned security personnel. 

Balloting was also low in Mumbai, India’s financial and entertainment capital where senior politicians, industrialists, Bollywood actors and the commoners stood in the same queues to vote.

Actors who voted early asked fellow Indian to vote without fail. “I cast my vote. So must every Indian who is eligible. Be responsible,” actor John Abraham tweeted.

But both in Mumbai and elsewhere in Maharasthra, where polling took place in 19 constituencies, Muslims came out in large numbers to vote amid BJP’s claims of a nationwide “Modi wave”.

Actors Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan as well as Chief Minister Jayalalithaa were among those who voted early in Tamil Nadu, all of whose 39 seats went to the polls Thursday.

Both AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa and her West Bengal counterpart Mamata Banerjee of the Trinamool Congress hope to garner most Lok Sabha seats in their states to play a major role in the event of a hung parliament.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh flew to Assam to vote, and claimed there was no “Modi wave” in the country.

Among the star contestants in the state are President Pranab Mukherjee’s son Abhijit Mukherjee (Jangipur).

The states which saw polling Thursday were Tamil Nadu (39 seats), Maharashtra (19), Uttar Pradesh (12), Madhya Pradesh (10), Chattisgarh and Bihar (seven each), West Bengal and Assam (six each), Rajasthan (five) and Jharkhand (four) and Jammu and Kashmir as well as Puducherry (one each).

In Varanasi, cheered by thousands of supporters, Modi filed his nomination papers for the Lok Sabha battle that will pit him against AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and Ajay Rai of the Congress.

A mass of Bharatiya Janata Party activists, many waving party flags and sporting saffron caps, as well as residents walked with Modi as his open vehicle crawled through the streets to the district magistrate’s office.

With Thursday’s round of balloting — three more are to take place, and the results will be declared May 16 — the Lok Sabha election has ended in seven states.

WhatsApp crosses half-a-billion user mark

  WhatsApp crosses half-a-billion user mark
Instant messaging app WhatsApp has crossed the half-a-billion user mark on the back of strong growth in emerging markets like India and Brazil.

The company, which was acquired by social networking giant Facebook in February this year for USD 19 billion, was founded in 2009 by Ukrainian Jan Koum and American Brian Acton. “Thanks to all of you, half a billion people around the world are now regular, active WhatsApp users,” WhatsApp said in a blog post. It has grown fastest in countries like Brazil, India, Mexico and Russian in the last few months, WhatsApp said. “Our users are also sharing more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos every single day,” it said. The firm had around 450 million monthly active users globally and more than 320 million daily active users as of March this year. A Silicon Valley start-up, WhatsApp has been bullish on the use of technology in India for serving the society. “Doctors in India are using WhatsApp to instantly send electrocardiogram pictures of patients who’ve suffered heart attacks, saving valuable time and potentially lives,” the firm said in a post in February this year.

Agilent launch new entity Keysight Technologies



Agilent Technologies Inc. the world’s premier test and measurement company, today concluded the 8th annual Aerospace and Defense Symposium in New Delhi. The Symposium is an annual property of Agilent Technologies and is India’s biggest technical gathering of Aerospace and Defense engineers and scientists working on cutting edge Strategic Electronics. This year the symposium focused on military communications, electronic warfare and radar systems, apart from detailing the challenges in test and measurement.

The symposium, organized by Agilent in partnership with IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Association of Old Crows (AOW)-India Chapter, and IESA (Indian Electronics &amp; Semiconductor Association), spanned across Bangalore, Hyderabad and concluded today in New Delhi. Over 600 delegates participated in various technical sessions on radar, electronic warfare, military communication, avionics, navigation systems, among others, which redefine the design and development of aerospace/defense systems.

Mr. Sudhir Tangri, Country Manager, Agilent Technologies Electronic Measurement Group said, “We see huge potential in the Aerospace &amp; Defense segment, which is occupying more and more space in the country’s long term strategic planning. India is an extremely important market for us globally, which is affirmed by our continued focus with the A&amp;D symposium. We will remain focused on delivering industry defining solutions for the sector with the next phase of our evolution, Keysight Technologies.”

Agilent Technologies has been providing the Aerospace and Defense industries with products and services for more than 75 years. For Agilent, the Aerospace and Defense segment is a major contributor to their business in India and worldwide. The Aerospace and Defense Symposium 2014 was attended by key influencers from the aerospace and defense sector. The Symposium was enriched by open forums that featured discussions and demonstrations of the latest products and features by Agilent.

News -: Believe it or not




BBC World News

Dramatic CCTV video: Pensioner hit by a high speed train but walks away with minor injuries.

The 77-year-old was filmed walking through a level crossing in the Czech Republic. Police said the man suffered minor injuries and will face a fine of 2500 Czech Crowns ($125) over the incident.


AIR Media news


* लोकसभा की 117 सीटों पर शांतिपूर्वक मतदान। असम और पश्चिम बंगाल में भारी और अन्य राज्यों में सामान्य मतदान की खबर।

* जम्मू कश्मीर के अनंतनाग में सुबह धीमी गति से शुरू हुए मतदान में बाद में तेजी।

* भाजपा नेता नरेन्द्र मोदी ने वाराणसी लोकसभा सीट से नामांकन पत्र दाखिल किया।

* प्रधानमंत्री ने कहा-मोदी लहर मीडिया ने बनाई।

* गिरिराज सिंह को गिरफ्तार करने के लिए बिहार और झारखंड पुलिस के संयुक्त दल का पटना में उनके आवास पर छापा, लेकिन वे नहीं मिले।

* केन्द्र ने उच्चतम न्यायालय को सूचित किया-वह लोकपाल संस्था के अध्यक्ष और सदस्यों की नियुक्ति के बारे में तुरन्त कोई फैसला नहीं करेगा।

* आईपीएल :आज शारजाह में राॅयल चैलेंजर्स बैंगलोर का मुकाबला कोलकाता नाइटराइडर्स से।

International Tractors Ltd. signs agreement with L&T Finance


International Tractors Ltd. signs Private Label agreement with L&T Finance

L&T Finance to provide retail tractor loans to Sonalika Customers


Delhi, April 22, 2014: International Tractors Ltd. (Sonalika Group) recently announced its partnership with L&T Finance (LTF) for tractor financing.


The Partnership aims at providing easy credit and financing benefits to Sonalika’s customers across the country. Marked with attractive interest rates, customized repayment options and additional benefits for farmers, the association shall prove to be a boon for prospective Sonalika buyers in the country.

Sonalika is the fastest growing tractor manufacturing company in the country and has witnessed more than 25 % growth in the last two consecutive years.  With high demand of its Heavy duty tractors, the company plans to sell more than1 lac tractors in FY-15. L&T Finance which offers a wide spectrum of financial products and services for trade, industry and agriculture, is looking to further expand its base in rural retail financing. This strategic partnership will bring synergy for both the companies while benefitting their existing markets.


Commenting on the same Mr. A.S Mittal, Vice Chairman, International Tractors Ltd said “ Our country ranks second in farm output and Mechanization of farming has played a crucial role in increasing agricultural productivity with tractors and farm equipment forming an integral part of this overall growth . As a consumer centric company, our policy has been to maximize grass root benefits for our customers. With this tie-up we hope to reach out to those customers who are in need of tractors and are looking for funds to buy them. This tie-up will provide easy and hassle free finance options for them.”


Adding to this Raman Mittal, Executive Director, ITL said “At Sonalika, We relentlessly look at options to provide the best schemes to our customers and give them the power of choice. This strategic agreement is a step in the same direction. L&T finance offers innovative products and services at affordable rates. With highly competitive schemes for Tractors, we are hopeful of a good response from our dealers and customers”.

PM in waiting utilises time to address Press


TimeMgmt: PM in waiting utilises time to address Press – extempore, no written note. Free to fly to Bihar soon after. 

Embedded image permalink

Morning Post


चुनावों को लेकर न्यूज चैनल्स की कवरेज पर क्या बोले मीडिया इंडस्ट्री के दिग्गज…


तमाम न्यूज चैनल्स लोकसभा चुनावों के दौरान पूरी तरह से सक्रिय नजर आ रहे हैं। हफ्तेभर चलने वाले प्राइम टाइम स्लॉट को सप्ताहांत तक बढा दिया गया है…


भास्कर समूह के अखबार डीएनए और बिजनेस भास्कर होंगे बंद
देश के बड़े मीडिया ग्रुप भास्कर समूह ने अपने दो समाचार पत्रों डीएनए और बिजनेस भास्कर के कुछ संस्करणों को बंद करने का फैसला किया है… 


‘मीडिया की वास्तविक दुनिया किताबों में बताई गई दुनिया से बहुत अलग है’


श्रुति सिंह मीडियाकॉम कम्युनिकेशंस की बिजनेस ग्रुप हेड हैं जहां वो पीएंडजी अकाउंट हैंडल करती हैं। मीडियाकॉम से पहले वे मैडीसन इंडिया में थीं और वहां भी यही अकाउंट हैंडल कर रही थीं…


जल्द ही आपके सामने होगी ‘इंपैक्ट’ की टॉप 30 अंडर 30 लिस्ट


पहले रोमांचक साल के बाद ‘इंपैक्ट’ अपने दूसरे संस्करण में  टॉप 30 अंडर 30 लिस्ट लेकर फिर से हाजिर है…


ट्विटर की माने तो मुम्बई में नहीं मोदी लहर, शिवसेना को होगा बड़ा फायदा


24 अप्रैल को मुम्बई वोट डालने की तैयारी कर रहा है तो हमने 16वीं लोकसभा के लिए चुनाव मैदान में उतरी राजनीतिक पार्टियों और उम्मीदवारों को लेकर मुम्बई की ट्विटर पब्लिक की साधारण भावना को जानने की कोशिश की…


यू-ट्यूब पर केजरीवाल ने मारी बाजी, बने नंबर वन राजनेता
जैसे-जैसे लोकसभा चुनाव समाप्ति की ओर बढ़ रहा है इसका प्रचार भी तेजी पकड़ रहा है… 


विज्ञापनों पर सरकारी पैसे का दुरुपयोग रोकने के लिए सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने बनाई कमेटी


सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने बुधवार (23 अप्रैल, 2014) को एक ऐसी कमेटी का गठन किया है, जो अखबारों और टीवी में विज्ञापन देने के सरकारी रकम के दुरुपयोग पर अंकुश लगाने वाली गाइडलाइंस तय करेंगी…


जियो टीवी के लाइसेंस की समीक्षा के लिए बनी समिति, अमेरिकी मीडिया ने जताई चिंता


पाकिस्तान के रक्षा मंत्रालय द्वारा जियो टीवी पर लगाए आरोपों की जांच के लिए तीन सदस्यीय पैनल का गठन किया गया है…


टीचइंडिया के साथ जुड़कर आप कर सकते हैं जरूरतमंदो की मदद
आज तेजी से दौड़ती भागती जिंदगी में अंग्रेजी की जरूरत और भी गहराई से महसूस की जाने लगी है… 


दुनिया के सबसे प्रभावशाली लोगों की दौड़ में केजरीवाल ने मारी बाजी, मोदी दूसरे नंबर पर
लोकसभा चुनाव के नतीजे आने में भले ही अभी थोड़ा समय लगे, लेकिन एक सर्वे में ने ये खुलासा कर दिया है… 


पाक की माटी में समाकर सुकून भरी चिरनिद्रा में खो गए खुशवंत सिंह
अपनी जन्मभूमी से बेइंतहा प्यार करने वाले वरिष्ठ पत्रकार व लेखक खुशवंत सिंह का सपना पूरा हो गया… 


बुक डोनेशन कैंप में कीजिए अपनी पुरानी किताबें दान
एज्यूकेशन टाइम्स ने ‘बुक बेक’ नाम से 23-24 अप्रैल को एक बुक डोनेशन कैंप का आयोजन किया है। इस कैंप में आप अपनी पुरानी किताबें दान कर सकते हैं। 


ओम्नीकॉम मीडया ग्रुप की लोकल सर्विस संभालेगा रेजोल्यूशन मीडिया


ओम्नीकॉम मीडिया ग्रुप इंडिया ने घोषणा की है कि उसने सर्च, सोशल और परफॉर्मेंस मार्केटिंग में अपनी लोकल सर्विस को रेजोल्यूशन मीडिया के अंतर्गत कर दिया है…


बीबीसी के सीओओ बने नवीन झुनझुनवाला

बीबीसी ग्लोबल न्यूज लिमिटेड ने इंडियन ऑपरेशंस के लिए नवीन झुनझुनवाला को सीओओ के पद पर नियुक्ति किया है।





Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 6.7
  • 24 Apr 2014 03:10:13 UTC
  • 23 Apr 2014 19:10:13 near epicenter
  • 24 Apr 2014 07:10:13 standard time in your timezone
Location 49.847N 127.425W
Depth 11 km
  • 94 km (58 mi) S of Port Hardy, Canada
  • 157 km (97 mi) W of Campbell River, Canada
  • 176 km (109 mi) W of Courtenay, Canada
  • 201 km (124 mi) WNW of Port Alberni, Canada
  • 335 km (207 mi) WNW of Victoria, Canada

CM of UP Akhilesh Yadav Samajwadi Party address for Jai Parkash Rawat


मिश्रिख (सीतापुर, समाजवादी पार्टी के प्रदेश अध्यक्ष और मुख्यमंत्री श्री अखिलेश यादव ने भाजपा के प्रधानमंत्री पद के उम्मीदवार नरेंद्र मोदी पर करारा हमला बोला है। उन्होंने कहा कि मोदी भाजपा में आरएसएस और विश्व हिन्दू परिषद के प्रतिनिधि हैं। नरेंद्र मोदी अगर देश के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे तो वह आरएसएस और विश्व हिन्दू परिषद के साम्प्रदायिक और विभाजनकारी एजेंडे को लागू करेंगे। भाजपा का न तो अपना कोई कार्यक्रम है और न ही अपना कोई एजेंडा है। भाजपा को आरएसएस और विश्व हिन्दू परिषद से जो दिशा-निर्देश मिलता है वह उसी के मुताबिक काम करती है।

मिश्रिख लोकसभा सीट से समाजवादी पार्टी के उम्मीदवार श्री जयप्रकाश रावत के समर्थन में आयोजित एक चुनावी जनसभा को संबोधित करते हुए अखिलेश यादव ने कहा कि नरेंद्र मोदी के शासन में गुजरात में दंगे हुए। जिसमें हजारों मासूम और निर्दोष लोगों की जान गई। नरेंद्र मोदी की सिर्फ यही एक उपलब्धि है। इसके अलावा मोदी के नाम पर कोई उपलब्धि नहीं है। मोदी के शासन में गुजरात में विकास कार्य नहीं हुए। गुजरात मॉडल को धोखा और छलावा बताते हुए मुख्यमंत्री ने कहा कि गुजरात विकास के मामले में बहुत पीछे है। भाजपा गुजरात मॉडल का झूठा प्रचार कर रही है।
महाऋषि दधीचि की तपोस्थली मिश्रिख को ऐतिहासिक और पौराणिक क्षेत्र बताते हुए श्री अखिलेश यादव ने कहा कि भाजपा बहुत चालू पार्टी है। कुछ साल पहले इस पार्टी ने देश भर में झूठी अफवाह फैलाकर मूर्तियों को दूध पिलवा दिया। उन्होंने कहा कि देश के ज्यादातर राज्यों में तीसरे मोर्चे के दलों की जीत होगी। चुनाव के बाद केंद्र में तीसरे मोर्चे की सरकार बनेगी। तीसरे मोर्चे की सरकार में सपा की अहम भूमिका होगी।
लोकसभा चुनाव को देश के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण बताते हुए उन्होंने कहा कि उत्तर प्रदेश की जनता जिसे चाहेगी, वही देश का अगला प्रधानमंत्री होगा। उत्तर प्रदेश में लोकसभा की सबसे ज्यादा 80 सीटें हैं और यहां सपा के पक्ष में हवा है। लोगों की इच्छा है कि समाजवादी पार्टी के राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष श्री मुलायम सिंह यादव को देश का अगला प्रधानमंत्री बनना चाहिए। उनके स्तर का कोई और राजनेता नहीं है।
(राजेन्द्र चौधरी)
प्रदेश प्रवक्ता

Samajwadi Party's photo.
Samajwadi Party's photo.
Samajwadi Party's photo.

 Vote for Gangs of Hasseepur


Vote for Gangs of Hasseepur


The first-of-its-kind ‘political’ party that
will live up to its promise …!


New Delhi, 23rd April, 2014:  Guys … There’s a new ‘political’ party being formed on the eve of elections … and it has only ONE promise that it intends to live up to – That of making you laugh! Fikar not … this one’s not about to stand you up like the rest! After all, this special party is nothing but Zee TV’s first-of-its-kind ‘variety’ comedy show. Be it your classic Indian style hasya kavis who’ll make you laugh at the very life issues that usually make you cry or new-age stand-up comedians whose hilarious spoofs will bring you the asli chehras of some of the most talked-about netas, actors and sports figures, ‘Dabur Glucose D Gangs of Hasseepur’, that launches on Saturday, 26th April and airs everySaturday- Sunday at 8 PM on Zee TV, has all that it takes to tickle your funny bone!


Peppered with anecdotes plucked out of your own life, the show will see funnymen Raju Shrivastav and Suresh Menonleaving viewers in splits  with their witty punches and comic timing. Comedienne Bharti Singh will add her own flavor of masti to all the madness on the show. The gorgeous divas Mandira Bedi and Tanishaa Mukherjee will step in as theHasseepur ki Haseenayein, adding to the glamour quotient of the gang. Known for her penchant for comedy, the vivacious Ragini Khanna will be seen as the host of the show. With rib-tickling impersonations of famous personalities and spoofs on topical issues that affect human life, here’s a show that seems set to make you fall off your chairs!


Speaking of the new show, Zee TV Programming Head Namit Sharma said, “It’s not because we also wanted a comedy show that we are doing this. The idea behind it is to reflect what’s happening in the country and humour is the best way. The whole show is meant to have fun. The line of the show is ‘Jo cheezein aapko rulati thi, wohi aaj hasaayengi’. Everything that is a pain point for the country is fodder for humour on the show. It’s a variety show with different styles of comedy. It’s election-related with issues like inflation, lack of trust in the politicians, etc forming the basis of humour.”


Comedy veteran Pankaj Saraswat who is co-producing the show with Zee’s in-house production arm Essel Vision Pvt Ltd, said, “Gangs of Hasseepur is a melting pot of diverse styles of humor presented by different types of comedians. In addition to stand-up heavyweights like Suresh and Raju, the show will feature some of the finest stand-up talent from across the country. It’s an open platform for celebrating different styles of comedy that Indian television hasn’t experienced yet.”


Returning to the tube after creating quite a stir on reality television, Tanishaa Mukherjee is all kicked about the new show, “While humor is subjective, there are certain things that we collectively feel strongly about – as a nation. One of them is the upcoming elections and the state of affairs in the country. When you have humor that is linked to such a theme that everyone relates to and actively discusses – it immediately becomes universal in its appeal. So, I strongly feel the show has the potential to instantly connect with the audiences!”


The gorgeous Mandira Bedi who turns to Comedy, yet another male-dominated genre after sports, says, “I feel a natural connect with comedy. I’ve lived my life, with an eye for the funny. My upbringing has instilled a sense of humor in me and I tend to look at the lighter, quirkier side of everything. We’ve shot just two episodes but I already feel at home on this show!”


Get prepared to handle the madness as the Gangs of Hasseepur are about to attack … ‘Dabur Glucose D Gangs of Hasseepur’ starts on 26th April, airs every Sat-Sun at 8 PM, only on Zee TV!

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Stop personal attacks on Modi: Jaitley


Stop personal attacks on Modi: Jaitley on Priyanka’s remarks
           Stop personal attacks on Modi: Jaitley on Priyanka
A day after Priyanka Gandhi said she strongly feels about attacks on her husband Robert Vadra, BJP on Wednesday said that while she wants people to refrain from personal attacks, Congress has been targeting Narendra Modi on a variety of issues including his marital status.
Agreeing that “personal issues” should not be raked up, BJP leader Arun Jaitley said, “issues of probity are public issues. They are not personal issues.” 

He was apparently referring to allegations relating to land deals against Vadra. Jaitley said he was glad Priyanka has made a statement on Vadra and “I only hope her immediate family and her party heeds to her advice.”

He said Priyanka’s friends in the Congress would now hopefully realise that they had personalised their attack on Modi relating to his marital status, the snoopgate issue “without a shred of evidence”.

Breaking her silence, Priyanka had on Tuesday said: “When you watch TV, what do you see? Harsh words, humiliation of my family. A lot of things are said about my husband. I feel pained. I feel pained, not for myself, also not because somebody you are humiliating somebody and the truth is not being told,… “…everyday I tell my children that the truth will prevail…. I feel pained at the kind of politics that has come to the fore in these elections.”

Though she did not name anybody, she was clearly referring to BJP’s attack on Vadra.

Talk on book “Rise & Decline of global Security Actor” at CPR : Anne Hammerstad



Syria lawmaker becomes first presidential challenger


Syria lawmaker becomes first presidential challenger
A Syrian lawmaker has registered as the first-ever challenger for the presidency in an upcoming election expected to return incumbent Bashar al-Assad to power, the speaker of parliament said on Wednesday.
“We have received information from the higher constitutional court that member of parliament Maher Abdel Hafiz Hajjar has filed his candidacy for the post of president of the Syrian Arab Republic,” state television quoted Mohammad Lahham as saying. 

Hajjar, an independent MP, was born in Aleppo in 1968, the broadcaster said.

His candidacy was announced two days after Lahham said Syria would hold a presidential election on June 3.

Assad, who became president on the death of his father Hafez in 2000 and whose current term ends on July 17, is expected to stand and win another seven-year term despite the three-year-old civil war.

It will be Syria’s first presidential election — previously a referendum was held on a single candidate but that system was replaced by an amendment to the constitution.

Election rules require candidates to have lived in Syria for the last decade, effectively preventing key opposition figures in exile from standing.

The Syrian opposition has slammed the planned election as a “farce,” while the United Nations and the Arab League have said it poses a major obstacle to efforts for a negotiated peace.

The conflict has killed more than 150,000 people and nearly half of Syria’s population has been displaced.

Violence continues to ravage many parts of the country, even reaching the heart of the capital, which has come under repeated mortar fire by opposition fighters on its outskirts.

The government has not laid out how it plans to hold a credible election with large swathes of the country outside its control.

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Wednesday 23 April 2014
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वरिष्ठ पत्रकार शाजी जमां से बोले नरेंद्र मोदी, ‘देश को नहीं चाहिए डरपोक मीडिया’


मंगलवार को एबीपी न्यूज के शो ‘घोषणापत्र’ में बीजेपी के पीएम उम्मीदवार नरेद्र मोदी ने तमाम सवालों के साथ मीडिया के बारे में अपनी राय रखी…


हामिद मीर पर हमले के बाद मुश्किल में जियो टीवी, रक्षा मंत्रालय की लाइसेंस रद्द करने की मांग


एक जानलेवा हमले में जख्मी हुए पाकिस्तान के वरिष्ठ पत्रकार व जियो टीवी के संपादक हामीद मीर अभी अपनी इस हालात से उबर भी नहीं पाए थे…


अमर उजाला के साथ जुड़कर पत्रकारिता में कॅरियर बनाने का मौका
क्या आपकी रुचि समसामायिक मुद्दों को पढ़ने-समझने में है, क्या आपको अपनी बात लिखने की दक्षता है, क्या हिंदी-अंग्रेजी पर आपकी अच्छी पकड़ है… 


पूर्व न्यूज एंकर शाजिया के लिए कम्युनल का मतलब सामुदायिक होता है


कभी स्टार न्यूज जैसे प्रतिष्ठित चैनल की एंकर रही आम आदमी पार्टी की नेता शाजिया इल्मी अब फिर विवादों में आ गई हैं…


टीवी टुडे: इनपुट की जिम्मेदारी रिफत की जगह अब संजय बरागटा को मिली


टीवी टुडे ग्रुप में चुनावी मौसम में एक बड़ा बदलाव किया गया है, बीच चुनाव में टीवी टुडे ग्रुप के चारों चैनल्स के मैनेजिंग एडीटर इनपुट रिफत जावेद का काम अब संजय बरागटा को दिया गया है…


‘घोषणापत्र’ का बदला स्वरूप नहीं भाया ओम थानवी को, शाजी की संजीदगी पसंद आई, प्रभु चावला-मोदी को मारा ताना


एबीपी न्यूज के ‘घोषणापत्र’ कार्यक्रम में मंगलवार को बीजेपी की ओर से प्रधानमंत्री पद के उम्मीदवार नरेंद्र मोदी का इंटरव्यू एबीपी समूह के ग्रुप एडिटर शाजी जमां…


डीएनए से सरबोजीत चटर्जी पहुंचे जी, बने एसवीपी


जी इंडिया इंटरप्राइसिस लिमिटेड ने हिन्दी एंटरटेनमेंट चैनल्स जी टीवी, जी अनमोल, स्माइल, 9x और जी टीवी एचडी के लिए सरबोजीत चटर्जी को सीनियर वाइस प्रेजिडेंट, मार्केटिंग नियुक्त किया है…


चुनाव के वक्त निष्पक्ष रह पाना बहुत मुश्किल होता है। सारे के सारे अखबार, टीवी चैनल्स और सोशल मीडिया किसी न किसी योद्धा के संग खड़े नजर आते हैं…

डेविड कोहेन ने अंग्रेजी अखबार द हिंदू में लिखे अपने लेख में भाजपा के प्रधानमंत्री पद के उम्मीदवार नरेन्द्र मोदी की तुलना पूर्व अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति रोनाल्ड रीगन से की है…

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Modi, Priyanka hits out at each other


Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday launched a direct attack on BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi by referring the snoopgate issue.
Addressing a public meeting in Rae Bareli, Priyanka said that a person who eavesdrop the conversations of women has no right to talk about women empowerment. 

Priyanka also said that this time the elections are not limited to the victory of a candidate, but are important to ensure country’s unity.

She was speaking at a public meeting in Rae Bareli. Priyanka is campaigning for her mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi who is seeking re-election from Rae Bareli.

On Priyanka’s plea to stop personal attacks, Arun Jaitley takes a dig at Congress and asked Congress to stop personal attacks on Narendra Modi including his marital status.

BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today addressed a rally at Kalol in Gandhinagar constituency.

He said that Congress has always worked to benefit the family and not the common people.

Modi alleged that the mother-son government has looted the country.

Wooing voters to come up and vote for Lal Krishna Advani in Gandhinagar, Modi said that Advani has lived a life of a monk and he has a clean image.

However, what was astonishing about the rally that the rally ground did not had any image or poster of Lal Krishna Advani, who is contesting from Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

SC forms panel for guidelines on govt ads showing politicians 



SC forms panel for guidelines on govt ads showing politicians
The Supreme Court on Wednesday set up a committee for framing guidelines to prevent misuse of public funds by the government and its authorities in giving advertisements in newspapers and television to get political mileage.
A bench headed by Chief Justice P Sathasivam said that substantive guidelines are needed to regulate such advertisements at the cost of public exchequer and constituted a four-member committee comprising former Director of National Judicial Academy, Bhopal, N R Madhava Menon, former Lok Sabha Secretary T K Viswanathan, senior advocate Ranjit Kumar and Secretary of Information and Broadcasting Ministry. 

The apex court asked the committee to submit its report within three weeks.

The court passed the order on a PIL filed by NGOs, Common Cause and Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL) pleading it to frame guildelines.

The petition has sought issuance of guidelines for curbing ruling parties from taking political mileage by projecting their leaders in official advertisements.

The counsel, appearing for Common Cause, had earlier said that the glorification of politicians linked to the ruling establishment, in order to attain political mileage at the cost of public exchequer, was violative of Article 14 of the Constitution.

The counsel, representing CPIL, had told the court that there was nothing wrong in issuing advertisements and informing the public about the programmes of the government.

However, he had said such advertisement campaigns become arbitrary and malafide when aimed at gaining political mileage.

Kejriwal files nomination



Kejriwal files nomination
Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal files nomination on Wednesday for the high-profile electoral contest in this historic temple town in which the former Delhi Chief Minister will face stiff challenge from BJP’s Prime Ministerial nominee Narendra Modi.

Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal files nomination on Wednesday for the high-profile electoral contest in this historic temple town in which the former Delhi Chief Minister will face stiff challenge from BJP’s Prime Ministerial nominee Narendra Modi.

Last month, Kejriwal had announced that he will contest from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat after BJP’s decision to field Modi from the city, considered one of the most prestigious constituencies in politically crucial Uttar Pradesh.

45-year-old Kejriwal, who had led his fledging AAP to a spectacular victory in the Delhi Assembly polls in December last year, has been trying to replicate the successful Delhi campaign model in Varanasi by holding scores of road shows and corner meetings across Varanasi.

Hundreds of AAP volunteers are also visiting door-to-door to garner support from people in this holy city where BJP has been running an aggressive campaign to consolidate its vote bank.

Delhi HC admits PIL against Robert Vadra


 Delhi HC admits PIL against Robert Vadra
Delhi High Court on Wednesday admitted a PIL seeking CBI probe into various land deals allegedly entered into by firms in which Robert Vadra has interests and grant of licenses to change land use of purchased agricultural plots in Gurgaon in Haryana.

The PIL also seeks a probe into land deals entered into by Skylight Hospitality Pvt Ltd and its subsidiaries in Rajasthan in which Vadra is said to have stakes.The petitioner has sought the court to direct CBI to register a criminal case against Robert Vadra in connection with land deals.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi today made a veiled attack on BJP and said that this time the elections are not limited to the victory of a candidate, but are important to ensure country’s unity.

She was addressing a public meeting in Rae Bareli. Priyanka is campaigning for her mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi who is seeking re-election from Rae Bareli.

A day after Priyanka Gandhi said she is hurt with attacks on her husband Robert Vadra, BJP on Wednesday said that while she wants people to refrain from personal attacks, Congress has been targeting Narendra Modi on a variety of issues including his marital status.

Agreeing that “personal issues” should not be raked up, BJP leader Arun Jaitley said, “issues of probity are public issues. They are not personal issues.” He said Priyanka’s friends in the Congress would now hopefully realise that they had personalised their attack on Modi relating to his marital status, the snoopgate issue “without a shred of evidence”.

Pakistan Government to take action against the Geo TV allegation against the ISI.


Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)made a complaint to the Defence Ministry on Tuesday directed the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) to take action against the Geo TV network for levelling allegations against the ISI.

According to an official source, the application was submitted to the media regulator under Sections 33 and 36 of the Pemra Ordinance 2002 after approval from the Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif.

The application sought legal action against the channel management for framing allegations against the ISI and its DG Lt. Gen. Zaheerul Islam.According to a statement, the ministry also provided the authority with the relevant evidence suggesting the media group’s involvement in tarnishing the image of the intelligence agency.

“The news channel has breached the code of conduct by accusing Director General (DG) of the ISI Lt. Gen. Zaheerul Islam of masterminding the attempt on senior journalist Hamid Mir,” the statement said. It added that action would be taken against the channel’s editorial and management team.

“All those who are involved in the mala fide broadcast, riddled with baseless allegations, will be taken to task,” the statement said.Meanwhile, in a statement, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan declared the recent murder attempt on Hamid Mir a tragedy not only for the channel and family, but also for journalists and the entire nation.He, however, took exception to the way the issue of the murder attempt on Hamid Mir had been used as a springboard to malign national institutions without concrete evidence.He pointed out that there was no justification for the allegations when the government had already set up a three-member judicial commission.

Nisar remarked that there was no precedent in any country of the way important defence institutions were criticised and targeted and allegations levelled against them.“The propaganda against the institutions by some particular circles was exploited and propagated by the enemies the world over,” he noted.

The interior minister said when officers and Jawans of the defence forces were sacrificing their lives and shedding blood for Pakistan, this one-sided and negative propaganda was not only a matter of concern, but also condemnable.“When the government has established a judicial commission what’s the purpose of such allegations,” he asked.

Politicians, senior journalists and analysts have called for an independent and transparent probe into allegations against Geo News.


Sonam Kapoor supported Rouble Nagi art Foundation & witnessed the Art Exhibition



Fashionista Sonam kapoor, one of those bollywood actors who always get appreciations for her dressing sense and young generation follow her but recently people came to know about her art interest as She seen in Buddha Bar, select city walk witnessing Rouble Nagi art foundation’s Art exhibition with its founder Rouble Nagi.

Rouble Nagi on the occasion said, “I am thankful to Sonam that she showed her interest in our foundation and witnessing my art exhibition”. Talking about her painting she said, “I always cared about expressing my emotions and feelings rather than only making a pictures look real. My style of painting a canvas still remains the same, I like to be a part of every canvas I paint”.

On which Sonam said, “I really loved all the painting and I want to congratulate Rouble for this amazing paintings she made and I am honored to be a part of this exhibition”.

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation is a Mumbai based NGO, Founded by mural artist Rouble Nagi. This NGO was formed to help children realize and achieve their goals in life, to help them grow as individuals.

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The 2014 Paris Motor Show : The Future of the Automobile is in Paris. »



The 2014 Paris Motor Show-« The Future of the Automobile is in Paris. » 

From October 4th to 19th 2014-At Paris Expo Porte de Versailles;

Two years ago the Show welcomed 1.231.416 visitors and nearly 12,000 journalists from 103 countries, placing once again the Paris Motor Show ahead of all the most important international shows.

The 2014 Paris Motor Show is already very promising! The surface of the exhibition areas has increased and many World Premiere releases have already been scheduled by French and foreign manufacturers. Returning manufacturers (Aston Martin, Tesla Motors …) and equipment manufacturers (Faurecia…) will enrich this 2014 edition.


All the players of the international automobile sector will be there: private cars, utility and company vehicles, bodywork, equipment and accessories, services, second-hand cars… Furthermore, many events and test drives will also take place during this new edition of the Show.


The «Automobiles and Fashion» Exhibition Pavilion 8


As it does for every edition, the Show will once again host an exceptional historical exhibition. This year the chosen theme is “Automobiles and Fashion”, in partnership with INA (the French Broadcasting Institute).


Both born at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, Automobiles and Fashion have never stopped intertwining thanks to their shared taste for Style. Concours d’élégance, craftsmanship, icons, a passion for shapes, colours and lines, all the shared interests which have brought them closer together.


The exhibition sequence will follow the timeline of the great eras which have left their mark on the history of Automobiles and Fashion: pre-war (Haute Couture andConcoursd’élégance), post-War (the Automobile dream), the Pop Art years, the Seventies and Eighties combining futuristic concept cars and legendary advertisements, up until our contemporary era marked by the boom of niches, eco-friendly design and customization.


In harmony with this theme, over 40 cars will be displayed during the exhibition.


The Website


The 2014 Paris Motor Show advertising picture is at your disposal:



On our new website,, you can find press releases, the map of the Show, press conferences and useful information.




Tickets have been available for sale on our website since December 2013. You can already buy your tickets and print them from home, a good way for visitors to avoid long lines at the Show.




You can ask for your accreditation on our website:, section « Press », heading « Accreditation ».


For the first time you will be asked to download a headshot which will be used on the ebadge you will receive once your accreditation is approved.


We strongly recommend that you obtain your accreditation in advance in order to avoid waiting when you visit the Show.


Useful Information



• Thursday October 2nd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.30 am- 7.00 pm

• Friday October 3rd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  9.00 am – 2.00 pm


• Friday October 3rd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.00 pm – 7.00 pm



• From October 4th to 19th 2014 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.00 am – 8.00 pm

• Late openings Thursdays 9th & 16th and Fridays 10th & 17th . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.00pm – 10.00 pm



Ages 10 to 25 (valid id required): 8 Euros

Free for children under age 10

Groups (more than 15 people): 12 Euros


Press Contacts

Catherine Stucki, Communications Manager

Emmanuelle Casola Gaudré, Communications Assistant: Tel :

Laure de Verdun, Press Officer: Tel :

Fabien Vaniglia, Accreditations : Tel :

Karan Johar’s startling facts from the other side of the couch


Watch Karan in the most candid conversation ever
“Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” one of the most loved movies from the Dharma Production stable, made Karan Johar one of the most talked about directors. But who knew that, today, in retrospect, the Director himself finds most of the scenes from the movie quite silly!Well if this got you interested, then brace yourself for a candid conversation with the iconic Karan Johar on “The Boss Dialogues” with Indu Mirani where he spills the beans like never before. The conversation kick starts with him revealing and sharing his experience on cinema producing, writing and also his personal growth.

The conversation grabbed the attention of the industry’s who’s who viz. Film Critic Rajeev Masand and joining the conversations on Twitter are director, Shekhar Kapur, ex- VJ Ramona Arena and stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhat who tweeted “Haven’t done a KJo joke in ages. Wish I could go back and delete all the ones that I ever did. Love him now.”

Thanks to its extremely ‘honest’ and ‘candid’ nature, the video has been viewed and shared by the best of the film industry., a Creative Platform that helps in the creation of digital content and its appropriate distributionplays a pivotal role in presenting “The Boss Dialogues”, a series of intimate conversations with iconic director personalities that offer an in -depth view into the creative process and their body of work.

Click on the link below to know more. You surely don’t want to miss this conversation!!

False news being spread by BJP about deleted voters being allowed to vote




Certain channels are playing a false news circulated by BJP. BJP claims that due to a petition filed by Vinod Tiwari of the BJP Legal Cell the deleted voters will be allowed to vote – this is completely false. We are shocked how a channel is carrying such misleading news without verifying it with the Election Commission. Has the desire to promote BJP overridden common sense!

Any person whose name has been deleted from the Electoral Roll, CANNOT VOTE. Unfortunate as it is for the many voters who have been wrongly deleted, this is an incontrovertible truth. We must come together and demand that the election commission allow a re-poll for these voters.


However, as of now there is no provision for deleted persons to vote. When the election commission deleted names, those names were advertised for a set duration and it was the voters’ responsibility to counter the deletion. But most voters were unaware of this and they did not realize until voting day itself. As per the Election Commission, nothing can be done about this for the current election – they will have to re-apply to the election commission.


BJP is spreading false news on the basis of an existing rule – people who do not have voter IDs are allowed to vote if their name is on the electoral rolls on the basis of any other valid official ID. It is shocking how BJP is taking credit for this existing provision!


Many persons whose photographs are missing from the electoral roll are put into the ASD (Absent, Shifted, Dead) List. This NOT THE DELETED LIST, merely the list of those whose photos are missing, though the name ASD does cause a lot of confusion. All those on the ASD list are valid voters thought they may not have voter cards, but they can vote.  Many voters will also find their names on the supplementary list. So all voters must go to the polling booth and check if their names are there either on the Main List, the ASD List or Supplementary List. If their names exists in any these lists they will be allowed to vote.


It is really a sad state for democracy when certain sections of the media are so influenced by a political party that they help them spread false propaganda.



AAP Media Cell

Priyanka’s comments expose Cong-BJP deal


The indirect reference to the Gujarat snooping scandal by Ms Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the daughter of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and a star campaigner of her party, exposes the deal between the BJP and the Congress in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Ms Vadra’s statement that politicians tapping phone calls should be thrown out by people, sounds more like an advice to the people from a helpless Congress party campaigner, who  appears to be hiding the real facts of the entire incident.

It is shocking that the Congress party, whose central government did nothing to probe the serious issue of illegal snooping of a young woman by the Narendra Modi government of Gujarat in 2009, is now trying to mislead the people of the country.

Ms Vadra and her brother, the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi are both talking about the snooping issue during the ongoing election campaign, but are silent on why the Congress-led UPA government did not probe such a serious matter, which directly involved Modi’s close aide, Amit Shah.

Will Ms Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and the Congress party tell the country :

1)      Why the UPA government made a sudden u-turn and decided not to implement the December 26, 2013 decision of the union cabinet to set-up a commission of inquiry to probe the snoopgate ?

2)      Will Mr Kapil Sibal tell the nation why as law minister he did not recommend the name of any judge to head this commission for more than four months ?

3)      What prevented the home and law ministries from notifying the setting-up of the commission ?

4)      Was it part of a deal under which the Congress decided not to probe the role of Amit Shah, who was then the minister of state for home and in return now the BJP is hinting that there will be no probe into the illegal land deals of Mr Robert Vadra ?

5)      Why is the Congress party only giving sermons on illegal snooping ? By burying the snoopgate probe, has the Congress tried to buy peace with the BJP ?

The Congress owes an apology to the nation for its betrayal on the snoopgate issue. It is clear that the leaders of this party were merely paying a lip-service to the important issue of right of privacy and personal freedom.

The Aam Aadmi Party will continue to raise the issue and expose the deal between the Congress and the BJP, which has resulted in the country not knowing the reality behind the Modi government’s decision to put state machinery after an innocent young woman and the entire illegal operation was masterminded by Amit Shah, who is now the BJP incharge of Uttar Pradesh.


AAP Media Cell

Businesses in Asia Pacific & Japan Find New Paths for Growth with HP Graphics Solutions



HP technology ignites new possibilities for printing companies to differentiate


New Delhi, India, 23 April 2014 — HP today announced new customer deployments for its industry-leading graphics solutions portfolio across Asia Pacific and Japan.


Fueled by increased pressure to expand their businesses and increase profitability, printing companies in the region are selecting HP technology to unlock new possibilities for their businesses.


“As the industry transitions to low-volume jobs that require greater customization, printing companies are now having to take a hard look at their technology and how it can accommodate this demand as well as a broader range of applications,” said Gido van Praag, vice president and general manager, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Asia Pacific and Japan. “HP is innovating ahead of the curve to create new opportunities and bring the unique benefits of high-quality digital printing to enterprises and printing companies.”


Igniting business growth with HP Indigo Digital Presses

In March, HP celebrated the one year anniversary of the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press. Designed to help print companies improve the economics of digital printing and produce a broader range of applications to increase their profitability, the offset-quality, B2-format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press has had more than 80 installations in 24 countries.


CangNan Yafeng Artware Co., Ltd, a printer from China’s Zhejiang province offers customers a wide range of printing applications and aims to be the top digital printing company in the province.  It recently installed the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press to fuel their aggressive growth plans and enable them to meet increasing demand from customers for multiple short runs, print on demand work and color proofing services.  .


Similarly, Japan-based Komatsu General Printing Co., Ltd  added the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press to streamline its print production process and offer its customers more impactful promotional material with full-color variable data printing at offset quality. The company also plans to leverage the rich ecosystem that HP and Dscoop, a global cooperative of HP Graphics Solutions users, have developed around its graphics technology– to help open doors for its own global expansion.


HP’s broader portfolio of Indigo presses, which include the HP Indigo WS6600, 7600, and 5600 Digital Presses, continue to help the growth of printing companies across the region.


In Australia, Nulab Group  a photo printing company owned by Michael Warshall, one of the country’s leading professional photographers, recently replaced its silver halide technology printers with two HP Indigo 7600 Digital Presses. Demonstrating excellent print quality the HP Indigo technology has enabled the company to expand its business into other personalized applications beyond photo. Eliminating the need for plate related chemicals used in silver halide technology has also helped to reduce their environmental footprint. Additionally, the HP SmartStream Director web-to-print solution has generated strong workflow efficiencies from job creation to print.


Printography Systems (India) Private Limited, a commercial printer based in India, recently installed its first HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press. With the help of HP Indigo technology, a total of 14 million Elector Photo Identity Cards (EPICs) and other plastic cards were printed within a span of just four months, delivering exceptional results on a thicker substrate in a short turnaround time. The company now has an eye on expanding into niche, untapped printing markets in the country.


“We needed a versatile printer that could print on a variety of substrates without any hindrances, and our search brought us to the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press. The HP Indigo technology has exceeded our expectations by delivering high-volume results with consistent quality in shorter turnaround times,” said Girish Shah, managing director, Printography Systems (India) Private Limited. “We are now using the digital press to execute several other national and state level projects that requires printing on special substrates. The digital press has indeed open new opportunities for our business and has encouraged us to expand our horizon to many more niche markets in the country.”


Strong growth toward digital can also be seen in Southeast Asia with printing companies across different segments investing in HP Indigo Digital Presses. For instance, Bintang Sempurna, a one-stop print service provider in Indonesia, installed the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press to double its commercial printing capacity while maintaining the offset quality that its customers demand.


In the Philippines, Topbest Printing Corporation, one of the nation’s leading printing companies in the labels and packaging segment, purchased its second HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press to accommodate the increase in short-run print jobs coming from small and medium size businesses, as well as to maintain its competitive pricing. By embracing the new digital technology, the company is able to remain at the forefront of innovation to continuously empower their customers’ brands.



Broader media versatility and greener solutions for sign and display

Introduced in 2008, HP Latex Printing Technology has established a new large-format product category. As of 2013, more than 19,000 HP Latex Printers have been adopted worldwide and 180 million square meters have been printed with HP Latex Ink(1).    


The new HP Latex 3000 Printer delivers high quality, scratch resistant prints without the need for lamination. Customers such as Standard Chan, one of Hong Kong’s best-known print and production houses, has invested in two HP Latex 3000 Printers for its Shenzhen and Hong Kong sites.


In Korea, Chung Sung Adcom added two HP Latex 3000 Printers to its existing HP printing fleet and has completely shifted pages from traditional solvent to HP Latex Printing technologies. The water-based, odorless(2) HP Latex inks eliminate the need for special ventilation, providing an improved working environment for its employees(3). Chung Sung Adcom also claim that the higher productivity of the printers has enabled them to reduce their manpower costs by up to 50 per cent.

Customers in the region are also investing in HP Scitex FB10000 Industrial Press to increase industrial productivity across wider applications without sacrificing print quality. Gain-How Printing Co., Ltd, a strong player in the large-format printing segment in Taiwan, has invested in the industrial press to expand its printing capabilities to a wider variety of materials such as flexible or rigid media and at the same time, simplify its operation for a more effective production.


HP continues to bring to market innovations aimed at igniting new possibilities for printing companies to differentiate their offerings and grow their businesses.  From digital presses that deliver a breakthrough application range to wide-format printers that provide broader media versatility and outstanding quality, HP’s portfolio is helping businesses across Asia Pacific and Japan succeed.


More information about the latest additions to the HP Graphics Solutions Business is available at Product videos and updates are available on Twitter at and on YouTube

माननीय मुलायम सिंह यादव जी ने आजमगढ़ से नामांकन किया…



Samajwadi Party's photo.
Samajwadi Party's photo.
Samajwadi Party's photo.
Samajwadi Party's photo.

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40th Anniversary of Sporting Summer Festival in Monte-Carlo


40th Anniversary of Sporting Summer Festival in Monte-Carlo 
- Enjoy with Bryan Adams, Elton John and many more to name -


All India, 22nd April 2014: This year Monaco is celebrating 40th anniversary of Sporting Summer Festival. It was first started in 1974 and is of great importance to Monte-Carlo in presenting great international stars, as well as the latest “media sensations” to the world.

From 4 July to 23 August 2014, come to Monaco and meet the biggest stars in the world at the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival.

For the 2014 edition of the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival, Monte-Carlo SBM is offering a series of concerts with the world’s greatest stars. The diversity of the line-up is what makes this festival so rich and unique, in keeping with the glamorous annual tradition.

Lana Del Rey will open this “anniversary” season on 4 July. 

Meanwhile, some great names will appear on stage at the Sporting, including Liza Minnelli, Elton John, Paul Anka, Tom Jones and Julio Iglesias, as well as Robin Thicke, The Jacksons, “M”, Boy George … and many more.

All summer long in Monte-Carlo, the stars will be shining bright, one by one, including Christophe Maé, Paolo Conte, Patrick Bruel, Laura Pausini, Renzo Arbore L’orchestra italiana, Bryan Adams and the Gipsy Kings. SBM proposes two big shows this summer: a theatrical concert entitled “Let It Be“to relive the sensational rise of the Beatles, and an exceptional show calledElvis & Friends“. 

For the 40th anniversary of the Salle des Etoiles, the 2014 Festival will host concerts that are unique in Europe such as Robin Thicke, Marcus Miller and Jeff Beck and Guests and Chic featuring Nile Rodgers who, with hits such as “The Freak” and “Get Lucky”, symbolises 40 years of music across several generations.

No efforts will have been spared to make this programme the event of the summer if not the year, in line with the tradition of prestigious festivals that Monte-Carlo SBM has been hosting and organising since its creation. Like a beacon of light calling out to music-lovers all over the world, the Sporting Summer Festival awaits you in Monaco.

About Monaco: 
Monaco is one of the world’s most desirable destinations with over 300 days of sunshine a year and mild temperatures, it celebrates with enthusiasm the arts, culture, sumptuous cuisine, spas, beautiful surroundings, spectacular landscapes and high-adrenaline activities like the Formula One Grand Prix, casino gaming, land and water sports and exciting nightlife.

Tourists will be more than happy enjoying luxurious accommodation, family restaurants and exceptional landscape in Monte Carlo. This charming destination adds that magnificence experience to your holiday which everyone dreams for. The place is gorgeously clean, the hotels are a marvel, the people are beautiful and the food is delicious. There are wonderful restaurants, shops, attractions, coast, nightlife, sports facilities and culture all within walking distance. You can have a fulfilling romantic experience with the world class spas, set in gorgeous surroundings and offering a variety of therapies and treatments from around the world.

For further details please contact: 
Monaco Government Tourist Bureau – India
C/o TRAC Representations India Pvt. Ltd





22nd APRIL 2014




Event details

Contact person


Mumbai South Central

Sundar Balakrishnan

Yogendra Yadav


Road show

Dadar E Swaminarayan Temple | Wadala |  Kidwai | 5 Gardens | Matunga Phool market | Antop Hill |Pratiksha Nagar| Chembur |  Cheetah Camp |Ending with a speech

Time: 900-1300

Digambar -9821867529


Mumbai North East

Medha Patkar

Yogendra Yadav, Anjali Damania,Maruti Bhapkar, Manav Kamble


Road show

From Shivaji Nagar Signal

Time: 900-1300


Press conference

Mangalmurti Complex, Mankhurd Ghatkopar Link Rd Signal, Nr V Care Hospital

Time: 1330-1430


Road show

From the press conference to Mandala, Mankhurd

Time: 1430-1700

Sumit –9892727063


Imtiaz –9322397570





Dr Sanjay Apranti

Ulka Mahajan


Bike rally

Alibaug |Pen | Nagothane | Pali | Kolad | Roha | Mandgaon

Time: 800-1615

Mrs Aparanti –9657728203




Sangram Patil

Nandu Madhav


Road show

Prabhat Chowk | Kavale Ratnavali chowk | DSP chowk | Tambapuri-Ichhadevi chowk | Sindhi Colony |Rajkamal Talkies | Balirampeth | Shanipeth |Nehru chowk | Bengale chowk | Ganesh Colony | Shiv colony | Petrol Pump

| Mahabal | Mehroon | Subhash Chowk |

Time: 800-1700


Jan sabha

GS Ground

Time: 1700

Sandip Deore 9823235945




Dnyaneshwar Mali

Raghunath dada Patil, Lalit Babar


Bhagvat Balnath Sonawane 8806272733



AAP Media Cell


Vatsal Sheth backed by the Khans




Vatsal Sheth and the Khan Brothers share a very special and fond affinity towards each other. Arbaaz Khan recently tweeted cheering Vatsal for his newest endeavor – ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ which premiered on Star Plus this week. On the show Vatsal dawns the character of Shaurya Goenka, a rich spoilt playboy, care free and over confident banking heavily on the financial health of his parents. Vatsal is known to have taken the Khan Brothers especially Salman as his role model and aspires to reach similar heights of success. He apes the superstar’s signature style of pinning his phone against the shoulder with his ear while having a long conversation and draws constant inspiration from the Megastar. Among all the Khan Brothers, however, Vatsal shares his closest ties with Sohail. Their friendship is one to envy for and this was even reflected on the silver screen when they worked together in ‘Heroes’. Sohail made time and ensured he was there in person to congratulate Vatsal during the recently concluded launch of ‘Ek Hasina Thi.’ One wouldn’t want to mess around with Vatsal – the newest brat on the small screen who is amply supported with the love and affection of the Dabaang trio – Arbaaz, Salman and Sohail Khan. 


Tune into EK HASINA THI every Monday – Saturday at 08:00 p.m only on STAR PLUS


Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan: Modi’s campaign resembles a soap launch in the market:


Modi’s campaign resembles a soap launch in the market: Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan 

Mumbai: With a just a day left for the model code of conduct to come into effect Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan stepped up his attack on the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Monday.

BJP is marketing Modi like a packaged product by a marketing company. “Modi’s campaign is similar to a new soap being launched with appropriate advertising. One can look at the posters of BJP. Only Modi is being sold, and no other senior party leaders of BJP feature in the advertisement,” said Chavan.

Chavan was addressing a public meeting to step up the election campaign of Nationalist Congress Party’s (NCP) Sanjay Dina Patil from the Mumbai North-East constituency.

Referring to Modi’s visit to Mumbai, Chavan said that all Modi is doing is making personal remarks against Congress and NCP leaders to enthuse the crowd which has gathered. “Neither that man (Modi), nor his party, has the wisdom or vision to lead the country,” said Chavan.

Chavan said that the NCP-Congress regime in Maharashtra is far ahead in terms of development, and that Modi is riding on a fake wave of having developed Gujarat. “We have created a case study of development in each village of Maharashtra, and Modi is welcome to come and see it for himself,” said Chavan

Chavan stressed on the progress that the UPA government has made in the last 10 years, and urged the voters to think about the ideology that they would want to vote to power.

“It is important to think what kind of ideology we want to elect for next 5 years. The economic progress made in last 10 years in India has been unprecedented. We have taken huge decisions on developmental issues for agriculture, health, primary education, right to information, and food security bill.”

Last time we chose all 6 candidates of the Congress-NCP alliance in Mumbai, said Chavan and pointed out the developmental work undertaken in Mumbai.

“We have the first monorail, the metro rail is functional, the Santa Cruz Chembur Link Road has been thrown open and so has the Milan subway flyover and 17 other flyovers. And it is important to mention that we have been able to construct 25,000 public toilets for people residing in Mumbai,” said Chavan.

Whereas Modi’s right hand man Amit Shah prefers to make hate speech on Muzzaffar Nagar riots. “When we go to vote on April 24, we all should make the right choice to take this country forward,” said Chavan.

Chavan visit to Mulund on Monday ensured that both Congress and NCP left no stone unturned to retain the Mumbai North-East constituency in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The constituency has seen top leaders including NCP chief Sharad Pawar, deputy chief minister of Maharashtra Ajit Pawar, home minister of Maharashtra RR Patil campaign to prop the election campaign on Sanjay Dina Patil.